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Kimberly Hébert-Gregory as Sister Sweet (seated, in background), Toni Lysaith as Chazz Morningstar, Jules Brown as Flik Royale, and Clarke Peters as Bishop Enoch Rouse in Red Hook Summer.

To think that without Spike Lee, the depictions of Brooklyn in popular culture we’d be stuck with would be this and this (shudder). Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer drops in NYC this weekend and it’s being anticipated as a the director’s big return to capturing Brooklyn life on screen. The film even features Mookie, the pizza-delivering protaganist from Do the Right Thing. The story follows a kid who moves to the Red Hook projects to spend the summer with his Bible-thumping grandfather (Clarke Peters, of The Wire), with a big twist at the end that apparently divided Sundance audiences. But you can be one of the first to see for yourself: We’ve got four pairs of tickets to giveaway to screenings starting this weekend! (more…)

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OK ... did anyone remember the tickets?

Regular tickets to a movie at the Court Street UA mecha-plex are $13. Movie blog Not Worth Admission reveals that if you buy in bulk from the theater’s corporate website, you can get tickets for $6.50 a pop ($7.50 for first-run movies). You have to buy 50 at a time, so you should probably rally a few friends, but the passes don’t expire, and buying that many saves you $325 in ticket prices! AMC offers it too, where you can also buy bulk passes for popcorn for $3 each. More money to spend on that Lorax-approved SUV! [h/t Lifhacker]

You can be in BAM's social network

We’re big fans of BAM, and the Fort Greene institution’s been pretty good to us too. And now, for the next 10 days or so, they’re running a deal to win over more loyal fans. As part of a membership drive, until Oct. 31, BAM is offering an extra month on all of its year-long BAM Cinema Club memberships. The memberships run from Movie Buff, where you get $5 off every ticket for one person (previously $4 off), to Movie Mogul II, where two people see every movie free (of course, for $700, you have to see A LOT of movies). Whatever you buy, do it in October, and get 13 months for the price of 12. And along with the deal, comes your entrance into BAM’s raffle for a chance at a membership upgrade for a year of free movies. If you’re already a Mogul, well then… maybe they’ll give you a seat plaque or something. Here’s where to sign up.

photo via Yelp

Photo via Yelp

Fall is art-house movie season, the time of year when theaters full of corduroy jackets and subtitles make you truly feel like you’re living in Woody Allen’s New York. What better time of year then to check out the small, quirky, friendly Brooklyn Heights Cinema—a place with exponentially more tolerable crowds than the nearest megaplex, and now, with a great deal for Brokelyn readers. (more…)

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Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek

Here’s another NYC goodie  from group-coupon site KGB deals. Through Tuesday, Jun. 8, you can buy a $4 ticket  for any AMC movie theater. Little fine print for this one—except for the limit-one-per-customer, possible 3D/IMAX surcharge and black-out in Canada. Still, it’s a nice deal if you need a big-budget breather from the indie mania about to descend on the borough. AMC’s got a pretty good showing around NYC, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one. Buy the discounted tix here, and do it soon—over 90 percent of them are long-gone.