10/25/16 12:38pm
Twas Instagram that killed the beast. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Be your own King Kong in the Alamo Drafthouse lobby. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

The Alamo Drafthouse officially opens on Thursday, capping off a grueling four-year wait for fans of the Austin chain looking forward to drinking a beer and eating some queso while watching a film. If you pop by this week however, you can catch a few preview movies as the theater works out the kinks before opening day (and with half-price food, too). The Drafthouse, with locations in 22 cities across the country, is certainly the big name in in-theater dining, but it faces a lot of competition in New York. Nitehawk has been operating a smaller theater in Williamsburg for years, and is expanding to a second location in Park Slope next year.

Last night, Alamo founder Tim League led a media tour through the theater, located at the top of the new City Point development in Downtown Brooklyn. Then Sam and I, who both in the spring got the chance to check out an Alamo theater in Austin, popped in to see a film (the perfect misandrist Halloween revenge fantasy Ms. 45) to get the full experience. Here are the 10 best things you’ll find at the new theater — and some things that left us feeling a little bit disappointed. (more…)

10/18/16 4:31pm
The long-awaited Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn is finally opening next week!

The lobby mural at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, opening Oct. 28. Via Facebook.

You’ve waited and waited so long for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Brooklyn to open, a waiting period that has stretched four years, several construction delays, a handful of Fast and Furious movies, a whole new Star Wars film. But the day is finally here for Brooklyn to get its outpost of the famed Austin dine-in theater chain known as much for its elaborate events as it is for its movies and food. The theater will open in the City Point development in Downtown Brooklyn on Oct. 28, just in time to show some Halloween films, the cinema announced today through a New York Times story. Tickets will go on sale at 8am tomorrow on the website. You can definitely feel the sense of relief from theater founder Tim League:

“It’s a lot more expensive and takes a lot longer than you think to do a construction project in New York,” League told the Times. “I’ve also learned, never put an opening date on a subway advertisement.” (more…)

09/07/16 9:42am
Nitehawk is taking over the Pavilion Theater, giving hope not everything will become condos eventually

Via Flickr user stijnnieuwendijk.

We’re here this morning to celebrate the rare chance we get to report on something not becoming condos: The Pavilion movie theater, an aging relic on the edge of Park Slope that held some old-movie-house charm despite its disrepair, sewage-y bathroom smell and reputation for being a chill hangout spot for bed bugs, was potentially slated to close and be redeveloped into a five-story condo building. Neighbors and politicians rallied to save a theater on the site, and yesterday their wish, and then some: Instead of condos, they’re getting an even better theater. Williamsburg’s dinner-and-a-movie arthouse Nitehawk is taking over the space, according to a Times report yesterday. The story contains this quote from Steven J. Hidary, whose family bought the theater in 2006, which gives us hope for the future of a city full of art and life instead of Matrix-like vertical people farms without any amenities to serve them:

“Condos might have even made them more money, but ‘we had to decide, do we build condos or do we save Brooklyn?’ said Mr. Hidary, who is from Midwood. ‘So we saved Brooklyn.’ ” (more…)

01/15/16 2:45pm
Syndicated opens tonight with $3 tickets, food and beer.

Syndicated opens tonight with $3 tickets, food and beer.

It’s not often lately that you hear the words “new” “opening” and “Bushwick” without it being about a bar with tiny cocktails or a restaurant with a woodsy name. But today is different, because Bushwick is getting its own movie theater. Syndicated, the new repertoire theater at 40 Bogart St., plans to show classics, indies and cult favorites, and opens tonight with a screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 6 and 9. It’s a theater/bar/restaurant hybrid like Nitehawk but a little bit smaller, with seats for 50. But the best part is tickets are only $3. How’s that for a New York value, Ted Cruz? (more…)

08/20/15 10:52am
Looks like you'll have to make concessions. via flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

Looks like you’ll have to make concessions. via flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

When you’re shelling out upwards of $12 for a movie ticket, spending an extra $7 on popcorn just doesn’t seem reasonable. That’s why most of us do the smart thing and bring our own candy, popcorn and beverages, sheathed neatly in our purses and bags. Today, Consumerist reports that due to an upswing in movie theater crime around the country, Regal’s security measures may tighten to include routine bag-checks for moviegoers upon entry.

The real question is: does this mean we can’t get away with outside snacks anymore? (more…)

It's like a time machine! via Facebook

It’s like a time machine! via Facebook

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean it’s time to stop going to the movies. After all, we’re still a few months away from Hollywood’s typical late-winter toxic waste dumping season. And before that, comes the fall and winter rush of big movies like the Thor sequel, the Hunger Games sequel, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty and The Counselor which is blessedly not a sequel or based on a book. Why pay top dollar to see one of these though, when you can pay less than the cost of two tickets for the tickets, two drinks and two popcorns? (more…)

03/22/13 1:43pm
Get in our bellies. Via Facebook.

Get in our bellies. Via Facebook.

The Alamo Drafthouse knows that we’re totally subject to its merciless will, languishing in the streets of Brooklyn waiting for their New York installments to arrive. To give us a glimpse of what’s in store, yesterday they released their menu online, still with little to no word as to when they’re actually opening. (more…)

05/03/12 1:18pm

Avengers, Dark Knight or Prometheus?? You can afford to see all of them — it's true!

Put away your black and white cinéma vérité collection and your foie-gras covered organic popcorn: it’s summer movie season, which means it’s time for big colorful mindless in-your-face entertainment that costs $4.5 billion to make! The whole thing kicks off tomorrow with the release of The Avengers, which is pretty much as a big a summer movie as you can get. And yes, we believe there are some movies that are worth seeing in the theater over streaming on your wee laptop screen, because when it comes to superheroes, aliens or Pixar, the big screen turbosound experience is as integral a part of summer as rooftop beers and that pesky annual increase in crime (not to mention a giant industrial air conditioner in which to bask). But as you know, movie tickets are pricey, which is why you should follow Brokelyn’s six-step strategy to defeat the super villain known as Summer Movie Spending. (more…)

02/24/12 5:35pm

This guy again?

What we have to look forward to at this Sunday’s 84th annual Academy Awards on ABC at 7pm: skits of our host Billy Crystal plopped into War Horse and Moneyball, shots of Martin Scorsese raising his downy eyebrows and pretending to care about whatever is going on and, perhaps, an appearance by the Uggie, the best supporting canine of The Artist. Puppies aside, the Oscars are much more fun if you have a team to root for. So if you’ve been too broke to get to the movies for a while but you can still swing a ticket, why not treat yourself to a viewing? Also, if you’re not up to paying the full weekend prices, there’s no shame in waiting for the Tuesday $7 matinees. Here’s where you can still catch some of the nominees on Netflix and in theaters. (more…)

01/04/12 11:16am

Suck it, winter. Via Flickr's Karl Hassel.

Some science bros in Britain have declared this week to contain the single most depressing day of the year, what with the return to work, that rapidly drying fire hazard of a Christmas tree and these lousy caucuses making all of us pay heed to the opinions of 1 percent of Iowans. It’s easy to spend the few daylight hours feeling sorry for yourself and watching Arrested Development over and over again. Nay! Rage rage against the dying of the light! Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of things you’ve missed all year. (more…)