03/10/17 1:55pm
Mister Sunday at Industry City. It's the end of an era

Mister Sunday at Industry City. It’s the end of an era

Night and day raves Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday are, after years of nomadic party-throwing throughout Brooklyn, leaving the borough for good and heading just across the Kings County border to Ridgewood’s Nowadays.

“After almost a decade of growing a community in temporary spaces, the Mister is building a permanent, year-round home,” reads Mister Saturday Night’s Kickstarter to create an indoor space at Nowadays, the venue where the parties spent this last summer.

Nowadays (956-06 Cooper Ave.), an outdoor beer garden a few blocks from the Halsey St. L train stop, is reminiscent of the halcyon aughts days of Williamsburg, when pop-up fun and industrial neighborhood remnants co-mingled in the fleeting summers of Brooklyn’s still vaguely recent gentrification (oh, the days). (more…)

04/19/16 4:22pm
Mister Sunday, coming to Ridgewood this summer. Via Facebook.

Mister Sunday is moving from Industry City in Sunset Park to Nowadays in Ridgewood this summer. Via Facebook.

Ridgewood, just across the Queens border, keeps becoming an extension of Bushwick, and we’ll leave it to you to figure out if that’s a good or bad thing. But it’s certainly going to be a lit place to party under the summer sun this year. First, the neighborhood is getting what’s being billed as NYC’s first pop-up beach bar: a 5,000-square foot lot that will be covered in 140 cubic yards of sand and outfitted with beach chairs, umbrellas, these things, volleyball courts, BYO food grilling stations and kiddie pools for cooling off, according to our colleagues at QNS.

On top of that, Mister Sunday, one of summer’s most popular (and longest reigning) outdoor dance parties, is moving to the neighborhood. QNS also reports the organizers of the weekly party are relocating from Industry City in Sunset Park to Nowadays, the new bar they opened last summer. That space is itself like a big swath of public park you can drink in, with picnic tables, games and grassy knolls for lounging. Is Ridgewood the new Rockaways? (more…)

02/18/16 3:31pm
Get brass-tastic with Slavic Soul Party! (#)

Get brass-tastic with Slavic Soul Party! (#4)

1. Go brew crazy—it’s NYC Beer Week! There are dozens of tastings, pairings, demos, classes, and more, from Greenpoint to South Slope. (All weekend, various)

2. Grab your favorite youngs and head to Bushwick for Speak Ya Truth, a youth open mic for MCs, poets, artists, and activists. (Friday, Mayday Space, FREE)

3. Hear some great urban tales at Stories from the City, with raconteurs Boni Joi, Nick E. Finn, Dallas Rico, and Jennifer Harmon, plus music by the Lowliest One. (Friday, Pine Box Rock Shop, FREE) (more…)

10/16/15 8:58am
Dance the (Sun)day away. (pic by Flickr user John M.)

Dance the (Sun)day away. (pic by Flickr user John M.)

1. Try not to get a pie in the face at Standard Toykraft’s That Slapstick Show, a curated evening of silent film’s comedy gems. (Friday, $10)

2. Diversify our hilarity at the brand new Experimental Comedy Gallery with Affirmative Laughter: Black Girls Are Funny, featuring Marie Faustin, Nicky Sunshine, Chanel Ali, and more. (Friday, FREE)

3. Sate your taste for melodrama while watching the Debussy opera Pelleas and Melisande—on a boat. (Friday through Sunday, $30) (more…)

04/10/14 9:28am
Milton Berle and Fozzie

Sometimes you just need this at the end of a weekendunio

1. Head On is pitting two of the most beloved MTV programs of your youth, and their music choices, against each other with 120 Minutes versus The Grind. Choose what you dance to wisely (Friday)

2. Winter finally died so celebrate by checking out some art inspired by the passing of the seasons at the Equinox Solstice show at Eight of Swords (Friday)

3. Sick of enjoying movies merely because they’re skillfully made and deserving of the money and attention lavished on them? See two days of movies so bad they’re great at the Bad Film Fest (Friday and Saturday) (more…)

01/17/13 7:00am
He don't look so smart

He don’t look so smart

1. Someone took three movies about Amy Fisher and made them into one (Friday)

2. You can make pretty much any sound with a synthesizer, so who knows what these dudes will come up with (Friday)

3. Get your kid started on the road to nerd-dom early by getting them into chess (Saturday)

4. Get yourself a haircut at a dance party. Just uh, make sure you stay still in the barber’s chair (Saturday) (more…)

08/30/12 4:08pm

You didn’t work as hard as these two, but that’s OK, you can still enjoy Labor Day.

Listings taken from our Brokelyn events page. Don’t see yours listed? Add it now!

1. See The Wiz, because Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Richard Pryor are always better than Judy Garland, Margaret Hamilton and Ruth Duccini. (Friday)

2. There’s some really obvious joke to be made about the words “free” “pussy” and “riot” being thrown together, but instead we’ll just say screw Vladimir Putin. (Friday)

3. Party with New York’s notoriously shy and retiring queer community. (Friday)

4. Finally, having kids pays off. Aside from the tax breaks, you lucky jerks. (Saturday)

5. Missed the Makossa Brooklyn Cookout all summer? Here’s your last chance. Gone to every one this summer? Make sure to go so that you can finish your punchcard. (Saturday)

6. Go out dancing, but in your pajamas. Or as we like to call it, “formal wear.” (Saturday) (more…)

08/26/11 12:41pm

due to hurricane irene, please check venue website, facebook, and twitter accounts for weather cancellations

thru 9/1: rerun gastropub theater highlights favorite films from their first year with double features, filmmakers in person, and $4 chilled absolute brooklyn + il prosecco (mention the password ‘the new year’). $7, or arrive 30+ minutes before showtime for free admission (with $7 bar/food purchase).  (more…)