01/13/15 3:41pm
brook lopez face

Brook Lopez feels betrayed

Ever since they landed in Brooklyn, in their weird space egg of a stadium, the Nets have been committed to being part of the Brooklyn community. It’s why the food court is full of $10 slices of Junior’s cheesecake, it’s why they mirror your own miserable experience by dealing with their leaky roof with buckets and it’s why they’ve been sold like a hot real estate asset from almost the moment of their inception, with the team on the block just five years into the Mikhail Prokhorov era. And if you’ve got a spare $2 billion, they could be yours! (more…)

05/16/14 3:51pm
darren rovell

“Hello, I’m the fucking worst.” via Deadspin

If you’re a Nets fan, things might not be looking up for you at the moment. Beyond the Nets proving to the Knicks that they don’t have a monopoly on unbelievable playoff collapses, the team is hamstrung by the salary cap and bad contracts, so they’ll have to hope that their core somehow doesn’t lose more of a step despite being a year older next season. ESPN’s Darren Rovell, widely regarded as the worst man in sports, has some good news though: Nets ownership made a ton of money. Hey, great! (more…)

03/25/14 10:05am
Mikhail Prokhorov

Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov shows 60 Minutes how he plans to convince the NBA to allow the Nets to be a Russian franchise

Since taking over ownership of the Nets, owner Mikhail Prokhorov has mostly kept quiet off the basketball court, allowing James Dolan to keep ownership of New York’s worst/most embarrassing owner. But while Dolan might be blessedly moving to the background with Phil Jackson coming aboard to try to fix the Knicks, Prokhorov is stepping in to fill the embarrassing owner hole by announcing his intention to make the Nets a Russian franchise right when U.S./Russia relations have moved from “frosty” to “retaliatory sanctions.” How’s your bandwagon now? (more…)

09/26/13 11:32am
Nets' owner Mikhail Prokohorov misses out on another great opportunity to use his machine gun

Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokohorov misses out on another great opportunity to use his machine gun

A tie, Navy football coach Eddie Erdelatz once said, is like kissing your sister. It’s a manly thing to say, and also an American thing to say. Americans love two things above all: winning, and hating people who encourage sharing. So imagine our surprise when we learned that rich megalomaniacs James Dolan and Mikhail Prokohorov put their basketball differences aside and agreed to share the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. We’re sorry, we thought this was Brooklyn, where we go hard? (more…)

11/26/12 2:08pm

Melo vs. D-Wil: Who ya got? via Bustasports

After being delayed by Sandy, the most anticipated intracity sport event since the Subway Series is finally taking place tonight: the New York Knicks versus the Brooklyn Nets, at the LIBOR Barclays Center. If you don’t have a ticket, the game is at 7 and airing on TNT. Adding to the tension, the Knicks are in first place, with the Nets in second place, just a game behind them. If you haven’t been paying attention to basketball, you may be sitting there silently with your more sports-inclined friends as they yak back and forth, when they turn to you and ask what you think. To avoid saying something like, “I think the Nets are going to throw a no-hitter,” use our handy talking points, insults and trivia to make yourself sound like a superfan of either team. (more…)