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Huge concert venue, beer garden and more: Here's everything new at Coney Island this summer

The Art Walls are returning to Coney with new artists this summer. Photo via Facebook.

If you are currently sitting comfortably or reading this on your phone while standing in one of NYC’s famous cold brew lines, take a second to stretch your free hand around and pat yourself on the back. There, you deserved that, reader, because despite all odds, you did it: You made it to goddamn summer. You survived being snowed in with your sexy roommate, you considered fleeing to New Orleans, maybe you even thought about leaving the country, but you didn’t and now Memorial Day weekend is here and you can finally live your best Brooklyn life again (by that we mean the one that’s outdoors and in jorts, of course).

It also means it’s time to get down to Coney Island if you haven’t already. Coney Island’s renewal has been a mixed bag in the past couple of years: for every cool new ride or bar, there’s a tacky chain restaurant. But this summer sees the addition of lots of new things to be excited about, including a new beer garden and a huge outdoor concert venue where you can see the Beach Boys on July 4th weekend or Vanilla Ice in September, if you’re into that.  (more…)

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Peggy O’Neill’s
1904 Surf Avenue
(Between W. 16th and W. 17th)
Coney Island

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What it is: Year-round Coney Island mainstay and Irish pub located right next door to MCU Park.

Why we love it: Pride for amateur Brooklyn leagues Cyclones and the Bolts runs deep here, with pre and post game tailgates most game days. From live bands all day on Saturdays, to karaoke on Mondays, there’s a draw for everybody. Hit up the bar with your fellow Cyclones and Bolts fans before and/or after catching the game, or wander over at the end of the day with your beach-and-ride compatriots.

What to order: Coney Island lager on tap, and a sample platter of bar food classics like wings, mozzarella sticks, and jalapeno poppers.

Regular tip: The name is an homage to Irish lass Margaret “Peggy” Devaney, historic survivor of the Titanic.

We can assure you, The Cylclones are not pimps. Image via Brooklyn Cyclones

We can assure you, The Cylclones are not pimps. Image via Brooklyn Cyclones

Once again, 90’s nostalgia rears it’s spiky head. However, this time it’s about something we actually enjoy. After the rousing success of last year’s “Salute to Seinfeld,” the Brooklyn Cyclones will once again pay tribute to the greatest and most timeless of American sitcoms with  “Salute to Seinfeld Night 2: Bigger, Better & Bania” on July 5. Last year’s event at MCU Park was a huge success, so this year, the Cyclones will have to try and top themselves, something the cast of the show about nothing has failed to do post “Seinfeld, with the exception of Julie-Louis Dreyfuss (or should we say President Meyer). (more…)

brooklyn bolts

These uniforms are ready for some football. Are you? via Facebook

Are you football fan, horrified by the Jets’ offense, and yet more horrified by everybody at MetLife Stadium cheering for them to put Michael Vick in? Weary that the Giants will start losing again once they play a team with some actual talent on it? Generally put off by the shadiness of Roger Goodell? Well, if you live in or are willing to travel to Brooklyn, you’re not totally out of luck. The inaugural FXFL season is just about ready to kick off, and for a measly $20 (for bleacher seats) you too can watch experimental, semi-professional football live with tickets now on sale to see the Brooklyn Bolts play at MCU Park for the very first time. Good luck even paying just double that for the nosebleeds at MetLife. (more…)

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You're alright, America. Photo by Derrick Sanskrit Kennelty-Cohen

You’re alright, America. Photo by Derrick Sanskrit Kennelty-Cohen

1. Coney Island’s “Flicks on the Beach” kicks off with a screening of Little Fugitive, the story of an adorable moppet who’s hiding from the consequences of what he thinks is A MURDER (Monday)

2. Or if you like your movies indoors and with half-price Sixpoint, check out Absence, the strange story of a disappearing pregnancy (Monday)

3. Make some friendship bracelets at Brooklyn Launchpad, so you can keep track of who your friends are. Put a tiny GPS tracker in them and you can keep track of where your friends are (Monday) (more…)

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Uh, phone a friend who reads tabloids?

Not only is Who Wants to be a Millionaire still on the air (who knew?) but it is holding auditions right in our own backyard this week! The 13-year-old quiz show will be at the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium in Coney Island on Thursday. Auditions consist of a timed multiple choice test for the first 2,500 ticket holders; if you pass, you go on to a short one-on-one interview with a producer from the show. Gates open at 5:30pm, the test begins at 6pm, and the game follows at 7pm. Call a friend, maybe?

Dinosaurs: good enough for the Giants, good enough for the Cyclones.

Tonight is “Williamsburg Night” at the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium (which is just a slightly nicer way of saying “Hipster Night” of course): special deals for anyone with beards, a skinny jeans run-the-bases thing and skeeball machines from the folks at Full Circle Bar. If this level of pandering is not quite your speed, check out saturday’s promotion for a celebration of another much-beloved and feared creature: dinosaurs! The minor league park is hosting life-size animatronic dinosaurs from the brand-new Field Station: Dinosaurs in Seacaucus, NJ. A T-rex is even supposed to throw out the first pitch. They’re calling it Jurassic (ball) Park, obvs. (more…)

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You don’t have to go back to 1969 to find $10 mets tickets.

Those of us who get out to the ol’ ballgame a few times each year are happy to let the box-score clippers and fantasy baseball dweebs spend their stacks to sit behind home plate.  Give us a beer, a dog, maybe a little sunshine … and how about some old-fashioned ticket prices? For atmosphere and affordability in our borough, baseball fans can’t beat a trip to see the Brooklyn Cyclones. Don’t give up on venturing out to a Yankees or Mets game either: you can get tickets to all the teams for less than $10. Here’s a Moneyball approach to spending a day in one of our rare parks without dog poop, even if you aren’t making that A-Rod money. (more…)