07/18/12 12:44pm

The new Matisyahu, photo courtesy of Times of Israel.

So Mama Brokelyn has a little confession to make. Sometimes while cruising through Borough Park or Williamsburg, I’ll see a Hasidic guy and play a little game in my head. Subtract the peos and fur hat: hot or not? You know if a man looks good in white tights and pilgrim shoes…

So Matisyahu was always a bit of a Hasidic Hot-or-Not stumper, but now he’s taken away the guessing game. He buzzed his hair back in December and now here’s a photo of the no-longer-Lubavitcher, George-Michael-highlighted pop singer from yesterday’s Times of Israel. (He was on Kimmel last night, but he was wearing a hat.) What do you think? (more…)

12/20/11 2:09pm
Brokelyn: Major League Dreidel, Knitting Factory

Major League Dreidel. Photo courtesy of Gabi Porter, Metromix New York.

Hanukah starts tonight and continues until Wednesday, Dec. 28 — which means it’s one of those rare years where it coincides with Christmas. Maybe that’s why there’s so much going on this year, starting with not-so-beardy-dude Matisyahu’s three-night gig for a not-so-Brokelyn $35 a ticket. (Better roll gimmel!) If your only coinage this year is the chocolate kind, you can still party like a Maccabee, from the lighting of Brooklyn’s largest menorah to a couple of indie rock shows to a night of bubbe jokes and free beer. So get out there and save Chinese food and a movie (“Jewish Christmas”) for some other time. (more…)