07/18/16 4:00pm
Get ready to be dazzled by Pearl Noire (#8) (pic by Clubesque)

Get ready to be dazzled by Pearl Noire (#8) (pic by Clubesque)

1. Have a lovely literary time at the kick-off to this year’s Books Beneath the Bridge, where a different bookstore curates writers each week. Tonight Word Books brings out Rumaan Alam and New York Times bestseller Emma Straub. (Monday, Brooklyn Bridge Park, FREE)

2. Galvanize your taste buds with the Masters of Social Gastronomy lecture series, which takes on a different food each month. Tonight is all about barbecue: Sarah Lohman delves into its culinary history, and Jonathan Soma tackles the science behind the meaty magic. (Monday, Old Stone House, FREE)

3. See another side of Africa at Celebrating African Film, curated by the collaborative project Afripedia. There will be a series of films followed by a discussion with Afripedia co-directors, Teddy Goitom and Senay Berhe. (Tuesday, BRIC, FREE) (more…)

02/22/16 2:54pm
Get glittery at POLARI (#) (pic by Krys Fox)

Get glittery at POLARI (#6) (pic by Krys Fox)

1. The fun roving event Drag Bingo has moved again—tonight it’s in Bed-Stuy, hosted by the great drag king Murray Hill, along with special guest and marvelous burlesquer Maine Attraction. (Monday, C’mon Everybody, FREE)

2. NY Obscura Society’s Cinema Club has put together Monday Night Matinee: an evening of curated short films that harkens back to the Golden Age of cinema, presenting newsreels, serials, cartoons, and other shorts from the 1930s through the 1960s. (Monday, Videology, $12)

3. Although Valentine’s is firmly behind us, it’s always a good time to learn about the science of love. The Secret Science Club welcomes a biological anthropologist to answer some questions about romance, brain chemistry, and Tinder. (Tuesday, Bell House, FREE) (more…)

10/20/15 9:43am
Think he was scary? Wait until you find out his real life analogues

Think he was scary? Wait until you find out his real life analogues

Oh hey looks like fall is temporarily dead again. Don’t just sit there reading about it’s nice out, throw on your lightest thing with sleeves and get out there to bask in the summer (fine, spring)-like temperatures. Don’t know what to do? Good thing the Brokelyn Events Calendar is chock full of stuff to do. (more…)

02/24/14 7:00am

How did it come to pass you became a foot soldier in the sriracha revolution? Find out at Littlefield. via Teepublic

1. Saw Her Stand-Up There is giving a night to dudes, so we can finally hear some jokes from guys in the female-dominated world of standup comedy (Monday)

2. See who in Brooklyn can make the best bloody mary, but mostly get drunk and eat spicy food at the Bloody Mary Mixdown at Beast of Bourbon (Monday)

3. Halyards is turning three, and to celebrate, they’re giving out free beer. Please note it’s not appropriate to give a three-year-old human free beer on her birthday (Tuesday) (more…)

04/29/13 8:00am
Just like how you dance on your birthday, right?

Just like how you dance on your birthday, right?

1. Step in and out of Videology’s 12 hour Western marathon, featuring UnforgivenOnce Upon a Time in the West and a movie with some chump named John Wayne, among others (Monday)

2. Meg Wolitzer drops in to WORD to talk about her new bookThe Interestings, which is an ironic tale about a boring family with the surname “Interesting.” Ah, just kidding, it’s not about that at all (Monday)

3. CSA Local Roots celebrates their second birthday at Local 61 with pinatas and a station to make instruments out of vegetables. Sounds like a party (Monday) (more…)

03/25/13 8:22am
You can also ask Toure about Prince's bracket

You can also ask Toure about Prince’s bracket

1. Public Assembly is hosting some poetry, and according to the organizers, the world will never be the same. Bold statement (Monday)

2. Go wish a happy tenth birthday to The Believer. Don’t forget to bring a gift, that’s an age where there’s still tears if they don’t get their way (Monday)

3. We found out last week that the Reverend Vince Anderson is a Met fan, so go to his show and between sets ask him what kind of season he thinks Lucas Duda will have (Monday) (more…)

02/25/13 7:00am
I want YOU to come to Videology

I want YOU to come to Videology

1. Get thrizzled at Book Court by author Michael Kupperman’s stories of Einstein and Mark Twain solving mysteries (Monday)

2. Hampshire College hosts their alumni (including Eugene Mirman) at Union Hall in a display of how much better their college is than your college (Monday)

3. Find out if it goes to 11, at Videology (Monday)

4. Dive into Freddy’s back room for some comedy, but be careful: there are no lifeguards on duty (Monday) (more…)

01/28/13 8:19am
Rosie Schaap can tell you all about what it's like to drink with men

Rosie Schaap can tell you all about what it’s like to drink with men

1. Head to Book Court to hear a story about a jujitsu rabbi. It’s big of him not to call it “Jew-jitsu” (Monday)

2. The Masters of Social Gastronomy celebrate their first birthday with a discussion of MSG. You’ll feel stuffed full of knowledge for like an hour (Tuesday)

3. Rosie Schaap drops in at WORD to talk about what it’s like to drink with men. A lot of salty language, we bet (Tuesday)

4. Workshop your screenplay at Launchpad, because your friends are tired of hearing about it (Tuesday) (more…)

11/26/12 10:00am

Hell yes you can.

1. Eat some Japanese food to benefit the Rockaways. Nom nom nom. (Monday)

2. Learn how destroying the patriarchy can take the form of being a hollaback girl. (Monday)

3. Check out this YA author panel and you can have something to rap about with the kids when you see them on the street. (Tuesday)

4. Check out a lecture from the Masters of Social Gastronomy on how dieting is some bullshit. (Tuesday) (more…)

08/27/12 3:55pm

Vould you like to have a roll in ze hay? Young Frankenstein screens at the Red Hook pier Tuesday.

-Be a part of Brokelyn contributor Andrew Linderman’s inaugural new storytelling series at 61 Local. (Monday)

-Rock and Roll documentaries, as they were meant to be seen: In a bar with cheap beer. (Monday)

-Drinking was a science this whole time. Who knew? The Masters of Social Gastronomy, that’s who. (Tuesday)

-Frau blücher! Catch Young Frankenstein at the last Red Hook movie of the year. (Tuesday)

-Find out how to scale up your professional business; but don’t get too drunk on free beer first (Tuesday)

-See where we threw out those crummy British and became a forever united and peaceful nation. (Wednesday)

-Not sure what a Dirty Nerdy dance party is, but we do like our nerds dirty. (Wednesday)

-Slow your roll, summer: It’s the last Brooklyn Bridge Park movie of the year, popular vote edition. (Thursday)

-It’s also the last week for the House of Vans shows, featuring Turbonegro and Doomriders (Thursday)

-Stay slightly sober and you might beat the competition at this open bar trivia. (Thursday)

Events pulled from the Brokelyn events calendar. Don’t see yours listed? Add it today!