12/05/16 1:37pm
Remember the kneady.

Remember the kneady.

$230, if this report from the NY Post today is to be believed. The Post’s Brad Hamilton went undercover at a suss new “massage parlor” on tony Smith Street in Cobble Hill. He confirmed it was “a bordello barely masquerading as a massage spa,” with several online sex-seeking ads that also pointed to the location. Hamilton paid $50 for an hour-long massage, and then $180 for the, uh, bonus service that involved nudity, breast touching and a condom. At least it’s not another bank? (more…)

03/07/16 11:13am
I solemnly swear I am up to nothing good for the country. Via Jenna Johnson Twitter.

You got anything to treat the Trump agida too? Via Jenna Johnson Twitter.

You feel that tensions in your shoulders whenever you turn on CNN, that crick in your neck when you realize “should you accept the endorsement of white supremacists?” somehow became a campaign issue this year? You may be suffering from a case of Trump anxiety. It’s a physical manifestation of the stress this bonkers election cycle has wrought that’s apparently causing more people to seek massage therapy to relieve relieve their Trump knots, according to the Washington Post. Well now one Brooklyn massage therapist is capitalizing on that trend and offering a “Trump anxiety” massage, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Bernie Sanders campaign. It sounds very luxurious. (more…)

05/07/12 6:45am

We love our mama, but not enough to pay retail! We’re putting together a list of Brooklyn deals for Mother’s Day: bottomless Bloody Mary’s, half-off massages, free golf lessons, nail polish parties at Babeland… whatever else ya got. If you’re a business owner offering a Mother’s Day deal or you work for one, tell us about it in the comments or by emailing faye@brokelyn.com. (That way, we won’t have to do this again.) We’ll be running the full list on Wednesday morning.

SLOP-SUDS-2In the world of multiple-roommate-living, returning home after a long day to soak in the tub just isn’t what it should be. How often do we long for our own space, even for an hour or so, to wash away the cares of the world—to detox from a day in the city? At Slope Suds, the mini-hideaway of a salon and spa in the thick of Park Slope, you can do just that: make it all disappear. To help it happen, the Slope Suds crew and owner Karla Mironov are pitching in an hour-long massage and style & conditioning treatment (a $140 value!) for the RAFFLE OF THE CENTURY. (more…)

The price menu at New Hair. Photo by Charna Meyers.

Prices at New Hair. Photo by Charna Meyers.

Admit it, venturing as far south as I live (Bensonhurst) only happens once (Mermaid Parade) maybe twice (Siren Festival) a year for most northerners. But would you make the trip if you knew that the subway stops which immediately precede the famed Stillwell Avenue station could save a ton of money on haircuts, blowouts, massages and facials?

I’ve been in this area for most of my 30 years and in that time I’ve found primpatoriums a-plenty. OK, they’re not exactly Bliss, but this is the South, and we aren’t as interested in the calming faux paint technique used on the walls as we are with the small amount of money coming out of our fake-Coach wallets. (more…)