Fortunately, the chocolate doesn’t have the bitter taste of this argument. via Facebook

Brooklyn’s been going through a lot of changes–some cool, some lousy–but we’ve always been able to take comfort in the fact that chocolate will always be there for us, right? But what if chocolate is part of these changes? Et tu, cocoa? That’s apparently what’s been going down in Sunset Park since Li-Lac Chocolates, a 100-year-old New York City chocolate factory, moved in and was accused of gentrifying the place. (more…)

07/01/14 10:08am
brooklyn made badge

Hint: You want to shoot for gold. Gold is the best. via Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Tumblr

Everyone wants in on the whole “slap Brooklyn on the name and everyone loves you” phenomenon, whether we’re talking about bars in foreign lands or children. There’s nothing like the real thing though, so in the tradition of “Made in the USA” stamps and “Kosher” symbols, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce will now slap a fancy “Brooklyn Made” badge on your product. Well, they’ll do it as long as you actually make the thing in Brooklyn. (more…)