06/24/15 1:21pm

Manspread! Most are in agreement that it’s a bad thing. Boo! Hiss! Shake your fist at the manspreaders and even at the word itself. As with any societal ill though, there’s another side to the equation, and finally someone (comedian Mark Malkoff) has spoken to some men (more comedians) about why they sit spread out in the subway. Turns out that they suffer from a genetic abnormality known as “manspreaditis,” which beyond being a medically inaccurate term*, causes its sufferers to always have their legs in an exaggerated, spread out position.

No matter where you fall on the manspread debate, everyone should be able to admit that from the men gamely clomping down subway stairs in an almost crab walk to the men all trying to hug in a circle with their legs spread out, this is some impressive physical comedy.

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12/29/14 3:02pm

Yes, how else CAN you sit? via the irreplaceable Saving Room for Cats

Manspread. It’s rude and not really defensible, considering, as we’ve gone over, it’s a selfish use of limited public space that is not your living room. So finally the MTA is reminding people, “Hey, don’t do that, it’s rude.” This is apparently a bridge too far for the Daily News editorial board, who parachuted into the debate and barfed a totally unnecessary  “Actually!” into the conversation with their “Confessions of a manspreader.” Actually guys, manspreading is both not bad and just can’t be helped. (more…)