12/19/16 9:52am

Go glam with Sweet Lorraine’s burlesque stylings (#6) (pic by BettinaMay1)

1. Start your holiday week off with festive cheer at Yule Log 2.016, a daylong animation showcase featuring 50 short films from a diverse array of artists. (Monday, BRIC, FREE)

2. Laugh your way through the Night Train Holiday Spectacular, with a great lineup of jokesters including Michael Che, Nimesh Patel, and Joyelle Johnson, plus puppeteer James Godwin. (Monday, Littlefield, $5)

3. Show your love of words at the inaugural Ditmas Lit reading, with BuzzFeed Books editor Isaac Fitzgerald, Lambda Literary fellow Jeanne Thornton, satirist Gabrielle Moss, and poet Tommy “Teebs” Pico. (Tuesday, Sycamore, FREE) (more…)

12/21/15 2:00pm
So, this is Christmas. via Flickr user Alex Fitzpatrick

So, this is Christmas. via Flickr user Alex Fitzpatrick

1. Although today is the first day of winter, it’s going to be absurdly warm all week. So go outside and listen to some great tunes with Make Music New York Winter! Full schedule is here, with highlights including a bell choir in Dumbo, fiddlers on Flatbush, and kalimba at Trans-Pecos. (Monday, FREE)

2. Or for something holiday-ier, head to Scholes Street Studio for the Secret Opera’s modern take on A Christmas Carol, with period vocal music and an improvised string ensemble. (Monday, $15)

3. Get a jump on your Xmas boozing at Halyards with a drinking game screening of A Christmas Story: some rules include sipping when an adult is in costume and chugging when Ralphie fights back. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

06/19/15 11:00am

Be sure to get as sparkly as possible (#8). Photo by Dennis on Flickr.

1. Enjoy a multidisciplinary performance evening at Crawl Chapter 3, featuring dance by the People Movers and Grace Courvoisier, plus music from Jessy Carolina & the Hot Mess. (Friday, $18–$25)

2. Dust off your soft-soled dancing shoes for Brooklyn Contra Dance with Wild Asparagus. (Friday, $15)

3. Leave your inhibitions at home and head to the Shame Game, where comics Max Silvestri, Josh Gondelman, Jacqueline Novak, and more divulge their most embarrassing secrets. (Friday, $10) (more…)

03/24/14 3:39pm
make music new york

Unlike other guitar parades, the one for Make Music New York is permitted and encouraged. Photo by Erick Gonzalez, via Facebook

You’ve been playing a bunch of dingy clubs for an audience of just your friends and the mice that live at the clubs. And sometimes just the mice. It’s time you took your folk rock electroclash wave band to the people. But instead of setting up shop on some corner and being chased off, you should just register to be part of Make Music New York, and you can play in public without someone giving you a ticket. Besides the fact that you insist on performing in the nude. (more…)

12/20/13 3:24pm
so so glos

Who cares about seeing your family when you can hang out with the nice young men of the So So Glos. via Facebook

If you’re a delusional millennial like me, then your big fat paycheck from the coffee house and free lunch from your internship just isn’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to meeting the travel expenses involved in getting home to see your family this week. Living this Brooklyn dream costs and between your rent, Netflix, and conference room rental for your (now sadly doomed) “Keep the Isles Out of Brooklyn” committee, this time of year can be a bit of a bummer when you can’t see your family.

But you know what? Home with the family and your hometown friends is all well and good for about three hours until you’re reminded of why the hell you got out of that burg in the first place: same conversations leading to the same arguments and the same idiot yelling abuse at you from the same car they drove when they were 17. Only now your beard or vintage style is probably award winning. On that note, here’s a couple fun things to do this week while everyone else has upped sticks back to the Midwest or Long Island. (more…)

06/20/13 9:31am
Rejected Disney spinoff: The Mermaid Queen. Photo by Laure Leber

Rejected Disney spinoff: The Mermaid Queen. Photo by Laure Leber

1. It’s the first day of summer, Make Music New York! (Friday)

2. Or celebrate with a solstice party hosted by the North Brooklyn Boat Club (Friday)

3. The Fulton Area Business District wants you to enjoy some music for free, who are you to refuse? (Friday) (more…)

Scenes from Hillstock 2011, the festival I missed because Brooklyn terrified me. (via Facebook)

Hillstock 2011, the festival I missed because Brooklyn was scary. (via Facebook)

As of Friday, summer is OFFICIALLY HERE, and it’s kicking off with the annual Hillstock Festival, which will be taking up residence in Clinton Hill from Friday to Sunday. The DIY music fest, run by the Never Break Down music collective, has been around for a while — when I first moved back to New York a few years ago, I remember hearing about it and wanting to go, but I lived uptown in Manhattan and Brooklyn was “far” and “scary” — but it’s been steadily gaining steam. (more…)

06/17/13 12:43pm
MMNY 2010 (via Facebook)

MMNY 2010 (via Facebook)

The Williamsburg Waterfront’s free concerts might be a washout this summer, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more free music to be had on the streets of Brooklyn. This Friday marks the return of Make Music New York, a day packed with over 1,000 gratis musical performances from fabulous musicians all over the city. And, naturally, Brooklyn’s not being left out in the cold this year; our fair borough’s getting a good dose of the shows. Here are some highlights, organized by ‘hood. (more…)

06/17/13 9:00am
Questlove, always looking towards that bright future

Questlove, always looking towards that bright future

1. James Bond is flying in all the way to the Huckleberry Bar From Russia with Love and boy are his arms tired (Monday)

2. The Secret Science Club is hosting a discussion on the future of robots and their terrifying future in our society and how they’re going to replace bartenders. But probably not Lena Dunham (Tuesday)

3. The Book Report is a game at the Beauty Bar where you make up whatever you can about a book you’ve never read. So basically like the third through eighth grade (Tuesday) (more…)

04/17/13 1:00pm
Coming soon: SO MUCH OF THIS. (via flickr user Mathew Knott)

Coming soon: SO MUCH OF THIS. (via flickr user Mathew Knott)

Buskers might be catching a bad break in the city these days, but that doesn’t mean public music performances are totally dead (even if we maybe wish they were). This year’s Make Music New York celebration, an annual event featuring free concerts held by swarms of artists, musicians and other performers all over the city, is gearing up for its June 21st date, and they’re open for registration. So if you’ve been harboring fantasies of strumming your ukulele by the Prospect Park Lake with a purpose, well, here’s your chance! (more…)