02/23/17 12:40pm
Fête the Man in Black with Alex Battles & the Whiskey Rebellion (#) (pic by Michelle Talich)

Fête the Man in Black with Alex Battles & the Whiskey Rebellion (#2) (pic by Michelle Talich)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Revel in artistic diversity at the Black Artstory Month closing event, with dance and movement arts, performances, and a pop-up art exhibit. (Friday, BLDG 92, FREE)

2. Fall into a ring of fire at the 12th annual Johnny Cash Birthday Bash, hosted, as ever, by Alex Battles & the Whiskey Rebellion. (Friday & Saturday, Littlefield, $15)

3. Watch some wild lip-reading at Live-Dubbed Sitcoms: Tropical February, where comedians improvise new dialogue over muted episodes of classic shows; this month featuring Saved by the Bell: Malibu Sands and California Dreams. (Friday, Videology, FREE) (more…)

04/30/15 4:35pm
The most exciting 90 seconds of your week. via Wikipedia

The most exciting 90 seconds of your week. via Wikipedia

Do you guys know what Saturday is? That’s right, it’s the day you get to read “The Kenucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved” and have it mean a little more, because it also happens to be the day of the Kentucky Derby. Even if you don’t care for horse racing or Southern gentility all that much, drinking a bunch of mint juleps and shouting at the TV is much more fun if you do it in the company of strangers instead of home alone. Still, you may as well enjoy that at a cheap or free Kentucky Derby party, so we found you six free parties and one you’ll have to pay a pittance to get in to. (more…)

05/02/14 1:44pm
via Flickr user Peter Batty

Toast to Kentucky, toast to the Derby. via Flickr user Peter Batty

Kentucky: the state of Bourbon, bluegrass, coal mining, and, as of late, a pretty sweet rebranding campaign. Before you pretentious urbanites dismiss it entirely as a backwater flyover territory full of Southern hicks who couldn’t even rally behind Dixie (spoiler alert, assuming you’re reading this in 1860: after waffling for years, they ultimately joined the North in the Civil War), Kentucky believes in tradition, and we all owe tradition some goddamn respect (because tradition). In that vein, the 140th annual NASCAR of yesteryear gussied up in oversized harlequin hats, also known as the Kentucky Derby, is bursting out of the game Saturday, and we’ve got some places to watch it for ya. (more…)

12/27/13 1:25pm
les sans culottes

Les Sans Culottes wil welcome you to your pantsless 2014 at Rubulad. via Facebook

New Year’s Eve is coming, and that means it’s time to party. For those of you without a friend willing to trash his apartment on one of the most party-heavy nights of the year, well, you don’t need to worry at all. That’s because between restaurants offering menus, warehouses hosting dance parties and bars just giving away champagne, there’s something for everyone to celebrate New Year’s Eve around here. Unless you hate fun, but then it can be the same as every year: staring at the wall eating one single string cheese stick and turning in at 10pm. Anyway, for the rest of you, here are your best New Year’s options: (more…)

07/09/13 10:41am
Nope, not Oklahoma, it's Mable's Smokehouse. via Facebook

Nope, not Oklahoma, it’s Mable’s Smokehouse. via Facebook

Barbecue, with its long, long cooking times and slow perparation has traditionally been seen as the province of the South. Things just move too fast up here in the go-go North to sit all day smoking pork butt. Or so people said. At some point when these people weren’t looking, eleven barbecue restaurants have opened in Brooklyn, displaying skills in everything from St. Louis mastery over ribs to Asian/BBQ fusion to the best brisket you’ve ever had. Which one should you go to though? Well, none of these are really bad choices, but at least this will give you a peek at what to expect in Brooklyn’s new barbecue heaven! Here’s where to find the best BBQ in Brooklyn.  (more…)

06/18/13 12:34pm

Mable's Smokehouse

Mable’s Smokehouse & Banquet Hall
44 Berry St. (At Wythe)
(718) 218-6655

What is it: No-frills beer and Oklahoma-style BBQ joint that caters to the southern man and woman inside every beer-chugging Brooklynite.

Why we love it: The huge open layout gives you a “not-in-West-Williamsburg-anymore” impression, but that’s only the beginning. The three-sided bar turns drinking into an easy game of eye-tag, but a projection screen playing movies like Roadhouse and Stand by Me lets you play coy, although after a few pints or a pick from their signature cocktails menu, that’ll probably be the last thing you’ll do. (more…)

02/14/13 7:38am
He's a longer. A rebel. There are things about him you wouldn't understand. Couldn't understand.

He’s a loner. A rebel. There are things about him you wouldn’t understand. Couldn’t understand.

1. Show you’ve given up on love by hitting up Bushwick Daily’s Valentine Apocalypse and participating in their dating game (Friday)

2. Pretend to be someone else as bands pretend to be other bands at Spike Hill’s Valentine’s Day masquerade (Friday)

3. Spectacle invites you to bring the weirdest movie you can find to them and try to to convince an audience to watch it  (Friday) (more…)