07/25/16 1:03pm
Via Flickr's Michael Tapp.

Via Flickr’s Michael Tapp.

Cherish your subway rides while you can, L train riders, for today the soothsayers and doomsday prophets finally heard official word from mount MTA. The Times reported this morning the MTA has come to a final decision about what to do with the L train to repair Hurricane Sandy damage: The train will be completely shut down between Bedford Avenue and Eighth Avenue for 18 months, starting in January 2019. That means no L train whatsoever between Williamsburg and Manhattan, and no trains along 14th street in Manhattan at all.

2019 is a cosmically long way away, so who knows if we’ll all still even still be alive or if President Trump will have replaced all forms of mass transit with mandatory gold SUV ownership by then. But the shutdown will have a huge impact across the borough, not the least of which are dips in rents along the L corridor and a whole new wave of trite jokes about Williamsburg and the people who live there. Here are 10 effects the train’s shutdown may have: (more…)

03/03/16 4:24pm
What a great neighbor they are. via 1 North 4th Street

What a great neighbor they are. via 1 North 4th Street

In one form or another, the possibly years-long Lpocalypse is coming to Brooklyn soon, bringing with it hordes of L train riders needing a new train and hopefully the lesson that putting off transit improvements until a system is pushed to capacity and falling apart is maybe not the best idea. The shutdown is going to be hard on everyone who relies on the L train and also hard one everyone who relies on any L-adjacent trains that weren’t built for the kind of capacity L train spillover will bring. Fortunately, one of Williamsburg’s newest arrivals, luxury building 1 North 4th Place, is helping to make life easier for waterfront residents by offering a free shuttle from their building to the Marcy Avenue J/M/Z stop.

Considering all the time we’ve spent hating the gleaming waterfront towers sticking up over Williamsburg like Dennis Hopper’s high rise from Land of the Dead, this is a great gesture. A real gift to the community from a building that’s an almost physical representation of New York City’s income inequality problem. This is extremely nice of them, so be sure to take advantage of this generosity. (more…)