08/04/11 7:35am

Yes, you too can be a dirty festival-goer without paying out the... donkey.

I was psyched for Escape to New York, a three-day festival on Long Island, put on by Winkel and Balktick and the UK’s Secret Garden … until I saw the price. The $150 ticket is more than I have for a weekend, and even a conglomeration of some of our finest artists and party-makers (like Shanghai MermaidImprov Everywhere and Hank and Cupcakes) couldn’t convince me to pay.

Enter WorkExchangeTeam. They arrange volunteers for a bunch of festivals — like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Dave Matthews’ Band Caravan on Governers Island later this month. You fill out the application and commit to 15-18 hours’ work. They give you a ticket and free camping. Oh, and a T-shirt (beats an old Applebee’s work shirt). (more…)