08/13/15 7:52am
Make the night just like Heaven

Make the night just like Heaven

Thursday is here, which means you’ve got one more night this week to be irresponsible and then go into the office hungover, or at least with one of those annoying good moods owing to having had a good time the night before. There’s certainly a good chance of that happening if you go to one of these things I found for you on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. So pick one and enjoy it, either to spite your office resposibilies or your co-workers who like seeing you unhappy.

dumbo archway

Woo, party in the Archway. via Flickr user Adnan Islam

With summer in full swing the inevitable inverse proportion of fun and funds has begun! Although nothing beats summertime in New York, the season is accompanied by a lightheartedness that can result in being unable to renew your lease come the fall. Instead of falling on hard times in September, rein it in and take advantage of the tons of awesome free activities available. Hey music lovers, listen up because I’m talking to you: there’s a free concert in DUMBO under the Manhattan Bridge every Thursday night. (more…)