04/24/14 2:11pm
kristy hurt

Kristy Hurt has done enough interviews to know what you shouldn’t say or do on them

As an executive recruiter in the fashion and retail industry, candidates often ask me for career advice, and I give a lot of it. Everything from how the resume and LinkedIn profile should look to how you should dress for an interview, what to say about your career history and education to how much preparation and research you should do on the company before going in to meet them. But probably not often enough do I tell people what NOT to say or do! Hopefully these tips will help you from making the same mistakes. (more…)

02/05/13 1:00pm
Take it to a Howard Johnson's, you two

Take it to a Howard Johnson’s, you two

LinkedIn. The question has been asked here before: does anyone use the networking network? Responses varied, but popular opinion regarding it seems to be that it’s exhausting to delete invitations from strangers who just seem to go around inviting anyone they come across to their network. But what if networking was more like net-twerking? Well, now it can be, because BangWithProfessionals is a real app that will find you sex through LinkedIn. (more…)

09/18/12 12:24pm

Are you tired of flavorless requests to connect, invitations to join message boards you have no connection to run by people who have jobs you have no interest in? Because we certainly are, but it tipped over into almost Facebook-timeline levels of rage when we got an email yesterday declaring “your LinkedIn profile has been viewed 11 times.” What followed was a page right out of the OKCupid confidence undermining handbook, showing pictures of who viewed your profile and stats on how many times it was seen, leading you to either get the stalker heebie jeebies or to realize you are a complete failure at presenting yourself as a hirable candidate because WHY IS NO ONE SEARCHING FOR ME???

But also, Linkedin has never done us much good other than give us a place to find out what former bosses are up to and give persistent PR people another way to try to pitch us stories. So does anyone get use out of this thing? (more…)

05/11/11 9:17am

Beat that monster

“What’s my occupation?” the innocent little jury duty card asks me. I want to put down “professional job hunter,” because that’s what it feels like. Instead, I just leave it blank, not wanting to put “part-time intern at two companies for no pay, thanks Recession 2K9!” At least I know it feels that way these days, for so many of us who have yet to see the proclaimed up-tick in the economy. Many of us are constantly searching for a better opportunity, and Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com are less than helpful. Instead of getting e-mails telling you why you, a communications professional in Brooklyn, should be a software engineer in Stamford, Conn., start somewhere better tailored to your field. For those of you who are new to New York and/or the job search, you’re likely going to be looking for something in the categories below, which can be huge draws for people new to NYC. All of the following are updated fairly regularly and are great places to start: (more…)