12/18/12 12:00pm

World ends, not with bang, but whimper [Business Insider]
Where to wassail this Friday [Park Slope Stoop]
Tim’s Christmas tree porn [NY Post]
It’s about damn time. R train resumes full service by Friday [Village Voice]
Hurricane Sandy has its own flu [Daily News]
Dick’s Sporting Goods stops selling rifles [Mediaite]
History buffs: what’s your take on Lincoln? [Film Drunk]
Come on, Instagram [Boing Boing]
Three types of bacteria exist in belly buttons because u nasty! [The Atlantic]
Finally, there’s a gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven [Grub Street]
Betcha didn’t know those drunk Santas were fundraising [DNA]


12/17/12 12:00pm

Good news for gonj: DA candidate says he’ll decriminalize weed [Animal]
Hey idiots: we don’t say that word anymore [Deadspin]
The saddest: Newtown funerals begin [NY Mag]
Brooklyn church launches gun buyback program [NY Times]
The only interesting Met gets traded to the Blue Jays [NBC]
Get cramped Nets tickets for cheap [Dealery]
Lumineers frontman used to bartend at Surf Bar. Of course he did. [NY Post]
Sandy be damned: Red Hook Lobster Pound expands anyway [NY Times]
Overworked fast food employees rally for better pay [Gothamist]
Indiana Jones mystery package finally arrives [University of Chicago]
Stay with us here: this year’s Sundanciest Sundance films [Filmdrunk]


12/13/12 12:00pm

Pepsi+Chicken=vomit chip flavor [AdAge]
NYPD is “friends” with the gangs of NY [WSJ]
Dirty gchat may be unconst. according to Scalia logic [VICE]
The drunken disorderly sexy Santas are coming [McBrooklyn]
It’s cheaper and more awesome to stay in Brooklyn [USA Today]
Latest delivery technology: Burrito dropping drones [Grub Street]
“Hipsters” form alliance in response to extreme hate in Germany [L Mag]
Last look inside Domino Sugar Factory, before it gets condo’d [Free Wmsbg]
At home film festival and other lame free stuff to do this winter [Biz Insider]
Looking for holiday gifts? Try The Loom, Bushwick’s non-evil mall [Bushwick Daily]


12/07/12 12:00pm

Male half of melodically broken up hipster couple inundated with dates [Observer]
This will make you feel old: 11 best tech plots from 90s TV shows [Mental Floss]
People actually want those McMansions [Brownstoner]
Chris Rock hates to laugh [Brooklyn Vegan]
We don’t know what any of these weed items are for, but maybe you do [Animal]
Who even has time for Pintrest? [Observer]
Jon Hamm coloring book. Come to mama [Film Drunk]
Amazing coup to boss from Bed, Bath & Beyond employee [Consumerist]
Cheap Nets seats do (maybe do not) exist [BK Bureau]
Breaking news: writing novels not a path to riches [The Stranger]

12/04/12 12:03pm

“Quirky” t shirt shop in Brooklyn doesn’t really buck trend [Brooklyn Paper]
Park Slope brownstone gets less gay [Brooklyn Paper]
Hurricane damage leads to one landlord to sell instead of repair [NY1]
Coney Residents pissed about landmark [Brooklyn Daily]
Wendy’s worker strikes, gets fired, rehired. YGG! [Daily News]
Bearded men spending time with other people’s kids not creepy at all [DNAinfo]
Gross. Did you do it at your parent’s house? [Howaboutwe]
Verizon tries to become your Big Brother [Consumerist]
Weird things to push your baby in [FiPS]

12/03/12 12:03pm

GMA kills, apologizes for killing, Christmas spirit [NY Observer]
If a boardwalk is concrete, is it still a boardwalk?[NY Times]
Paging Nic Cage: Weird, multi-million dollar castle for sale in Greenpoint [Curbed]
Creepy German Pope now on Twitter [The Awl]
Class up your Christmas with a  beer can Advent calendar [Laughing Squid]
Adam Levine says Honey Boo Boo is ‘decay of civilization': pot/kettle? [Mediaite]
Deep thoughts on masculinity [The Good Men Project]
Misogynist Hasidim? Oy vey! [Brooklyn Based]
Hoorary! Red Hook, Coney non-profits get massive Sandy grants [Brownstoner]
Das Racist breaks up, tree falls in forest, no one cares [ANIMAL]
Bah humbug! Where to spend way too much on a stupid tree [Park Slope Stoop]

11/29/12 12:00pm

Someone figured out how to make money off Gowanus toxic sludge [DNAInfo]
Temp. injunction granted to block Carroll Gardens homeless shelter [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
We told you about the G Train meeting, here’s what happened [Brooklyn Paper]
Theory: Li Lo is actually a method actor, always in drunk & disorderly character [Gothamist]
Another Brooklyn reality show to make us look like even bigger assholes [The L Magazine]
Life tip: Lower your expectations and you won’t feel like such a failure. Duh. [xoJane.com]
Organic produce and coconut water are a waste of money, says science [Business Insider]
BPL opens first “Green” library in Kensington [Brownstoner]

11/28/12 12:00pm

Ratner’s next project will block a view no one knew about [FiPS]
10 states with the best deals on foreclosed homes [Business Insider]
Even advertising looks cooler oversaturated Kelvin filter [Business Insider]
@NYTOnIt makes NY Times “trend pieces” relevant, almost [NY Observer]
Cross “Alien Invasion” off likely end of the world scenario list [Business Insider]
DT Max talks DFW at The Strand tonight [The Awl]
Obama OKs gas pipeline under Brooklyn, Queens [DNAInfo]
Red Hook, Coney Island get 1st round of Bklyn Recovery Fund grants [Brooklyn Eagle]
Expect a Thought Catalog diatribe about this “Gah, Twentysomethings!” lecture [92Y]

11/20/12 12:31pm

Critic says Brooklyn food scene sucks [Observer]
Tie some bureaucratic red tape ’round the old oak tree
[Brooklyn Daily]
Sandy breathes life into long dead H train [DNAinfo]
Last day to get cheap cab ride to the airport for Thanksgiving [Daily News]
FEMA says there’s no space for trailers in Rockaway [McBrooklyn]
Crowd-source your babysitter, groan [Brick Underground]
Create a meatless T-gives without resorting to Tofurkey [Brooklyn Based]
We can’t wait to see an orangutan buy a brand new Porsche [Reuters]
Happy Thanksgiving: jerks steal Native American graffiti [Animal]
Sufjan Stevens’ bizarre box set has bizarre promo vids [Pitchfork]

11/19/12 12:00pm

Matchmaker helps train riders find love [NY Post]
McAfee, the anti-virus guy, sticks tampons up his nose
[NY Observer]
Costco samples are not a free lunch, you idiot [Consumerist]
Development group unconcerned about Gowanus flooding [Brooklyn Paper]
Mitt Romney hates women but loves Twilight [NY Mag]
No money in app business, unless it’s Draw Something [The Billfold]
The way a porn starts: firefighter is so, so lonely [Animal]
Red Hook businesses turn to Kickstarter for help [DNAinfo]
Bulldog, apparently named Wrath, being given away [Craigslist]
Dudes in Thailand into skin whiteners [Good Men Project]
Rich people: get satisfaction from Stones at Barclays [Brooklyn Vegan]
Letter from evacuee to Armory melts our cold, cold hearts [NY Times]