10/17/16 9:06am
Brooklyn, by Chloe. via @jackyfalkenberg on Instagram

Brooklyn, by Chloe. via @jackyfalkenberg on Instagram

Vegan paradise By Chloe is opening up in Brooklyn [Well & Good]

Rockaway’s Playland Motel is shutting down at the end of the month [Gothamist]

Trump couldn’t handle this week’s SNL cold open [Washington Post]

Get yourself a nice novelty tee: it’s 50 percent off all Threadless clothing! [Threadless]

Here’s every haunted house in the Tri-State area where you can spook yourself [NBC New York]

The election is so bad that Canadians are now telling America it’s “already great” [Fast Company]

An Arizona magazine faced death threats (with grace) after endorsing Hillary Clinton  [AZ Central]

10/06/16 4:15pm
The pool will get at least one more summer. Via Yelp Inc. on Flickr.

The pool will get at least one more summer. Via Yelp Inc. on Flickr.

The pop-up pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park will get at least one more summer [DNAinfo]

French-fry stuffed burritos in Bushwick? Sure why not [Gothamist]

A slasher film set in Bushwick? Sure why not [DNAinfo]

How not to get screwed on Amazon [Fusion]

Read what it’s like to be a hated street canvasser [Bedford + Bowery]

3 Ikea alternatives to save your sanity [Brick Underground]

You can now get buried with your dog in NYC [NYT]

06/15/16 3:35pm
Via Father Knows Best.

Via Father Knows Best.

Make Bushwick Great Again hats are now a thing [Bedford + Bowery]

Report: Everyone should move to Philly already [Gothamist]

Secret Project Robot is moving to a cheaper spot [Bushwick Daily]

It’s anarchists vs. bikers vs. the city in an East Williamsburg loft [DNAinfo]

Budgeting pitfalls first-time renters should watch out for [Apartment Therapy]

Will ferries be the new subway? [NYT]

04/29/16 2:00pm
A pizza in a box ... made of pizza. Via Vinnie's Instagram.

A pizza in a box … made of pizza. Via Vinnie’s Instagram.

The internet can’t get enough of this pizzeria’s inventions [DNAinfo]
Prince has become the new Freebird in Brooklyn [DNAinfo]
IMAX found a way to make spin class even more expensive [Brooklyn Paper]
Video shows just how many oblivious double parkers cyclists deal with [Gothamist]
Apply for these new affordable apartments above a bad basketball team [FG Focus]
Did you know everyone in NYC used to move on May 1? [BrickUnderground]
What’s the deal with rent-stabilized housing anyway? [Brownstoner]
You can now take a cannabis cooking class in Green(nice)point [Greenpointers]

02/26/16 2:37pm
Via Bedford and Bowery

Via Bedford and Bowery

You can now buy Bushwick the Board Game in the app store [Bedford & Bowery]

Trader Joe’s vs. Whole Foods gee who do you think wins [Refiner 29]

Yes you should help someone carry a stroller you monster [Gothamist]

It’s a good time to buy a “slice” of NYC real estate [BrickUnderground]

Hey remember the Newstand at the Lorimer station? It’s back! [Untapped Cities]

Hold your breath to swim across the East River but not for new L train tunnel [BK Paper]

Brooklyn Brewery says it’s not leaving Williamsburg any time soon [Eater]

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02/15/16 12:54pm
Prospect Park is ahead of the sculpture game. Photo by Flickr user Ed Kiley.

Prospect Park is ahead of the sculpture game. Photo by Flickr user Ed Kiley.

If you’re gonna live in Brooklyn for four years, you might as well buy a place [DNAinfo]

The Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop will open in Williamsburg this summer [GrubStreet]

Don’t forget: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is free on weekdays through February [BBG]

Aziz and J Law Valendined together at the Commodore yesterday [Gothamist]

Used books to read at the end of the world [Awl]

The famous Gowanus bunnies, syphilis free and now on discount [DNAinfo]

It’s Broad City day on WTF! [WTF]

Breakfast: the final frontier [Eater]

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02/05/16 11:42am
Sunshine Laundromat is one of the most practical dating spots in Brooklyn. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

The new Sunshine Laundromat bar is a goddamn pinball wonderland, with or without beer googles.  Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Science says beer goggles aren’t a thing (but what does science know) [Munchies]

The Brooklyn to Staten Island migration has begun [BrickUnderground]

What it’s like to profit from gentrification [The Billfold]

Your grandma in Florida can soon get fresh Junior’s cheesecakes [Brownstoner]

Bill Clinton is coming to Williamsburg [CNN]

Should the Coney Island boardwalk be a landmark? [Daily News]

Brooklyn: The Movie: The TV Show [Empire]

It’s only a matter of time before Governors Island is all TD Banks [Politico]

(Above image taken at the new Sunshine Laundromat speakeasy, which is on our list of the most practical date spots in Brooklyn.)

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01/28/16 2:33pm
Someone is feel the Shkrel. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Someone is feeling the Shkrel. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Somebody is trolling Bernie Sanders and his supporters pretty hard in Bed-Stuy right now (above photo spotted near 345 Willoughby Ave. today). Someone check Martin Shkreli’s hands for spray paint.

A three-year L train closure might actually be good for rent [DNAinfo]

There’s a scientific reason you can’t get Springsteen tickets in New York [Bloomberg]

Why relocating your media company to Brooklyn ISN’T a good idea [AdAge]

Enjoy Slushwick before the realtors turn it into Slushcondo [Gothamist]

Don’t buy soda (still) [Grub Street]

Selfie aren’t the problem, it’s just your realtionship [Cosmo]

Talib Kweli is (sorta) bringing back the Brooklyn bookstore he used to own with Mos Def [VV]

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01/25/16 12:03pm
Prius, defeated by the very environment it was trying to save.

Prius, defeated by the very environment it was trying to save.

Somebody in Greenpoint is (probably jokingly) selling their snowed-in Prius [Craigslist]

New York’s animal shelters are doing great [NYT]

Moving to the suburbs will literally kill you [Brick Underground]

Michelle Williams might force this woman to move to New Jersey [Curbed]

David Bowie got his own NYC street during the blizzard [Bowery Boogie]

Snow cocktails, candy and ice cream: Creative ways to use snow [DNAinfo]

ATM skimmers target cash-only restaurant [Gothamist]

Finally, a perfume for us [Reddit]

Their number got called: A new generation takes over Sahadi’s [NYO]

How Bushwick is fighting back against developer harassment [Bushwick Daily]

12/18/12 12:00pm

World ends, not with bang, but whimper [Business Insider]
Where to wassail this Friday [Park Slope Stoop]
Tim’s Christmas tree porn [NY Post]
It’s about damn time. R train resumes full service by Friday [Village Voice]
Hurricane Sandy has its own flu [Daily News]
Dick’s Sporting Goods stops selling rifles [Mediaite]
History buffs: what’s your take on Lincoln? [Film Drunk]
Come on, Instagram [Boing Boing]
Three types of bacteria exist in belly buttons because u nasty! [The Atlantic]
Finally, there’s a gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven [Grub Street]
Betcha didn’t know those drunk Santas were fundraising [DNA]