02/27/17 12:56pm
Roullez some bon temps with Sabrina Chap (#8)

Roullez some bon temps with Sabrina Chap (#8)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Start your week off silly at Goofy, where performers do their weirdest work, featuring Sandy Honig, Rome Davis, Maya Sharma, and more, plus improv from the Goof Troupe. (Monday, Legion Bar, FREE)

2. Giggle angelically at the February edition of Divine Comedy, tonight starring Mike Recine, Ariel Elias, Nate Marshall, and Harrison Tweed. (Monday, Two Saints, FREE)

3. Make no apologies for checking out Am I Write, Ladies?: Sorry Not Sorry, an evening of new work from women and gender non-conforming artists, from punk blues to spoken word to dance. (Tuesday, The Footlight, $10) (more…)

02/16/17 9:50am
Try not to startle Subhah Agarwal (#

Try not to startle Subhah Agarwal (#2)

Stay informed about fundraisers and other anti-Trump events across NYC in our weekly activism roundup here.

1. Get tingly at the book launch for Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic, with readings by contributors as well as performances and more. (Friday, Industry City Distillery, FREE)

2. Giggle about what’s good at the Silver Linings Comedy Show, featuring Patrick Schroeder, Subhah Agarwal, Mike Abrusci, Courtney Maginnis, and more. (Friday, Precious Metal, FREE)

3. Affirm creativity for all at this month’s Queer Abstract, with comedy by Lou Gonzalez, music by Carissa Matsushima, poetry by Paul Tran, dance by Nia and Ness, and more. (Friday, Starr Bar, FREE) (more…)

02/06/17 10:59am
This week in anti-Trump activism in NYC: Know your rights (and party for them too)

Cher gets it; Trump does not. Photo by Gaby Del Valle/Brokelyn.

If Trump’s electoral win and the Patriots’ somehow Super Bowl victory can teach us anything, it’s that sometimes the bad guys come out on top–but only temporarily. Two weeks have passed since the inauguration, but the constant barrage of covertly racist executive orders, extrajudicial decisions and bad tweets means the #resistance is alive and well. Here’s our latest roundup of anti-Trump events and rallies happening this week—plus plenty of parties, fundraisers, and other opportunities to let off some steam. We’ll keep updating as more come in. (more…)

07/25/16 4:35pm
Here are five BK spots where you can tune into this for the week. Photo via @itgovandrebauer on Instagram

Here are five BK spots where you can tune into this for the week. Photo via @itgovandrebauer on Instagram

Leaked emails and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation aside, the DNC kicks off today at 4pm with the theme of “united together” and will march on forward through Thursday night, with surely at least more gusto than the 51-foot-joint that deflated straight out the gate in DC earlier today. This week will have a star-studded lineup, a welcome change from last week’s horrors.

Tonight, Elizabeth Warren is the keynote speaker, and we’ll also hear from Bernie, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Michelle Obama. Tuesday night, Bill Clinton headlines, Wednesday Obama and Biden take the stage, and finally, on Thursday, Hillary, after an introduction by Chelsea, will accept the nomination.

While we didn’t hear word of any official BK watch parties, nor any Chillary Clinton frozen specials, we did find five Brooklyn bars where you can get your DNC drink and watch on this week, with a few happy hours to boot. We’ll be adding to the list throughout the week; if you know of anywhere, send us a shout out in the comments! (more…)

04/21/16 4:02pm
So this is what it feels like, when doves cry.

How can you just leave us standing, alone in a world that’s so cold?

The Purple Reign ended today. It’s a shock to fans of Prince that someone so funky and seemingly full of life could die so young (he was 57, but looked ageless, as always). It’s tragic and it’ll be awhile before we know the full story of what happened. But out of tragedy we’re reminded about one of the great things about living in New York City: We really know how to respond to losing a musical hero. Prince tributes, dance parties, Purple Rain screenings, bike rides and other appreciations are already being planned around the city. We’ve started collecting them here: we’ll keep updating this post as more come in over the next few days so stay tuned.  (more…)

07/07/15 8:00am
Life uh, finds a way to put you in a position to watch people run from dinosaurs. For free.

Life uh, finds a way to put you in a position to watch people run from dinosaurs. For free.

Hello there and welcome to the Tuesday after the Fourth of July. Today’s the day that your post-holiday hangover bullshit won’t work at all, so if you’ve got a regular hangover, you better just hide it like you’re used to doing. Also be sure to drink plenty of water or Brawndo or Pedialyte, because you’re gonna want to feel ready, or at least hydrated, for any of these incredible events we’ve pulled from the Brokelyn Events Calendar, whether it means taking advantage of cheap alcohol or cheering on the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park. (more…)

05/04/15 10:41am
Bring your own pillow/bunny/chicken

Bring your own pillow/bunny/chicken

1. You can talk about yogurt and eat yogurt at Greene Grape Annex’s Get Cultured tasting, but please don’t multitask and choke. (Monday)

2. See Lynas and Dapwell of Das Racist play whatever they feel like playing at Friends and Lovers’ Budz. (Monday)

3. Stand up for something this week, like jokes with Comedy Central’s Drew Fraser and Liza Treyger at The Paper Box. (Monday) (more…)

02/09/15 7:00am
Like this, but less abs

You said you cared about theatre, didn’t you?

1. Franklin Park Reading Series: Novel Night features two-time Booker Prize winner Peter Carey along with four other authors. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to listen to them read their entire books. (Monday)

2. Sing your Monday blues away at Canal Bar’s Karaoke Mondays. (Monday)

3. Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) has a new novel and he’s talking about it at BookCourt, and while it’s not Trainspotting it is sadomasochistic tale of shared psychosis, so it’s clearly still weird. (Monday) (more…)

03/24/14 7:00am
soul train

If you’re gonna learn history, you may as well learn some funky history, and you can this week at Restoration Plaza

1. Saw Her Stand Up There is the all-female standup comedy show the world needs, especially when it features funny ladies like Sue Smith and Anna Drezen (Monday)

2. Liza Monroy, who was a featured reader at the very first Franklin Park Reading Series, is coming back with a tale of her green card marriage (Monday)

3. BK foodists like Shamus Jones of Brooklyn Brine and Daric Schlesselman of Van Brunt Stillhouse will be talking the indie food scene in Brooklyn at panel discussion BKLYN Artisanal Army at BRIC (Tuesday)  (more…)

04/17/13 9:57am
What's weird is this photo was taken last week

What’s weird is this photo was taken last week

For a certain age range that was fortunate enough to have cable, Pete and Pete is a kind of Rosetta Stone by which to understand them. Its three seasons took life in the suburbs and put it through a hallucinogenic filter so that it was completely normal a guy in a giant ice cream cone head sold ice cream, that every product was made by a company called Krebstar and a kid had his own personal superhero. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re fans. Which is why we’re very excited to share the news that Michael Maronna, who played Big Pete, will be appearing at a talk show at Legion tomorrow night. (more…)