10/21/16 2:52pm
40 last-minute, low-cost Halloween costumes that'll last you through all your Brooklyn parties

Gregg T. loves topical Halloween humor. edited by Sam Corbin

Hot take: Halloween isn’t for everybody. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great holiday. It just favors creatives and DIY experts to a fault. Many people are Hallo-wise enough to start planning their costume for the following year on Nov. 1. — and if you’re one of those people, more power to you! — but that leaves the rest of us lazybones procrastinators feeling somehow underprepared to party alongside everyone else. Unless you’re engaging in cosplay-levels of credible costumery, you’ve got to come up with something funny that’ll pass for effort.

Brokelyn knows this better than anyone, having rolled up to countless Halloween parties both in and out of hastily-cobbled costume ourselves. We don’t like to see you suffer on a holiday that should be meant for pure enjoyment and spooky revelry, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of last-minute, low-cost costumes that harken to relatable themes and memes of 2016.

[You’ll note as you go that in our humble opinion, the best Halloween costumes are visual puns, or ones that take only a single punchline to explain. So, while these costumes may not win you every costume contest in town, they’re sure to get you a few laughs at every party you go to, and they’re simple enough to recycle from night to night. They also *probably* won’t get copied by someone else, unless that someone also read this article.] (more…)