08/30/16 4:00pm
Decisions, decisions. What's it gonna BnB?

Decisions, decisions. What’s it gonna BnB? via Sidiq on Airbnb

The Staycation is a contentious affordance here in Brooklyn. Amidst an ongoing affordable housing crisis that leads to things like this and this, there’s just something icky about the practice of spending hundreds of dollars to enjoy a fancy weekend in Brooklyn a few blocks from you actually live. But hey, maybe you work hard to earn that chunk of vacation change and you couldn’t afford to fly anywhere (though FYI, yuge airfare savings are coming later this fall). So if that’s how you wanna spend Labor Day weekend, we’re not judging.

We recently learned from Bedford & Bowery that the Wythe Hotel, like so many other #brands these days, is trying to appeal to the Brooklynite population by offering half-price rooms to BK residents over Labor Day weekend. That’s right folks, with proof of a BK address comes a shiny $132/night bunk bed room, half off its regular $265 price tag. I mean yeah, bunk beds. But in bunk bed room’s defense, it has flat-screen TVs in each bunk.

Even with this discount, though, is it better to rent with Airbnb? Avoid the capitalist machine, and all that? We compared two Labor Day weekend rentals, both alike in dignity and available at the time of this post: a bunk-bed room at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg (still available to book, as of this post time) and this comparable Airbnb room right next door.

To help you make a bed-ucated decision about where to lay your head this Labor Day, we looked at how each one stacks up in room quality, amenities, even ethics. Yes, ethics. Whereas Airbnb is oft-accused of hurting the affordable housing stock in the city, The Wythe is practically a pillar of achievement for slimy developers seeking to make Williamsburg the “New Manhattan.” (more…)

09/02/15 11:24am
Hey hey, my my, jorts will never die

Hey hey, my my, jorts will never die

Between cast members showing up at screenings of it, multiple public screenings happening with or without said cast members, a prequel show on Netflix and even a full immersion in a Bushwick lot, it seems like we’ve been living in the summer of Wet Hot American Summer. So of course Videology is capping it off the best way they could think of, with a free all-day marathon of Wet Hot American Summer.

06/24/15 3:02pm
Beach-Brooklyn-Brokelyn-Rockaway Beach

This could be you post-Labor Day. Image via Flickr user Brett Refner

For decades, Labor Day has symbolized the beginning of the end for summer in the city. Because, for decades, the city’s beaches and pools close after Labor Day and we all cry a little inside when we put our swimming gear back in the closet. Not this year! Because the city’s beaches will be open for one week after Labor Day. So start preparing for your “I’m sick and can’t make it to work today” speech to tell your boss and head to the beach, never know, you might even find your boss skipping work to. (more…)

freddy's bar

Bring some meat, it’s welcome here. via Facebook

Look, this Monday’s Labor Day, and we get it; for most people, this means that it’s time to regret that you once again called it the “Summer of YOUR NAME” and didn’t actually go skydiving, learn to play an instrument, or get anywhere near sculpting that beach body. It’s also the time of year when you’re likely to walk into your local pharmacy and see decorations for Halloween and beyond for sale in the seasonal section which goddamnit, already, really? That’s okay, because Freddy’s (627 5th Avenue, South Slope) is here to help, with a free Labor Day BBQ. (more…)

09/04/13 10:00am
Beats the Thanksgiving Day parade, every time. Photo by Madelyn Owens

Beats the Thanksgiving Day parade, every time. Photo by Madelyn Owens

Each year during Labor Day the relative calm of Eastern Parkway erupts into music and color to celebrate the West Indian Day Parade. Revelers sporting glitter and elaborate feathered costumes dance down the stately avenue to reggae and soca beats, while spectators sip on nutcrackers and enjoy Caribbean eats served up by some of the sweetest Aunties Brooklyn has to offer. This year’s festivities took on a markedly political tone, with nearly every candidate for mayor and City Council making an appearance. Anthony Weiner seemed to affect a quasi-Jamaican accent as he attempted to rally the crowd, while Chuck Schumer won hearts and laughs with his query, “What’s the biggest island in the Caribbean? Brooklyn!” (more…)

08/29/13 3:03pm

1. Enjoy the parade of lunatics that make up Brooklyn Unicycle Day, as they ride their one-wheeled machines across the Brooklyn Bridge and down to Coney Island. Or, hop on your unicycle and join them, we guess (Friday)

2. Wasabassco Burlesque has a sweet 70s van, or at least the burlesque equivalent of it, and they’d like you to take a ride in it (Friday)

3. Cameo is paying tribute to Motown, one of Earth’s better towns, with a whole dance party devoted to it, so be prepared to show you’ve got soul and to cry the tears of a clown if your heart is broken (Friday)

4. We’ve got a heaping helping of Labor Day weekend events too, don’t forget! (Friday – Monday) (more…)

08/28/13 9:30am
Don't let the sun set on your summer without getting lucky

Don’t let the sun set on your summer without getting lucky

You work hard, you play hard, simple as that. Labor Day weekend commends the other 361 days you bust your ass at that 9 to 5, bus tables in that smelly bar, or sell bougie dresses in TriBeCa. We’ve compiled a list of affordable activities for you to fill your Labor Day weekend with relaxation or complete debauchery, your choice. (more…)

08/30/12 4:08pm

You didn’t work as hard as these two, but that’s OK, you can still enjoy Labor Day.

Listings taken from our Brokelyn events page. Don’t see yours listed? Add it now!

1. See The Wiz, because Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Richard Pryor are always better than Judy Garland, Margaret Hamilton and Ruth Duccini. (Friday)

2. There’s some really obvious joke to be made about the words “free” “pussy” and “riot” being thrown together, but instead we’ll just say screw Vladimir Putin. (Friday)

3. Party with New York’s notoriously shy and retiring queer community. (Friday)

4. Finally, having kids pays off. Aside from the tax breaks, you lucky jerks. (Saturday)

5. Missed the Makossa Brooklyn Cookout all summer? Here’s your last chance. Gone to every one this summer? Make sure to go so that you can finish your punchcard. (Saturday)

6. Go out dancing, but in your pajamas. Or as we like to call it, “formal wear.” (Saturday) (more…)

Sheepshead Bay pier, by Nimo Photography

Sheepshead Bay pier, by Nimo Photography

Here we are, at the tail-end of summer, September drawing perilously near, and maybe that European jaunt you dreamed of just didn’t pan out this season. We expected as much, and we’ve been doing our best to provide substitutes: exotic home swaps, $500-a-week vacations, a special kind of working holiday and, well, Mexico. But if none of these was the thing for you, it’s not too late for this one last chance for a great almost-getaway: the South Brooklyn staycation. Here are 17 ways to have a (very full) weekend in our own down-under. (more…)