12/14/15 3:44pm

He’s coming to punish the wicked, so we may as well have a drink

Between the eponymous feature film that’s currently in theaters and the previously released anthology movie A Christmas Horror Story starring one Mr. William Shatner, Krampus is having a moment. To that end, Brooklyn’s own Morbid Anatomy Museum would like to cordially invite you to celebrate Santa’s evil little helper at their annual Krampus party on Saturday, December 19.

But who is this Krampus guy, anyway? According to Joanna Ebenstein of the Morbid Anatomy museum, “Krampus is like an evil counterpart to the jolly, gift slinging bowl full of jelly that is Saint Nicholas.” She told us she first encountered a cardboard cutout of the “Christmas Devil” in a Burger King in Hungary, next to his decidedly happier. It makes sense she saw him first there, since she tells is that “the two go hand in hand in many parts of Europe, because balance: Where Santa gives, Krampus takes.” Krampus is said to collect all the naughty little children in a large basket made of reeds, then scamper back home to the netherworld. Good ol’ wholesome Christmas fun. (more…)