09/22/16 12:13pm
Tell us this isn't exactly what you need after a long day at work. via IG

Tell us this isn’t exactly what you need after a long day at work. via IG

If the daily grind is leaving you drained and even the thought of an after-work cocktail just doesn’t cut it anymore, then scratch that for this alternative: the Brooklyn Cat Café (149 Atlantic Ave.) is offering adults-only kitten happy hours!

Starting tonight, every Thursday and Saturday from 5-7pm is “Adults Only Happy Hour” at the cat café, for anyone 14 and over.  Sadly we’re pretty sure there’s no actual booze involved, but cuddling kittens offers a different kind of buzz, and might just be exactly what you need. (more…)

04/27/15 3:22pm
Dawwww. via Flickr user Kellinahandbasket

Dawwww. via Flickr user Kellinahandbasket

Kitten season is upon us, which means it’s time to give kittens the appreciation they so rarely receive, despite all the work they put into the war on manspreading and computer illiteracyBut instead of in addition to saluting them by exclusively wearing kitten t-shirts and kitten lapel pins during very important business meetings, you can honor this glorious period between tax and construction season (or if kittens make you sneeze, the allergy season within allergy season) by giving kittens a place to crash until they find a new home. It’s like you get to be a mama cat, without eventually having to pay for kitten tuition. (more…)

That suitcase could be your keyboard, but only when you really need to use it.

Are YOU the future owner this cat is ignoring? via Craigslist

Update: The Craiglist poster says she found homes for both this cat and a second one that magically appeared where she had found the first one. If you were ready to welcome a new cat into your home though, check out places like Brooklyn Animal Action or Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition. They’re almost always overflowing with pets looking to be your new owner.
Someone with terrible cat karma abandoned an adorable kitty after moving out of a Lefferts Gardens apartment last week. Shannon, a resident of the building, created a Craigslist ad hoping someone will help kitty out after she found her in the lobby. Shannon the Cat Rescuer called animal control but was told the cat would have to be euthanized within 72 hours if she wasn’t adopted. There’s no room in any of the city’s no-kill animal shelters and Shannon can’t keep a pet in her apartment, so things are getting desperate.

This is where you come in. We know you need someone to watch the Girls premier with this Sunday, and this cat needs someone to snuggle with and ignore simultaneously. The Craigslist post describes the cat as super affectionate, so she might not openly resent you for speaking to her in a patronizing baby voice while making her wear little hats. A cat that doesn’t bite you for dressing her in dumb outfits is pretty rare, so this master-human relationship is alive with pawssibility. Email Shannon the Cat Rescuer if you’re ready for a new best friend or have any ideas of how to help out.

08/08/13 2:09pm
Awwwwww. via Flickr user dugspr

Awwwwww. via Flickr user dugspr

The Groupon revolution has changed the way we do everything, from buying baseball tickets to getting laser eye surgery. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate to use daily deal websites to push your offers. Or maybe there are just enough aspiring cat ladies out there to cause this buy (erm, adopt) one, get one free deal deal from the ASPCA make more sense than we realize. (more…)