03/22/17 12:41pm
"Shea Stadium: lifting people up since 2009." Photo by Seth Applebaum

“Shea Stadium: lifting people up since 2009.” Photo by Seth Applebaum

Bushwick’s Shea Stadium has had a rough year, having announced their second temporary closure back at the beginning of this month. Instead of throwing in the towel and caving to the bureaucratic, corporate regime that has successfully killed so many of the small DIY institutions shut since the turn of the century, Shea is continuing to fight the good fight and has now launched a Kickstarter to raise $50,000 and re-open, “legally for a more sustainable future.”

This is an especially feasable goal seeing as Shea states the issues with the space are not structural but a matter of racking up more fines than they could pay for as, “the city’s increased regulation and inflated rents have made running these types of spaces an uphill climb.” According to a diagram showing where funds will go on the Kickstarter page, the majority of money will be for Department of Health, Department of Buildings, and FDNY renovations, with architecture fees in second most expensive place. (more…)

03/06/17 1:15pm
Ask her!

Ask her! Photo by Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

It’s finally here, y’all: the women’s strike. And while the strike is intended to show just how much work women do, and is ultimately one of the biggest shows of force this week, that doesn’t mean every woman has the ability or resources to take a day off work. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to take action against Trump before, after, and during this Wednesday. Without further ado, here they are: (more…)

10/25/16 11:03am
Rekha Shankar's 'Hustle' turns freelancing into a video game that's impossible to beat

Shankar’s some talk but all ‘action!’

By the time I arrived to meet Rekha Shankar for a scheduled afternoon coffee, the comedian-turned-filmmaker was already sitting down, hard at work on another project. She waved at me as I came in and then turned back to her iPad, which I noticed as I approached had a baby cow as its desktop background.

“I love everything about this cow,” she said.

In fact I knew this already, since the cow photo is practically a signature for the 26-year old Brooklyn comedian, whose Twitter page and personal website feature the very same picture, tiled over and over onto the screen. A calf isn’t the first spirit animal that comes to mind for Shankar, though. She’s more the beaver type, all due diligence and self-actualization. And as we chatted about her comedy, her morning routine and her latest project — a web series called “Hustle” that portrays freelance life as if it were a video game — it sounded like she was about to birth a new baby cow. (more…)

10/24/16 3:44pm
Don't fear the cheaper: our Brokelyn picks for can't-miss events this Halloweekend

You don’t have to pay to get into 30 rock just to have fun this weekend. Via Pinterest

Point of fact: Halloween is the best holiday in New York City. Why? First of all, it’s the only holiday whose sole adult purpose is partying. Second, it’s the most creative holiday. And since New York is a hotbed of creative energy, we get some wild instances of that. (Not to mention, New Yorkers are especially good at bringing getting their pets into the spirit.)

Our friends over at DNA Info agree with us — though  9/10 dentists may not — and that makes for not one but two reliable journalistic sources to back up the next argument you have with your friends about Halloween. Even if you don’t have a costume yet (here, let us help!) this weekend has tons of spook to keep you frightfully delighted, all the way through to the last trick-or-treater at your front door. We picked out our favorites:  (more…)

09/20/16 3:47pm
Doomocracy: A terrifying real-world political haunted house is coming just in time for Halloween

Make America horrified of real-world scenarios again. Via this Photoshop design challenge at DesignCrowd.

You’ve already felt like this election cycle is a nightmare situation. Now you get to experience it up close, just in time for Halloween. Mexican artist Pedro Reyes – with the help of needed Kickstarter backers – is working on (what he considers) a terrifying exhibition set to debut at Brooklyn Army Terminal this October, the subject of which he hopes will instill fear in even the most relaxed of citizens: politics.  It’s a terrifying tour of “the haunted house that already exists in our minds,” exposing us to “a new kind of monster, this is a monster that is actually chasing us in real life,” according to the campaign.

Doomocracya new immersive installation, will see the blending together of two events “haunting the American cultural imagination: Halloween and the nightmare that is the U.S. presidential election,” according to its Kickstarter page.

The installation, done in collaboration with public arts nonprofit Creative Time, is planned to run from Oct. 7 and through days before the election, and promises to “shock, amuse, provoke, even disturb.” (more…)

09/13/16 10:39am
Listen to the pros: How to run a hit Kickstarter campaign, as told by Brooklyn success stories

Vivian the Dog Movies to Brooklyn got successfully funded in July.

So, you have a great idea. You love it, your friends love it, damn, even your Aunt Susie who doesn’t have the Internet thinks it’s a good idea. What next? How do you take a business from concept to reality if you can’t afford to pay for it all on your own? You could pitch it to venture capitalists for seed money, which takes some of the weight off your shoulders but also means you’re giving up a percentage of your business before you even have one. And how do you even get a meeting with a venture capitalist?

Anyone can try crowdfunding their idea through Kickstarter, hitting up those friends (and Aunt Susie) who said how much they liked your idea in the first place and ask them to put their money where their good wishes are. But how do you create a successful Kickstarter campaign? You need one that looks professional, without requiring you to hire someone to actually put it together, and that secures all its funding so you actually get the money.

We reached out to a few people with Kickstarter success stories to figure out how they did it: We talked with the creators of the children’s book Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn, the CEO of Groupmuse and the creative director of artfully designed clock ThePresent.Today. We also made our way to July’s Kickstarterfest to check in with a few more people who used Kickstarter to get their business off the ground. No matter what the size of the campaign we learned that all success stories share a few common threads: lots of preparation time, out-of-the-box social media promotion and a commitment to fostering your community. (more…)

07/28/16 4:00pm
Peep some peculiar puppets tonight (#4) (pic by Joe Mazza)

Peep some peculiar puppets tonight (#4) (pic by Joe Mazza)

1. Have a cartoonishly good time at the 13th annual Animation Block Party, with screenings all weekend from international shorts to cartoon restorations to animated ads. (Friday through Sunday, BAMcinématek, $14/program)

2. Shine on at Glow@Grove, a dance party that lights up the night with a cosmic light show, body-painting, roaming light performers, and DJs Chela and Jubilee to keep you moving. (Friday, Grove Alley Night Market, FREE)

3. Find your groove at the Brooklyn Get Down house music festival, with a dozen DJs, a film screening, a panel discussion, and an indoor/outdoor art installation. (Friday & Saturday, Greenwood Beach, $10) (more…)

05/18/16 2:42pm
Hey, instead of Cards against Humanity, play this New York-specific alternative at your next party

Soothe your ‘only in New York’ woes with this creative new card game.

Early last year, Brokelyn editor Tim Donnelly said that it was finally time to declare Cards Against Humanity a “basic” party game, and that we ought to renounce it in favor of slightly more evolved entertainment. And we haven’t laid a finger on it since then, because we really were holding out hope for a better alternative.

Now there’s a Punderdome home card game, but that’s mostly for word nerds and happy people. Brooklyn’s mass population of gripers and grousers (who drink) still need to be entertained with a game that feels less twee and more “Why me?”

Naturally, a 20-year-old kid at Pratt has the solution: enter WTF, NY?, a party game created by Pratt undergraduate Krysta Parisi. Like most of Brokelyn’s favorite things, the concept is straightforward and the legality is questionable! It’s just a Cards Against Humanity spinoff where cards have New York-specific questions and answers, so lewd sexual acts are replaced by… well, lewd sexual acts. This is New York, after all.

Parisi, a communications design major with a focus in illustration, explained that the game started as a class homework assignment.

“They told us to reinvent a game for millennials and make it modern, take a twist on it,” she told Brokelyn. “And I decided to go with Cards Against Humanity and make it more specifically New York. I felt like it was something that needed to be done.” (more…)

12/23/15 2:20pm
Sadly they're not hiring ballerinas, but you can still help out in some way. via Facebook

Sadly they’re not hiring ballerinas, but you can still help out in some way. via Facebook

It’s almost a New Year, so it’s almost time for a New You! That’s how things work, right? You 1.0 never leaped at an opportunity, never went to the gym and always stayed stuck in your shitty, limiting job. You 2.0 though, you’re gonna be a whole patched and upgraded You. You’re gonna hit the gym and you’re gonna leap at so many damn opportunities it’ll be like opportunity parkour. First up: this huge bundle of jobs that are waiting for you, one of which might be better than the job now. If you think it is, don’t hesitate, just apply. (more…)

10/29/15 1:15pm


Even after the Brooklyn bar menu generator did a pretty good job of sending up the feverish foodie trends of modern-day Brooklyn (a better job than Kimmel, anyway), we knew we weren’t truly out of the woods. We knew that sooner than you could say “duck pancetta,” a new trend would come in and addle us all.

And we were right: a new design collaborative called Trouble Makers is trying to raise funds to launch a product called Critter Bitters, which is pretty straightforward—it’s just cocktail bitters made of bugs.  (more…)