02/07/17 11:17am
John Early and Kate Berlant went from Brooklyn comedy shows to Vimeo's new 555. Via Vimeo.

John Early and Kate Berlant went from Brooklyn comedy shows to Vimeo’s new 555. Via Vimeo.

John Early and Kate Berlant are a comedy duo of odd and odd that add up to a perfectly symmetrical monolith of millennial anxiety. Often, two high-energy performers will compete with each other while sharing stage or screen, but not these two. One’s flamboyance complements the other.

For years, John Early has been honing his sharp comedic wit that often takes aim at the self-aggrandizing antics of the social media obsessed generation. He’s perhaps best known lately for his character Elliott in Search Party on TBS, a particularly manipulative and narcissistic Brooklyn hipster who joins a band of friends in their search for a missing person.

Kate Berlant likewise has been channeling her sensitivity to the human desire to be something, to be taken seriously into her stage persona, notably her monthly UCB (the one in LA, sorry New York) show Communikate and her memorable performances on the Netflix series The Characters, also featuring John Early.

Together they form a sort of Voltron of Gen Y frustration, finding themselves powerless against the current of time and the facts of life despite being incredibly smart and informed, perhaps too smart and informed for their own good, and making it funny. Really damn funny. I had the pleasure of seeing both of them individually back when they were lighting up the Brooklyn comedy scene. They’ve since relocated to Los Angeles but continue to convert 20/30-something angst into complex characters with equal parts ridiculousness and pathos. If you’ve been enjoying the Brooklynite-skewering shenanigans of Search Party, check out the duo’s new Vimeo series 555. (more…)

eugene mirman

Will Eugene have alpacas with him? You won’t know until you find out. via Facebook

A great thing about Brooklyn is that famous people you see on TV, or whose animated selves you see on TV in this case, just kind of live everywhere. Case in point: Bob’s Burgers‘ Larry Murphy lives so close to Clinton Hill’s Splitty (415 Myrtle Avenue) that he decided to put together a weekly comedy night there. He’s opening it with a bang too, bringing a couple of his co-stars, Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman, and a Brokelyn favorite, Kate Berlant, along with him tonight. Plus, it won’t cost you more than a Lincoln (the bill, not the coin). (more…)

11/14/13 4:21pm
adventure time

It’s the perfect weekend to watch people explore dungeons

1. Celebrate one year of awesome meat sales with the folks at BrisketTown, by eating meat and then using the energy from the protein to dance (Friday)

2. Come out to a benefit party for the Gotham Roller Derby Girls, because if you don’t, they’ll kick your ass. And you know damn well they can (Friday)

3. Think books are boring? Well what if there’s a party for one about New York City’s drug scene and feature performances from Himanshu of the late, lamented Das Racist? Yeah, not so boring now (Friday)

4. An Adventure Time TV party is better than your average TV party because it’s Adventure Time for Christ’s sake. Plus, they’ll be giving out prizes for the best costume, so dressing like the Ice King is finally an advantage (Friday) (more…)

09/18/13 1:27pm
You will believe dancing can be this weird, thanks to the Cocoon Central Dance Team. via Facebook

You will believe dancing can be this weird, thanks to the Cocoon Central Dance Team. via Facebook

You never want the words “late” and “pregnant” to be near each other, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to live in Texas or a similarly backwards state. The “pregnant” we’re talking about this time though is the Let’s Get Pregnant Comedy show, which is moving from Hank’s Saloon to Havermeyer Park tomorrow night, for an evening of outdoor comedy. You don’t want to be late to it though, because it’s gonna be awesome. (more…)

He's bringing back Kurt and Kristen! Photo by Mandee Johnson, via Facebook

He’s bringing back Kurt and Kristen! Photo by Mandee Johnson, via Facebook

Well OK, we goofed when we wrote up the Brooklyn Comedy Festival and said that Brooklyn hadn’t had a comedy festival yet. And now that mistake is coming around to hit us in the face like so many cream pies, because the lineup and dates for the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival have been announced, and holy moly. It looks good enough to skip your friend’s wedding to see it. (more…)

07/22/13 2:00pm
Questlove bought his ticket. Have you?

Questlove bought his ticket. Have you?

Living in Brooklyn means that even your usual Monday night comedy show could see an A-lister pop in just because they’re around. Last month, Marc Maron was in town for Letterman, so he dropped in to Night Train to tell everyone a story about Carl Reiner. And tonight, not just content with hosting the very funny Kate Berlant, Wyatt Cenac also has drummer for The Roots, bandleader for Jimmy Fallon’s late night band and newly published author Questlove dropping in! (more…)

09/10/12 2:19pm

Wherefore art thou, Sohneo?

1. The only rule about honky tonk is that you have to chew tobacco while listening to it. (Monday)

2. If you go see Amy Sohn, do us a favor and tell us none of us have gotten laid, by Park Slope moms anyway, despite our personal appeal. (Monday)

3. Or you can go see Brooklyn’s newest literary transplant, Martin Amis, release his new book at Book Court. (Monday)

4. You walk to get beer, so why not walk to get peace? (Tuesday)

5. You have a second chance to see The Usual Suspects. It’s like some kind of miracle out of a movie. (Tuesday)

6. Should you go see the very funny Kate Berlant at Tuesday Night Fever? Does the pope shit on a bear? Nailed it. (Tuesday) (more…)