01/07/16 10:08am
Her snark is worse than her swipe. via website

Don’t worry, her snark is worse than her swipe. Photo by Katia Temkin

Hey kids, it’s Thursday, which means it’s almost the weekend, which means it’s almost time for your next rendez-vous with a stranger. And whether you’re out meeting people in bars or at home reviewing their dating profiles, it’s equally disappointing to discover that the pickings are ever slim, and your standards are ever negotiable.

Thankfully, a comedian is having similar life experiences, so she can make us laugh about it together. Tonight, funny lady Lane Moore hosts a show called Tinder Live! — and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. (more…)

04/27/15 3:44pm
The best disaster you'll see all week

The best disaster you’ll see all week

The Late Night Disaster is a new variety show dressed up like a traditional late night talk show helmed by Rob Blatt (“The internet’s favorite person” – Uproxx). For tomorrow’s inaugural show, Rob is joined by:

Jon Glaser (Girls, Parks and Recreation, Delocated) for something weird
• opera-singing burlesque performer Sarah Screams (Operotica)
Ginny Leise and Soojeong Son from The Shame Game for fun and awkwardness
• Comedy Central “Comic to Watch” Julio Torres for stand up
• and band leader Leslie Goshko (Sideshow Goshko, Time Out New York “Critics’ Pick”) (more…)

09/10/14 10:14am
michael che

Whether you tell him you think he’s a cutie pie or not is entirely up to you

Hey, remember the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival? We certainly hope so, we just told you about it last week. Anyway, leaving your terrible memory aside, we imagine you saw the news and said “Boy I’d like to go to a show at that festival that objectifies some comedians, and maybe go to another one with rising comic stars.” Well, we are nothing if not obliging to very specific requests, so if you subscribe to our weekly email, you’ll have the chance to win a pair of tickets to A Night of Cutie Pies, featuring Michael Che and Jon Glaser, and 5 Comics to Watch Get on Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch List featuring Jena Friedman and Maeve Higgins. (more…)

09/02/14 1:20pm
We can't promise you won't end up at the bottom of a human pyramid, but it'll be worth it.

We can’t promise you won’t end up at the bottom of a human pyramid, but it’ll totally be worth it.

There’s no scarcity of comedy shows here in Brooklyn, which could make you think you’ve filled your laugh quota. No. You are wrong. Stop being wrong. The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is back for its 7th year and once again it’s got some pretty funny names, or rather some normal names that represent funny people. (more…)

04/03/14 9:15am
daenerys targaryen

Can you spell “Daenerys Targaryen” from memory? Nerd. Also, go to WORD on Saturday

1. You know the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster. Learn the schlocky story of his daughter, Lady Frakenstein, at the Spectacle Theater (Friday)

2. Get your footwork in order for dance party Footwerq at The Trophy Bar, because you don’t want to be the only one there who can’t make it bounce (Friday)

3. Get your daily recommended dose of exploding heads at a free screening of Scanners (Friday) (more…)

Hey, remember when we told you about Superchunk shooting a video at Shea Stadium? And you decided not to go because you didn’t want to be part of some shitshow? Well not only did you miss being part of a cool video that makes Shea Stadium look way nicer and brighter than we’ve ever seen it, you also missed the Jons, H. Benjamin and Glaser, in the same place, being Jon buddies. Also you missed a bunch of Brooklyn band cameos, like Becca Kauffman from Ava Luna singing on stage in place of Superchunk themselves. Our only complaint is that the video didn’t give the proper tribute to Shea Stadium’s enormous Mets logo mural, but that just means you’ll have to go there and see it yourself. Man, it’s gonna be such a bummer when this place gets turned into the headquarters for the Brooklyn Republican Party in a few years. (more…)

03/13/13 10:02am


You’d think that someone in the federal witness protection program would want to keep a low profile. Try to live their life under the radar and in an unassuming fashion. But how the hell are you supposed to get famous that way? That was the premise of adult swim’s Delocated, starring Punderdome judge Jon Glaser as the ski mask-clad “Jon,” as he had various misadventures in his poorly conceived reality show about moving to New York and being in the witness protection program. The show finished up its run this month, but it’s not gone for good: there’s a live show going down at the end of the month at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Take THAT Archer live tour that won’t come to Brooklyn! (more…)