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Love Your Local Business Program

From the program’s site

Perhaps the saddest casualty of recent gentrification has been the mom and pop stores which, once definitive of New York and this great city’s quirks, have been replaced by corporate chains that can afford sky-high rents in formerly destitute, crime-ridden neighborhoods. But wait, there’s hope!

The NYC Department of Small Business Services this week launched its NYC Love Your Local program, literally putting small businesses on the map to bring them love, attention and potential grant money. (more…)

Sunset Park Garment Industry

The Garment District in 1955. Via Wikipedia

“Sunset Park, Brooklyn: Not Quite Trendy,” the New York Times wrote last January of the sprawling neighborhood that fills the wide expanse between Green-Wood Cemetery and Bay Ridge, with homes, industry and so many delicious Mexican and Chinese food eateries. While the Times still refrains from referring to the nabe with the t-word, both the Grey Lady and Mayor Bill de Blasio, in his State of the City speech last night, have noted this month that they see the area as a prime surrogate for the rebirthing of Manhattan’s gutted Garment District.

This means area locals should brace for a number of changes, some good; some not so much. (more…)

01/03/17 4:11pm
You could work with this guy to stop Trump in your own stomping grounds of NYC. via Flickr user GirlRay

You could work with this guy to stop Trump in your own stomping grounds of NYC. via Flickr user Girl Ray

2017 is looking up so far (read: no movie stars are dead yet), but there’s still a big orange-haired elephant in the room. And come Jan. 20 that orange-haired elephant is going to go galumph into — as a friend of mine put it so eloquently —  “the china shop of foreign diplomacy” and wreak havoc on our national security.

That is, unless we can set up our own system of checks and balances to prevent him doing so. New York City may remain fairly immune to Trumpism during the president-elect’s germ term. But just in case you’re still looking for a way to fight the power (and we really hope you are), check out this cool job posting for one lucky Brooklynite:

New York City Council Member Brad Lander is seeking a Communications Director to oversee and implement the Councilmember’s communications and media program – in order to serve the people of the 39th District, to resist the threats of the Trump regime to American democratic values and vulnerable constituencies, and to build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable NYC.

You heard right, kids! Councilman Brad Lander, who represents Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington and Boro Park, most recently notable for mediating negotiations between residents and developers during the Park Slope Key Foods controversy, is now seeking a full-time anti-Trump activist to help make shit happen.


11/28/16 2:17pm
Drop everything and start making $35/hour as a professional feminist advocate

Be the voice of feminism wherever you go… and get paid for it. via website

“Art” and “feminism” are words you don’t often hear used to describe professional work sectors, let alone in the same job description. But here’s one that combines both for budding organizers seeking an epic feminist career move: Art+Feminism is currently seeking a Program Coordinator to “support the exponential growth of their global initiative” in 2017. And the pay’s not bad, either.

You might remember Art+Feminism from a post we ran earlier this year about their famed Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon, the patriarchy-smashing annual event where women and allies edit Wikipedia articles to remove instances of misogyny and to better document women’s contributions around the world and in history. Three years into the Wikipedia project the organization is bigger than ever and growing fast, but you still have a chance to work with them at a grassroots level.

At $35/hour, you’ll get to to “play a key role” in the development and success of their Wikipedia initiative, and to promote women in the arts. You’ll get to manage communications, project pipelines and social media platforms. Best of all, when people ask you what you do for a living, you’ll get to say “feminism” and mean it. (more…)

11/16/16 10:00am
You'd get to share an office with cool people, and this Emmy award. via punched.tv / IG

You’d get to share an office with cool people, and this Emmy award. via punched.tv / IG

Since most of us are back to at least trying to pretend that everything isn’t awful and terrible, Brokelyn’s back to its bi-weekly jobs listings. Because even if democracy is letting you down, at least the job market isn’t (for now). There are still plenty of cool gigs out there for young upstarts and mid-career professionals alike. And while none of us knows what’s in store for us come January, a job at a place you love might help weather the next four years, and maybe even make them worth sticking around America for.

That doesn’t mean you have to be complacent, of course. This week’s job roundup includes gigs in investigative reporting and producing, senior editing and customer service, so you can stay involved in both human and digital conversations happening re: Trump’s America. And even though the American presidency is now an entry-level position, all of the jobs in this week’s roundup take at least a little field experience, so peruse our listings and see which one speaks to your skill set. (more…)

10/26/16 2:30pm
This is your morning routine with RT Book Reviews. via IG

This is your morning routine with RT Book Reviews. via IG

We know it’s hard to believe, but life will go on after the 2016 general election is over. Regardless of who wins (no Trumpies no Trumpies) you’ll have a life to get back to, an apartment to pay rent on and a job that’ll help you do it! Unless, that is, you don’t have a job.

If you find yourselves in the throes of funemployment that’s looking less and less fun every day, then let the Brokelyn job fair find you something fun and paid to do. Assuming the country doesn’t end up in a burning cataclysm of fiery death on Nov. 9, you could land a sweet job in book reviewing, bookkeeping, brand managing and more. Have a peep at all these neat positions we found, and see which one is worthy of your talents. (more…)

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Bork via @Barkbud on IG

Bork via @Barkbud on IG

With the changing season comes changing career moves, and Brokelyn’s got your back. We love to hook ya’ll up with the latest and greatest opportunities out there, because how else are you going to be able to afford all the new seasonal pumpkin beers coming out?

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you some rad Brooklyn-based job listings. Now it’s up to you, the reader, to fulfill your destiny. Whether it be as a dog walker or as a hot shot media director, your TIME has come to get hired (you’ll get that joke in a second). (more…)

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Thankfully this doesn't look like that sorority video. via Facebook

Thankfully this doesn’t look like that sorority video. via Facebook

If you’ve been jobless for an extended period (sry) of time, and you’re looking to increase the flow (sry) of cash into your bank account, then look no further than New York-based period underwear company THINX, because they’re currently hiring for two job positions: Full Stack Web Developer, and Growth Strategist.

“Just ~*~*IMAGINE~*~* spending all day, err day with these smiling faces!!” reads the job notice, posted to THINX’s Facebook page yesterday with the photo above. “This is POSSIBLE because… drumroll please… we’re hiring!”

If you haven’t heard of THINX, by the way, it’s either because you don’t get out much or because you’re just veeery late to the game. The company’s high octane, post-millennial and mildly manic PR style has not only been plastered all over NYC subways for the past year, but was also recently lauded in an open love letter on Jezebel.

In either of these positions, you’d be helping to grow this “lightly deranged” brand to its full potential. Sure, we could tell you why these jobs sound especially great, but we’d rather u-ter-us. (more…)

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The lobby of your office errrday.

The lobby of your office errrday. via Archinect

It’s been a while since our last hot n’ fresh jobs post hit the stands, and you might have been left feeling high and dry this month, thinking we must not really care whether you might ever afford another music festival. But you would be wrong in thinking that, because we definitely do care. We want you to have all the stuff of life at minimal cost, and what’s more, we want you to have fun making the money to do it.

In that spirit, here are five sweet Brooklyn jobs that range from floor manager to cellarman, pastry production to video production. No matter your area of expertise, one of these oughta pique your interest. (And if nothing does then hey, there’s always Hawaii.) (more…)

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It's bacon me crazy.

This obsession is bacon me crazy.

You love bacon. I know because you don’t ever stop talking about it. You tell your vegan friends: “I could give up meat,” then you scream: “except for BACON!!!” as you render flesh from its package still raw and slap it all over your body to form a bacon jumpsuit, bursting through the door into the summer sun to let it cook both the meat and your body alive so you can live the rest of your days as a walking bacon golem, until you eat yourself into oblivion, which will take about 10 minutes, because you just can’t control yourself around bacon. If there’s a new bacon flavored product, you’ll break into a bodega in the middle of the night to try it, before complaining that it needs MORE BACON. You put bacon on your salads, bacon on your brussel sprouts and smash bacon into your mac and cheese, just to be sure anyone who doesn’t eat bacon never touches your food or breathes non-bacon-scented air into your space.

Good for you, you found a passion in life, and you’d slaughter that pig from Babe with your own hands just so people know bacon is your “thing.” Now you can use that passion to actually get paid: Extra Crispy, the new Time Inc. site launched today dedicated to covering breakfast, because sure why not the internet needs more content, is hiring a freelance bacon critic “to cover the bacon beat, spanning bacon’s role in food, drinks, and culture” and generally service other people who will die if they don’t talk about bacon once a day. Yep, it’s real job, and everything you dreamed about in journalism school when you first took that Meat Fetish Content for the Digital Age class. (more…)