03/02/15 9:48am

Sex toy savant. Photo via Mary Hoffer

What do you do with that gender studies degree? You might not think it’s going to lead you into a cool spot in the world of commerce, but that’s exactly what it did for Mary Hoffer, who’s in charge of the pleasure center that is the Babeland Park Slope shelves. As retail director, Hoffer helps make sure what sold at Babeland won’t hurt you and also has to be thinking of what you’re going to want to buy  before you ask for it. If that sounds fun, Hoffer says it is, so read on to find out whether you might be good behind the scenes at a sex shop and whether there’s such a thing as a typical day there. (more…)

02/25/15 2:30pm
brooklyn bridge park

Your new office. Well, if we’re being realistic, you won’t actually be working in the park itself. Photo by Etienne Frossard via Facebook

Hello Brooklyn, and welcome to your new future! It has been a raging freeze-hell outside, and possibly you’ve been walking to work, thinking “Is this barista job really worth six more blocks of this agony?” The answer, of course, is no, and that mathematics degree you’ve got stuffed behind your headboard should really be doing more then acting as a home for 17 spiders. So, to get you to a future where you’ll be gladly skipping to work while various digits are freezing off, here are some new, great jobs that have just fallen onto the market, collected courtesy of your good friends at Brokelyn (more specifically one friend, who cares about your future career very much). (more…)

02/23/15 3:39pm
coney island

Welcome to your new office. via Flickr user David Tan

Hey, as long as we’ve got some summer vibes going on this chilly day, why not keep them going? After all, it was all the way up to 45 degrees yesterday! Anyway, if you’d like your job during the summer to be one that more closely aligns with the carnie life of strapping people into rides and tricking them into playing your games they’ll never win, you’re in luck. Amusing the Zillion noticed there are a slew of Coney Island jobs available for the enterprising summer lover living in New York City. (more…)

02/20/15 1:38pm

This is your boss though, so we hope you speak penguin. via Flickr user Christopher Michel

Have you guys heard that it’s a bit chilly outside? Well in case you haven’t, let us tell you, whew boy is it cold out. Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care. Maybe you even relish this cold. Maybe you also want a hermit-like existence and get away from it all for a for a few months because life is kind of garbage or you committed a crime. Great, because the post office in beautiful Antarctica is hiring some assistants and you don’t need a single day of mail carrier experience to get the job. (more…)

02/17/15 9:49am

What kind of headline can you write about these fancy elevators? via Facebook

So maybe you saw our job listings last week and thought your sandwich skills weren’t quite at “wizard” level, and while you’ve got writing skills, they exist above “staff writer level.” Well aren’t you fancy. Take that self-regard over to BrickUnderground then, where they need a new senior editor to guide New Yorkers through this real estate market that even Hillary Clinton has trouble with. (more…)

02/05/15 10:19am
buffalo exchange

Make the call on if the clothes are worth it. via Facebook

Are you the one your friends turn to when it comes to questions of what to wear if they’re worried an outfit looks stupid? You might think that’s not a skill you put on a resume, but think again, because thrift store empire Buffalo exchange needs more buyers at their locations in the city, and it sounds like your particular set of skill will fit the bill there. And before you dismiss this as another shitty retail job, check this out: you can get health, dental, vision and paid time off at this job. (more…)

01/21/15 8:29am
hudson river sloop clearwater

Your new office. via Facebook

So here you are, facing another dreary day in the same bullshit office with the same bullshit job. You need a change, and not just one that gets you from one set of fluorescent lighting to another. You want to break free, take a job that really gets you out of the rat fight. Can you cook? That’s good, but don’t be a normal chef since apparently that’s a terrible job. Instead, check out this great job as the cook for a crew of 10 to 18 people on the educational sailing ship the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. (more…)

01/15/15 3:34pm
handsome hipster

America’s next top model? via Flickr user Juan Luis

Do people commonly refer to you by adjectives that pigeonhole your social identity into a poorly-generalized subsection of Brooklyn counterculture? Are you a mustachioed criminal?

If so, these guys, an unnamed men’s apparel startup, are looking for “gents” to stand around “from time to time” and model the company’s clothing. Not just any kind of gents though: “handsome hipster” types, as their Craigslist ad reveals.

01/14/15 1:03pm
nickelodeon job

Meet your future co-workers

Welcome to the New Year, people! Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’ve lived through another year, working at that job that you absolutely love! What, you don’t love your job? You wouldn’t happen to work in a soul-killing abyss of suckitude, do you? Well, that shit might fly in 2014, but 2015 is the year that you start to kick ass and take names! And give names. On paper. Resumes, I mean. You should get a new awesome job and we’re here to help so look at these! (more…)

01/07/15 9:19am


The popular perception of the comic book fan is still one who isn’t all that physically capable. More Bruce Banner than Hulk, if you will. That being said, we’e sure there are hulking comics fans out there, because why else would Midtown Comics put an ad up looking for a warehouse strongman for the back issue department in their Long Island City warehouse? So if you’re one of them, your time has come. (more…)