07/28/14 4:05pm
story pirates

Quick, make up what’s happening here! Because we have no idea. via Facebook

You can act, but you’re not on Broadway yet. We mean, you wait some tables on Broadway, the block, but it’s not quite the same. Here’s a good break though, that could let you escape the monotony of not acting: Story Pirates, the traveling troupe of actors that solicit stories from kids and then makes plays out of the stories, is hiring actors for the 2014-15 season. You’ve gotta like kids, or failing that, be such a good actor that people think you do. (more…)

07/16/14 4:05pm
iraq and afghanistan veterans of america

You can help the Iraq and Aghanistan Veterans of America help veterans AND get paid (don’t worry though, you won’t have to go to DC). via Facebook

Hello, all, and happy meeting you again! It is I, the Grand Job Czar of Brokelyn, here to point you to the most exquisite jobs available in New York City. You may be asking, “Why should I trust these magnificent-sounding jobs being thrust at me by this large man in a tinfoil hat?” Well, first off, it’s a crown, and secondly, because ever since I was a small child, all I ever wanted to do with my time was to help people find the most bitchenest places to work possible, and that’s exactly what I do now! So, if I could do it for me, then I can certainly do it for you too, and checking out these awesome job listings below is a great first step. (more…)

07/10/14 11:26am
us open job fair

This could be you! Maybe!

Everyone’s all agog over the World Cup, but there are still other sports that are going on right here in Real America. No, not baseball, both teams are too depressing to think about right now. We mean good old fashioned tennis! The U.S Open will be landing at Queens’ Arthur Ashe Stadium in August, and they’re gonna need people to work the event. That could be you, if you make it out to their job fair today. (more…)

07/09/14 1:54pm
crumbs bake shop

Taylor Swift’s anti-Midas touch strikes yet another national retail chain. via Facebook

As a budding journalist/writer these posts aren’t all that pays the bills, if at all. Like so many freelancers, I had a second job in the service industry, serving coffee and sweets, in this case, at Crumbs in Brooklyn. Emphasis on the had. This past Monday, after coming home from a shift, my boss called me to let me know that Crumbs was no more and neither of us had a job.

It happened so suddenly I was shocked, exhilarated even. One retailer who doesn’t appreciate its employees down, a bajillion more to go. For the whole company to go under is one of the most dramatic and epic of ways to lose your job. Not every day does a fellow employee get quoted in The Wall Street Journal. (more…)

07/02/14 2:38pm
vine offices

Can you see yourself here for longer than 8 seconds? via Facebook

You there, yes, you, the one on the computer: it seems like you’re in need of a new job. Yes, you’re about to become junior manager of your shoeshine stand, and your side-job as a bike-based bread delivery boy only threatens you with vehicular manslaughter occasionally, but I see great potential in you. Why, you could have this whole city in the palm of your hand if you so chose! You could be a titan of industry, a God of capitalism and magnanimity, the very engine that turns the world itself! But, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. To begin with, how about we get you a nice job with some paid vacation time, hmm? (more…)

06/30/14 1:19pm
transportation alternatives

This group of road warriors could use some support. via Facebook

Safe streets are the hot new thing in New York City, what with Vision Zero and bike lanes and desperately trying to get the NYPD to start looking at people being run over as something closer to manslaughter instead of accidents. If you want to combine your a need to be on the forefront of do-gooder trends with your need to also pay the rent, Transportation Alternatives needs a Brooklyn organizer and a policy director to join their team. (more…)

06/26/14 10:05am

Can you write something simple yet elegant and makes Millennials actually want to read? via Facebook

Do you love to read? Do you love to read so much that you’re kept awake at night by thoughts about how other people should read more? That sounds a little weird to be honest, but hey, do you, and use that weird passion in a career devoted to books as a copywriter at Oyster. Oyster, for those of you who don’t know, is a Netflix-like service that streams an unlimited number of e-books at a time, instead of episodes of Breaking Bad, so you’re paying for a library to come to your phone. (more…)

06/24/14 9:13am

If you’re gonna be the Times’ music critic though, you need to know how old Lorde REALLY is. via Facebook

You’ve been arguing about the merits of musicians with people since you were an insufferable precocious child breaking down why Menudo was better than New Kids on the Block, and you’re still at it today writing Lana Del Rey think pieces in your spare time. Instead of doing this for free though, now you can get paid for it as the New York Times new pop music reporter. A job where you’re paid to be an insufferable music snob? It’s like Heaven. (more…)

06/18/14 2:09pm
museum of sex

You’re home. Well you’re at work, but you’ll feel at home. via Facebook

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.” You’ve got hope, right? The hope that maybe one day your office will have a ping-pong table, that you’ll get to ride a zipline and get paid for it, that one day you’ll have actual paid vacation days saved up. I believe that kind of world is out there, dear reader, and I’ve spent the better part of a week on Craigslist to direct you to the promised land, at least when it comes to work. Check out these sweet new job listings and do FDR proud, since  I’m pretty sure this is exactly what he was referring to when he said all that stuff. (more…)

06/06/14 9:38am
build it green! nyc

You could be riding your bike to work, just like these folks. via Facebook

Love the environment and love math? We suppose there are some of you out there who manage to fit both of those categories at once, and in terms of making money, your ship has come in. Non-profit salvage center Build It Green! NYC needs an accountant, an accountant who loves the environment so much that they’ll ride their bike to work. Which is easy in the summer, especially if you’re making up to $25/hour. Might be  little tougher in the winter, but think about that then, not now. (more…)