08/07/15 2:05pm
If you've the sea skills, he's got the boat. via Twitter user @moneyries

If you’ve the sea skills, he’s got the boat. via Twitter user @moneyries

As you know, we here at Brokelyn are always happy to share cool jobs with you, because we think you should be happy at work and not miserable and cranky. Still, even our searches usually only lead you to cool offices, which is kind of limited. What if you want to live the rat race and civilization behind entirely? Well if that’s the case, here’s your big chance to take to the sea, because a future sea captain is putting up posters in Brooklyn looking for a crew to sail around the world with him on an epic two-year voyage. (more…)

07/17/15 8:53am
Good on a bike? We've got a gig for you.

Good on a bike? We’ve got a gig for you.

Are you in decent shape and looking to put that body of yours to work to make some cash? Hey why not, it’s summer. We wish we could tell you we got a line on a job offer looking to pay some people to be extra in the unauthorized sequel Magic Mike 3: More Magicer, but we have an offer to share with you that will at least make you some cash. Smorgasburg is making their GrubHub/Seamless debut this weekend, and that means they need some delivery. Are you a bad enough dude to bring Brooklynites their spaghetti burgers and jambalaya before they got cold? (more…)

07/15/15 2:42pm
Learn how to think, because you've been doing it wrong. Via blog.ted.com, Photo: Bret Hartman

Learn how to think, because you’ve been doing it wrong. Via blog.ted.com, Photo: Bret Hartman

Well Brooklyn, summer is officially in full swing, and that means that you need to get out there and have some fun! Or at least, it would, had you not already blown all your money on outdoor beer gardens and inflatable toys to bring to the beach. With this in mind, to fuel your adventure-laden summer all the way to the end, you’re going to have to find some actual work! Now, where to start? If only there was some trusty blog that not only had listings of every fun thing under the sun in BK, but also a list of awesome jobs that you can get to pay for said fun activities. It’s us. That’s what I’m getting at. Jobs for everybody! (more…)

06/02/15 4:40pm
brooklyn brewery

Can you make this man proud? via Facebook

So you consider yourself expert at selling stuff, the kind that would survive Glengarry Glen Ross, except you wouldn’t be in that movie because you don’t even struggle at it like those dudes. If you’ve got a passion for sales, and you’ve also got a passion for beers, we have the kind of jobs for you, because Brooklyn Brewery is hiring people in the sales department to come spread the gospel of Brooklyn’s beer (and take people’s money). (more…)

05/20/15 2:51pm
Watch out, I heard this lunatic put the last Account Coordinator in the hospital. Via Facebook

Watch out, I heard this lunatic put the last Account Coordinator in the hospital. Via Facebook

Hello Brooklynites, and sorry. I’m sorry that we live in such dangerous times, with rabid real-estate brokers pawing at our neighborhoods, a militarized police force clashing with the government, and, of course, bears. Now, there are many things you should be worrying about, but getting a job shouldn’t be one of them. I can attest first-hand that there are still jobs-a-plenty floating around New York City, and I can say this with the utmost authority since I have spent my week combing through job listing after job listing to find you some of the best possible chances at employment on the market. So, worry not Brooklyn, because your future career starts today! That is, if you’re not eaten by bears on the way to the interview. (more…)

05/15/15 11:23am
buzfeed quizzes

Which kind of BuzzFeed quiz do you write, the celebrity ones or the terrible high school memories ones?

BuzzFeed, it’s the website that’s eating the internet and it’s getting to the point where if want to work on the internet, you have two choices: get hired by BuzzFeed or have a mental breakdown because you didn’t get hired by BuzzFeed. In order to prevent that mental break, we have a job to share with you in BuzzFeed’s either most loved or loathed section depending on who’s doing the talking. Are you challenging and interesting and funny enough to write BuzzFeed quizzes for a living? We know we’re not, but maybe you are. (more…)

04/17/15 3:46pm
They made it look easy enough

They made it look easy enough

Sweet summer camp: the best way to spend vacation running around, making crafts, and forging friendships that would last well into September. At our age we’re way outside of the camp target demographic (we refuse to acknowledge adult summer camp). But if you are still a kid at heart and long for the fun of camp without leaving the city, consider working for the YMCA as a summer day camp counselor. They’re holding camp counselor job fairs all over the city tomorrow, April 18. (more…)

04/13/15 3:20pm
Your funny face here

Your funny face here

As you know, if you’re a regular reader of the site, we are often a clearinghouse of good jobs that other companies have to offer you. And that’s good, other companies are just fine. There comes a time though, when a humble website decides we want some of the talented folks applying for other peoples’ jobs, and that time is right now, today. Brokelyn is growing, so we’re hiring, and we want you to come (virtually) hang and help us get better. Brokelyn tattoo not required, but it’d be nice if you happened to have one. (more…)

03/30/15 7:41am
Sebastian, on location in France

Sebastian, on location in France

It’s not uncommon to have lofty dreams of becoming an actor or director at some point in your life, but what about the cinematographers? Sometimes you see them on late night shows when you catch a glimpse of the whole studio, but for the most part, the camera crew is overlooked. Where do these gadget geeks come from and when did they realize that sitting behind a lens was their calling? Williamsburg resident and Manhattan native Sebastian Slayter has worked on multiple projects ranging from Anchorman 2, to The Following to Saturday Night Live. Today, Sebastian tells us how he found out about the cinematographer scene and what a camera assistant’s typical day looks like. (more…)

03/16/15 9:14am
Charla Lauriston

Funny lady. Photo via Charla Lauriston

If you’ve spent any time the last two weekends binge watching Netflix’s newest smash, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you might be wondering who’s behind the scenes making the show so damn funny. Just in time to answer that question, we talked to Charla Lauriston about what it was like to be staff writer on the show’s first season, so there you go. You might know Lauriston from her Twitter account, from her very funny web series Clench and Release or just from seeing her do standup around Brooklyn. Today, she’s here on Brokelyn telling us what the life of a TV writer is like, how you could maybe do this and why you shouldn’t be a douchebag. (more…)