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This could be us but u playin.

Us: A Brooklyn-based website in love with finding ways to make life easier and more fun in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Likes include bar deals, hustler success stories, exploring Brooklyn and smart service journalism; we have a particular soft spot for hot scoops and smart takes (and we love a good joke). You: A sharp writer with good journalistic spider-sense and an ability to harness the Brokelyn state of mind; plus proven leadership skills and a strong writing voice that can match us punch for word punch.

Is this you? Then swipe right, because Brokelyn is hiring a full-time editor for the summer! (more…)

via flickr user EITico68

Ride, ride, ride that Coney. via flickr user EITico68

Ever wanted to run away to the circus when you were a kid? Here in New York, it’s only a train ride away. And you can actually get paid to do it.

Coney Island businesses are currently hiring for their summer season, and those include some of your favorite games, rides and restaurants on the People’s Playground: Luna Park needs game operators, Nathan’s Famous needs hot dog hawkers, Deno’s Wonder Wheel needs that joker who asks you if you want “swinging” or “non-swinging.” The list goes on, and there’s certainly something for everyone.

Picture it: you’ll get to spend your summer daze on one of the best beaches (personality dependent) in the borough, ride some rides for free, sun yourself on the beach during your breaks and listen to a pretty decent music lineup wafting over from Coney Island Amphitheater (a lineup we initially feared would just be terrible). Not to mention that given the current state of Brooklyn dating, the Coney Boardwalk might just be your best bet for finding this year’s summer fling.  (more…)

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The money isn't real, but the swagger is

The money isn’t real, but the swagger is.

Hey, you there. Sitting at your desk, pollinating the internet, wondering when people are going to listen to what you have to say. We’ve been listening, and we think you should join the Brokelyn team. Know of the coolest igloo rental steals this side of the East River? Got strong opinions about the fraudulent breakfast cereal empire or New Yorkers going soft? Want to smash the patriarchy with an infographic? We’d like to help you do it. We’re also looking for photographers to cover events and savvy Instagrammers to join our social media squad.

The perks of joining us here in Broketown include: great edits, chill vibes, lots of freebie swag, VIP status at some of the borough’s hottest shows and live events, a chance to hone your political journalism chops for a future field reporting gig with the Times or build up your humor clips for that sweet, sweet Onion internship you’re trying to land. Whatever your dream, Brokelyn can give you the boost you need to get there. And most importantly — in the words of editor emeritus and now happily cuffed Dave Colon — “Your byline can get you laid.” (more…)

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Quick tweet something about with that people will want to engage with

Quick tweet something about with that people will want to engage with

As the old saying we all know and love goes, “when it rains CBS opportunities, it pours CBS opportunities.” Not only is the corporation represented by an enormous all-seeing unblinking eye looking to expand their writers rooms’ diversity, they’re also looking for a social media whiz to climb aboard the good ship Colbert and become the show’s new social media producer. So step right up if you think you’ve got what it takes to tweet the most relatable, engaging and viral Colbert content out there. (more…)

02/24/16 3:25pm
NYC's first Alamo theater is finally opening in Downtown Brooklyn soon. Via Facebook.

NYC’s first Alamo theater is finally opening in Downtown Brooklyn soon. Via Facebook.

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the opening of a Downtown Brooklyn location of Alamo Drafthouse, Austin’s über hip bar and cinema, since they first started the buzz about it some four years ago. And while there’s been no official opening date announced, it’s clear that Alamo’s 445 Gold St. address is due to cut the ribbon any minute now, because they’re hiring for all sorts of managerial positions! (Hint: you should take one of them.) Alamo, for those not in the know, is a food-and-drink theater in the vein of Nitehawk or the new Syndicated theater in Bushwick. But it’s famous for holding elaborate events, including a screening of Jaws on a lake or showing Snowpiercer on a train. No word on what elaborate events they’ll bring got Brooklyn, but if you get one of these jobs, you can maybe pitch some ideas. (more…)

02/22/16 12:55pm
If there are no dogs in your office, bring the office to the dogs. Via Flickr.

If there are no dogs in your office, bring the office to the dogs. Via Flickr.

Dogs are the Paxil of the animal kingdom, little balls of anti depressants that brighten you up even in the darkest depths of winter. There’s real science behind why dogs are good for your mental health too: they can lower blood pressure, promote touch, give out unconditional love and remind you that no one is above sniffing a butt ever now and then. If you live in New York City, you’re surrounded by dogs, in your parks and apartment buildings and winding under your legs at certain bars, and that means the state of the local dog economy is strong. So if you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your job and working in the canine arts, now is your chance, because the city is litter-ly packed with dog jobs right now.  (more…)

02/17/16 6:07pm
Boardie jobs mean you'll never be board. Via NYC & Company.

Boardie jobs mean you’ll never be board. Via NYC & Company.

Want a back pocket-full of Wet Hot American Summer-ish stories to regale your friends with? Well, here’s your chance, gang. Replace Camp Firewood with the hot little ticket that is Coney Island, and you’ve got yourself a summer job à la Adventureland—minus the awkwardness that is Kristen Stewart’s and Jesse Eisenberg’s forced on-screen chemistry, and plus all the hot dogs.

Today and tomorrow, you can check out a huge job fair with more than 500 spots looking to be filled: candidates will be screened for positions as ride operators, game operators and more at Luna Park, Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, (run, don’t walk) Nathan’s Famous and El Dorado Auto Skooter. Living out your boardie dreams is always a good time, but this year, with the hot to trot amphitheater—a 5,000-seat concert, comedy, and “other” venue—opening in July, the good times will definitely be wild river flowin’. (more…)

01/29/16 11:37am
Don't let this pip-squeak take the job you deserve. Image via here and now

Don’t let this pip-squeak take the job you deserve. Image via here and now

Were you one of the grown adults who walked out of The LEGO Movie and imagined yourself becoming a master builder? Did you buy LEGOs, saying it was for your non-existent kids, but actually spent countless hours building spaceships, entire cities, or a LEGO recreation of being stuck in the L train during rush hour? Well, you no longer need to worry about juggling between your love of LEGOs and your need to be a productive member of society. LEGOLAND is hiring 20 “Master Model Builders” at its brand new  model-making facility, known as appropriately awesomely titled “Merlin’s Magic Making Hub,” at their headquarters near LEGOLAND in Lake Wales, Florida. (more…)

01/25/16 12:55pm
This person's saving up for their spring wardrobe. Image via Brooklyn Baby Social.

This person’s saving up for their spring wardrobe. Image via Brooklyn Baby Social.

If you survived the first blizzard of 2016, by not dying of alcohol poisoning or murdering the person you lived with because they just wanted to watch Narcos all weekend, congratulations! The work however, is not done. The city is still covered with snow that has filled up many stairways and street corners. And you can make some extra money helping them out.

The Sanitation Department needs people to help shovel the streets of the city we all pay too much to live in. Of course, no one wants to spend their entire day shoveling snow, seeing as it’s what a lot of us left the suburbs to avoid. Unlike your childhood home however, the city will pay you for the work, with actual cash, not “moral responsibility” or whatever shill your parents try to pull to avoid opening their wallets. Details below: (more…)

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citi bike

These bikes have a lot of data to share. Are you the one to read it all? Photo by Mary Dorn

It’s 2016 and you still have some job that you hate more than anything in the world. What are you doing just sticking with it like it’s a dead marriage you’re keeping together just for the kids? There’s a whole other world of jobs out there waiting to make an honest employed person out of you, jobs that will treat you with respect and love or at the very least not be full of screaming idiots you hate working with. Here’s a few we found for you, so go out and get one before someone else does. (more…)