02/20/17 12:00pm
Show your support for Moose Lambs with Usama Siddiquee (#2)

Show your support for Moose Lambs with Usama Siddiquee (#2)

Stay informed about fundraisers and other anti-Trump events across NYC in our weekly activism roundup here.

1. It’s President’s Day, so celebrate the end of this country as we know it at U.S.O.ver, a “depraved evening” of songs, dance, and shtick with Amy Aniobi, Stephen Balliet, Nikita Chaudhry, Sam Corbin, and many more. (Monday, Jack, $15)

2. Or support one of the groups most under attack at the moment at Ban This: Moose Lambs Unlimited, a night of the “loudest, brownest comics,” including Aparna Nancherla, Mamoudou N’Diaye, Usama Siddiquee, Nasser Khan, and Eman El-Husseini. (Monday, Union Hall, $8)

3. Have a morbid evening at New York: City of the Dead, a look at the evolution of cemeteries in this city, their place in its history, and some of the “secret” ones hidden all around us. (Tuesday, Brooklyn Brainery, $10) (more…)

02/13/17 10:40am
This week in anti-Trump activism in NYC: Resisting President Agent Orange

(Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn)

Busta Rhymes called Donald Trump “President Agent Orange” on stage last night at the Grammys before reminding us to #resist, and do you really want to go against what he has to say? Without further ado, here are 40+ ways to get informed, get organized, and get involved this week–with a few parties thrown in for good measure. (more…)

03/28/13 8:18am
So, you coming, or what?

So, you coming, or what?

1. Arts group nuMad has a bunch of their work to show off, and they’re so excited about it that they’re having a party (Friday)

2. Rock and roll wild men Wild Yaks help rock a packed bill at Living Bread (Friday)

3. See the dead baseball legends buried at Green-Wood Cemetery. Hopefully while you’re there Hell doesn’t run out of room and the dead start walking the Earth (Saturday) (more…)

02/07/13 10:25am
JACK lights the way toward highbrow culture in Brooklyn. via Facebook

JACK lights the way toward highbrow culture in Brooklyn. via Facebook

More and more, the kind of live theater that might signal the endurance of the form is being developed, made in and exported out of Brooklyn.  As with so many other such endeavors, cheaper rent is the carrot, but theater professionals here constantly note the satisfying sense of community surrounding their projects, as opposed to in hype-beaten Manhattan. Brooklyn has a wide range of theatre companies, operating all around the borough. One company is trying to renovate the old Slave Theater, launching pad for such personalities as the Reverend Al Sharpton. Another space has been located in deep Bushwick since before the neighborhood was even a twinkle in an art-grad’s eye. (more…)