04/07/14 9:44am
It's gonna be great, so be there!

It’s gonna be great, so be there!

1. Get a brief bit of power by judging other people’s short films at Passenger Bar’s Monday Movie Night short film competition (Monday)

2. Get your monthly requirement of dizzying wordplay made up on the spot at Freestyle Mondays at Spike Hill (Monday)

3. Comedy show Apocalypse Wow is going through their own spring rebirth, but unlike your frustrating search for an apartment, theirs involves a set by Inside Amy Schumer head writer Jessi Klein (Monday) (more…)

02/21/14 4:12pm
desert island

Ain’t no party like a comic shop party cause a comic shop party’s got nerds. Sexy nerds. via Facebook

Ho hum, we’re facing yet another winter Friday, where even though it’s the end of the week and it’s time to party, we’d rather just stay home and huff our giant bottle of rubber cement, because the weather has beaten us down. Williamsburg’s Desert Island Comics (540 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg) has a better idea than huffing industrial chemicals though: Come on down to the store to celebrate their sixth birthday and drink free beer. (more…)

06/18/13 8:24am
It's time to drum!

It’s time to drum!

Like we’ve said before, we’re huge fans of Andrew WK, even if our coverage of him has usually been skeptical. But, he loves to party, we love to party, our interests pretty much fall in line. And his newest stunt, sitting outside in Times Square and drumming for a full 24 hours starting tomorrow, is something we can definitely get behind. (more…)

06/12/13 10:23am
Falling rent calls for a celebration

Falling rent calls for a celebration

Usually, news about rent in Brooklyn is bad. You have to pay it, for starters. Also, your landlord could be holding out on the fact that you live in a rent-controlledstabilized building. It feels like everything is arrayed against you, but there is some good news: turns out that rents in Brooklyn are going down for the second straight month. Yeahhhh buddy! (more…)

How hard do you (pretend) rock. via Facebook

How hard do you (pretend) rock. via Facebook

Are you an awesome guitar player? Sometimes even compared to Yngwie Malmsteen or Sebastian Bach? Well you can sit and spin buddy, because US Air Guitar Championships ain’t for you. They’re for people with imagination. With so much stage presence you believe they’re really rocking a great riff. Now if that’s you, or something you’d enjoy, we’ve got good news for you: a likeminded crowd is gathering at Greenpoint’s St. Vitus tonight for the US Air Guitar Championship Brooklyn Qualifier! (more…)

Get to work like this today? Well then we've got a party for you! via Facebook

Get to work like this today? Well then we’ve got a party for you! via Facebook

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to party anyway. But it also happens to be Bike to Work day, and if you’re sitting in your office a sweaty mess, the odds are pretty good that you celebrated appropriately. Or, you really gotta get in shape, dawg. But, if you did bike to work today, you get a reward other than just the satisfaction of doing the right thing: tonight in DUMBO, Transportation Alternatives is having a FREE Bike Home from Work Party! (more…)

05/14/13 2:05pm
Just a normal Sunday afternoon at a pizza place

Just a normal Sunday afternoon at a pizza place

Despite the fact that the mercury is barely getting above 70 with any regularity, summer is coming, we swear. We think. And once it gets here, you’re going to want to spend it dancing with people who are as drunk and naked as you are, which is why you go to Tiki Disco at Roberta’s. The schedule dropped, and the big news is that they’ve added a third location to host the parties, the Knockdown Center, which is just across the border in Queens. So don’t forget your passport. (more…)

03/15/13 1:00pm
via Maksim Killa

Can’t stop (the party), won’t stop (the party) via Maksim Killa

People of the McKibbin Lofts! We think it’s a bummer that your management company is trying to make your building more civilized. This is Bushwick, not the goddamn Upper West Side. But we know that no one who lives there was actually happy about that ridiculous flyer announcing the ridiculous new building policy, right? So because everyone at Brokelyn loves a party, we’ve got a deal for you: tweet your best McKibbin party pictures to us @Brokelyn and whoever takes the picture we like the most wins not one, but TWO cases of beer. Can you dig it?  (more…)

12/26/12 3:28pm
Say "HELLO" to the new year with Mr. Murray Hill at the Knitting Factory

Say “HELLO” to the new year with Mr. Murray Hill at the Knitting Factory

New Year’s Eve is the best holiday. It just is. It’s a night of no inhibitions, one where you’re as likely to wake up in the middle of making out with someone as you are to find yourself puking. Forget those friends of yours who grouse about it being amateur hour and a haven for people who can’t handle their liquor. If you’re the sort of person who’s always the drunkest one at the party, it’s the night where everyone gets dragged down to your level and you subsequently look great. Not only that, but it’s a night full of optimism and the belief that things will be better over the next 365 days, despite zero evidence to back it up. If you’re still looking for somewhere to get that midnight smooch and sing Auld Lang Syne, we’ve got your back. (more…)

Who's got two thumbs and is ready to party with bloggers? via the Brooklyn Chem

The scene at last year’s party. Who’s got two thumbs and is ready to party with bloggers? via the Brooklyn Chem

So it’s bright and shiny outside when it isn’t gray and rainy. It’s still really close to Christmas, even if the weather thinks we’re in the middle of spring in Scotland. And there’s nothing better about Christmas than the parties. One of which is being held by ourselves and our bloggers-in-arms, Fucked in Park Slope, the skint and Brooklyn Based, Thursday at 7:30 at Littlefield. Oh, did you think I was gonna say the gifts are the best part of Christmas? Yeah, I’m Jewish, so I wouldn’t know. (more…)