03/29/12 1:07pm

Sergei's sound massage in action. Would this be considered infidelity?

I’ve only paid for a few massages in my life, but I know how they work. Walk into a softly-lit room, drop trow and wait on a cushioned table for a quiet healer’s oiled hands to pull back the sheet and hit play on a Pure Moods cassette. Then again, this is Brooklyn. A place where cartoonists will sharpen your pencils, the arteesenal way. And a massage can be a “massage performance” using sound waves instead of oiled-up palms.

This weekend at Issue Project Room downtown, Brooklyn-based electronic musician Sergei Tcherepnin is hooking up volunteers to his synthesizers via “magnetic transducers (like a speaker without a cone)” For a half hour, he’ll pump his music into your bod, and rather than hearing it, you will feel a “six-channel electronic composition.” All I really know is that it sounds cool, and I’m SIGNING UP.

It’s free, but they’re asking a suggested donation of $10. Get all the details, including RSVP info, on our Brooklyn events calendar.


01/23/12 7:04am
Prospect Park pine needles

Pine needles or sap en brochette? Prospect Park photo by Karen Orlando, of the Outside Now blog.

The feast-happy foodies over at Issue Project Room tell are sponsoring a free (multi-course!) meal on Feb. 4, featuring foraged and gleaned local plants and animals. We’re not exactly sure what sort of vegetation to expect in the dead of February when even the feral cats are on the DL, so we’ll let hand it over to them:

Interested in eating a foraged meal but don’t have the time/mycological certification/emergency care insurance to forage yourself? Join Spurse at Issue Project Room on 2/4 for a mid-winter multi-course feast comprised of foraged and gleaned local plants and animals in UNIQUE preparations (think novelty, not decompo-stronomy). (more…)

12/06/10 12:08pm
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Body Language, Monday at BK Bowl

Hungry? Make some totally non-sexually-suggestive metaphorical sandwiches with Body Language tonight at Brooklyn Bowl. Or go folk yourself with some classical guitar melodies and ambient keyboards at the Issue Project Room on the Gowanus waterfront. Stroke your bagpipe urge with the caterwauling Celtic/South East Asian ensemble group that is Blarvuster. Or finish off your week with The Ravages at Hank’s Saloon. As always, free to $5. (more…)