03/23/17 10:35am
Drag yourself out for a ruff night with Ruby Roo (#1) (pic by Natalie Molina)

Drag yourself out for a ruff night with Ruby Roo (#1) (pic by Natalie Molina)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Fancy yourself up for Drag Me Out to Lot 45 to watch the season 9 premier of RuPaul’s Drag Race, plus a Quick Drag competition, trivia, giveaways, and performances from Ruby Roo, Shiny Penny, Hannah Lou, and more. (Friday, Lot 45, $5)

2. Warm up at No Enemies to the Left: It’s Getting Hot in Here, a music and comedy fundraiser for the Union of Concerned Scientists to combat climate change. (Friday, Brooklyn Bazaar, $20)

3. Listen to some lovely tales at the Ladies Night Storytelling Show, hosted by Shelby Thompson — pink jackets not required. (Friday, Big Irv’s, FREE) (more…)

06/13/13 9:05am
No need for violence, the movie's free. via Facebook

No need for violence, the movie’s free. via Facebook

1. Check out a play at the Irondale Ensemble in which the author claims that everything in life he needs to know he learned from zombies. Hopefully not full of diet tips (Friday)

2. Or watch some animated shorts at Videology and drink $3 Sixpoint beers. Don’t worry, it’s normal to see pink cartoon elephants in this case (Friday)

3. Use our badgeless Northside guide to get all the free music you can shake a stick at. And then put down the stick, it’s disconcerting (Friday – Sunday) (more…)

04/08/13 8:00am
You're Sly, the breaded guy is the week ahead. Conquer that shit

You’re Sly, the bearded guy is the week ahead. Conquer that shit

1. The Bushwick Open Studios Mixer is both a fun way to meet people in the arts and a required event to attend if you want to be a part of BOS 2013. So, work and play we guess (Monday)

2. Interested in exploring the world of improv comedy but don’t wanna, y’know, pay for it? Lucky for you the Irondale Ensemble Project is hosting a free class, huh? (Monday)

3. So, “dancing + exercise” is a thing again. Or has it always been a thing and we just weren’t paying attention? Well, either way, LaunchPad is hosting a class (Monday) (more…)

It’s hard to believe that Brooklyn hasn’t always been the blogging, handmade, farm-to-table, indie-band-loving, summer-outdoor-movie-watching fairytale land that it is today. Fact is Kings County had the highest proportion of slaveholders and slaves in the North, thus ranking Brooklyn high on the moral hypocrisy scale. Yet despite the borough’s unconscionable participation in the institution of slavery, Brooklyn was also home to some of America’s most influential abolitionists.

Drawing upon historical documents from the Brooklyn Historical Society and Weeksville Heritage Center, the Irondale Ensemble is presenting “Color Between the Lines,” a musical that explores our great borough’s ideologically compromised past through a range of both real and fictional characters who fought tirelessly to end slavery. According to Irondale their musical is “the borough’s first public history project to explore the abolitionist movement in Brooklyn.”  (more…)