03/06/17 1:15pm
Ask her!

Ask her! Photo by Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

It’s finally here, y’all: the women’s strike. And while the strike is intended to show just how much work women do, and is ultimately one of the biggest shows of force this week, that doesn’t mean every woman has the ability or resources to take a day off work. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to take action against Trump before, after, and during this Wednesday. Without further ado, here they are: (more…)

02/27/17 11:16am
Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

We’re officially more than a month into Donald Trump’s presidency, and though there have definitely been plenty of challenges (terrible cabinet nominees, an uptick in deportations, an increase hate crimes across the country, you name it), the resistance continues, from small community meetings to (some of) the speeches at the Oscars.  This week offers plenty of opportunities to get involved and march forth. (more…)

02/06/17 10:59am
This week in anti-Trump activism in NYC: Know your rights (and party for them too)

Cher gets it; Trump does not. Photo by Gaby Del Valle/Brokelyn.

If Trump’s electoral win and the Patriots’ somehow Super Bowl victory can teach us anything, it’s that sometimes the bad guys come out on top–but only temporarily. Two weeks have passed since the inauguration, but the constant barrage of covertly racist executive orders, extrajudicial decisions and bad tweets means the #resistance is alive and well. Here’s our latest roundup of anti-Trump events and rallies happening this week—plus plenty of parties, fundraisers, and other opportunities to let off some steam. We’ll keep updating as more come in. (more…)

01/12/17 10:31am
Get on down with Soul Science Lab (#4) (pic by Sindayiganza)

Get on down with Soul Science Lab (#5) (pic by Sindayiganza)

1. Dork out at the Nerd Nite, with lectures on mind-reading, the science of hangovers, and the history of music videos. Come early for trivia before the presentations. (Friday, Littlefield, $10)

2. See some northerly artistry at BarnFest 2017, a showcase of works developed at the Barn Arts Collective in Maine, with 20+ performances throughout the weekend. (Friday through Sunday, Cloud City, $12)

3. Listen to literature in many languages at Us & Them, a writer/translator reading series featuring Bonnie Chau, Elisa Wouk Almino, Jeremy Tiang, and Virginia Konchan. (Friday, Molasses Books, FREE)

4. Hear from smart and funny folks at Pulitzer Surprises, with a slew of comedians including Hasan Minhaj, Eliza Cossio, and Caroline Schaper, plus actual Pulitzer Prize-winner Amy Harmon. (Friday, Union Hall, $6) (more…)

11/10/16 9:08am
Watch Maiko Kikuchi's wild and weird puppetry (#2) (pic by Richard Termine)

Watch Maiko Kikuchi’s wild and weird puppetry (#2) (pic by Richard Termine)

[Ed note: Although this roundup is written as if this is a normal weekend, it’s clearly not. We are all still in shock, and if you’re looking for places to go and things to do to work on that, we got you. But if you’re ready for regular fun, here’s our 20 funky and fascinating things to keep you going.]

1. Celebrate our borough’s bounty at BHS Free Friday: Harvest, with pie tastings, a cranberry sauce demonstration, a Brooklyn landscape drink-n-draw, artist-led tours of exhibitions, and more. (Friday, Brooklyn Historical Society, FREE)

2. Stretch your ideas of performance at the In Flux Festival with five weekends of puppetry, dance, theater, poetry, and live music, beginning tonight with a piece by Maiko Kikuchi and Sachiyo Takahashi. (Friday & Saturday, FiveMyles, FREE)

3. Take a journey to Bad Neighbor Theater’s The Little Prince, a modern-day retelling of Saint-Exupéry’s classic set here in New York City. (Friday, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, $10)

4. Imbibe some history at Drinking with the Devil, an exploration of the uses of wine in witchcraft through the lenses of alchemy, ritual, and science — followed by a wine tasting, of course. (Friday, Catland, $12) (more…)

11/03/16 12:54pm
Get your rave on with Roisin Murphy (#5) (pic by Nicole Nodland)

Get your rave on with Róisín Murphy (#4) (pic by Nicole Nodland)

1. Find something to hang on your walls at Prints Gone Wild, where Cannonball Press have assembled a smorgasbord of posters all for $50 or less. (Friday, Littlefield, FREE)

2. Stuff your face at Brooklyn Kitchen’s 10th Birthday Weekend, featuring demos, workshops, giveaways, contests, booze, and more foodie festivities. (Friday through Sunday, Brooklyn Kitchen, FREE)

3. Try to find the humor at Playing Politics: Dirges for Democracy, where classical musicians take on the election, including an operatic performance of Trump tweets. (Friday, City Reliquary, $15)

4. Rave it out at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, with highlights including Kerri Chandler, Benji B, The Black Madonna, Honey Dijon, and Róisín Murphy. (Friday through Sunday, varies) (more…)

03/31/16 2:00pm
Noah Levine will magic up your April Fool's Day (#2)

Noah Levine will magic up your April Fool’s Day (#2)

1. Start drinking early at Mission Dolores’ sixth anniversary, which starts at noon and goes all night long, featuring a whole bunch of fancy bottles and drafts. (Friday, Mission Dolores, FREE)

2. Don’t get tricked at Brooklyn Historical Society’s Free Friday: April Fools Edition, with magician Noah Levine, Coney Island sideshow stories, and Brooklyn Bridge hoax trivia. (Friday, Brooklyn Historical Society, FREE)

3. If you’re a fashionista who likes to laugh, check out Comedy Fashion Variety Mashup Show, where comedians and character performers tell stories inspired by onesies — while wearing onesies. (Friday, Jill Lindsey Clothing Store, FREE) (more…)

01/18/16 9:56am
Fall hard for "Rise & Fall" (#10) (pic by Caitlin Shea)

Fall hard for “Rise & Fall” (#10) (pic by Caitlin Shea)

1. Celebrate the life of the great Martin Luther King, Jr. at BAM’s annual MLK Tribute Day, which will include an art exhibition, a talk by author Michael Eric Dyson, music from the Brooklyn Interdenominational Choir and The Voice finalist Kimberly Nichole, and a screening of The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution. (Monday, BAM, FREE)

2. Ring in the Year of the Monkey at Roulette’s Japanese New Year Festival, featuring wonders like a Kendama Battle and a giant calligraphy performance, plus music, art, games, dancing and more. (Monday, Roulette in Boerum Hill, $10)

3. If you missed last week’s fantastic immersive screening of Labyrinth, you’re in luck: House of Yes is doing it again, this time showing The Man Who Fell to Earth on their huge screen, followed by a glam dance party. (Tuesday, House of Yes in Bushwick $5) (more…)

09/02/15 9:37am
It was funny was Elvis did it, it's still funny today

It was funny was Elvis did it, it’s still funny today

Welcome to Wednesday, the fulcrum of your week. If you’ve been having a bad one, here’s your chance to really turn things around and make it a good week. If you’ve been having a good week, this is where you could slip up and start doing the wrong thing and all of a sudden it’s a bad week. Either way, these things to do as found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar will make sure that you salvage your week or keep it going well. (more…)

08/19/15 9:34am
Take a flying leap at the day

Take a flying leap at the day

Hey wow, it’s Wednesday already, where did the week go? Down the same hole you always seem to lose time down I suppose. Still, you’re halfway to the weekend, which is such good news you should be singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” or something. Maybe not that, maybe just go out and do one of these fun things pulled off the Brokelyn Event Calendar. Less weird than just singing out loud to yourself. (more…)