01/04/17 1:00pm
Just do us a favor and don't use Kelvin. via Royal Caribbean IG

Just do us a favor and don’t use Kelvin. via Royal Caribbean IG

Juno what you should do this summer if you’re tired of being Walden at work and you don’t Hefe solid plan for the summer? In case it wasn’t clear from the puns, we think you Mayfair well in this Instagram-related gig.

The Royal Caribbean cruise line is calling all filter-savvy individuals with an eye for adventure to Rise (still going) to the occasion of a summer Instagram internship that offers free summer cruising in exchange for documenting your experiences as a brand ambassador for Royal Caribbean. No, it’s not a Lark. It’s real! And while it sucks that nothing good comes without #brand affiliations these days, if it means free world travel then we’re happy to get our Brandon. (more…)