01/05/17 10:55am
Rock the f*ck out with Th

Rock the f*ck out with There Are Four Lights (#2) (pic by Sarah Wilmer)

1. Increase your literary stock for the cold winter ahead at the BYO Book Swap Party, which also features a discussion on diversity in literature and a raffle of self-published works by local woman of color. (Friday, New Women Space, $5 + a book)

2. Start pining for summer at the Punk Island Winter Benefit, with Deadname, MALLRAT, Trashy, Ex. by V., and There Are Four Lights. (Friday, Hank’s Saloon, $10)

3. Rock hard with some tireless musicians at NYC’s Hardest Working Bands of 2016 Live, based on Oh My Rockness’s calculations of who played the most shows last year. (Friday, Baby’s All Right, $10)

4. Creep yourself out at the monthly horror series Fright Fridays, tonight screening The Eyes of My Mother, which combines “an especially bloody strain of slasher pic” with “high-art sensibilities.” (Friday, Videology, $10) (more…)

09/14/15 10:38am
The Big Bupkis

It may be a whole lotta nothing but we never miss a Yiddish bullfight. (No. 7)

1. It’s the most literary time of the year: the Brooklyn Book Festival approaches! The fest itself isn’t until Sunday, but there’s a whole week of “bookend” events leading up to it, and tonight is the official Bookend Kickoff Party, co-presented by an amazing roster of lit luminaries: Catapult, Electric Literature, Literary Hub, PEN American Center, and Tumblr. (Monday, FREE)

2. Calling all Virgos—Sycamore Bar is having a party just for you (well, and everyone else too), with tarot readings, flower crowns, drink specials, and dancing all night long. (Monday, FREE)

3. You don’t need a car for the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club’s Drive-In Movie Night, a double-feature of Nefertitty in Space and Barabarella, with witty commentary by Lola RocknRolla, World Famous BOB, and Bastard Keith. (Tuesday, $7) (more…)

11/05/13 2:40pm
improv everywhere jurassic park

Just a totally normal day at Prospect Park. via Improv Everywhere

Man, Prospect Park has had a hell of a year. GoogaMooga, Tropfest, the president landing a helicopter there. And on some recent sunny day, allegedly a dinosaur was there. Or we guess, there really was one, but it was a fake dinosaur that moved around and roared and chased people, because Improv Everywhere decided they wanted to make Prospect Park into Jurassic Park. (more…)

01/09/13 10:24am
Ho hum, another boring-ass commute. via Flickr user Ennuipoet

Ho hum, another boring-ass commute. via Flickr user Ennuipoet

Things you can see on the subway every day include kids selling candy, people clipping their toenails, people listening to music WAY too loud on headphones and dead-eyed commuters just wishing the day would end. Things you can only see one day a year on the subway: a thousand people riding the subway in their underwear. So be sure you’re aware of the fact that this Sunday, that’s exactly what you’re going to see, when Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride returns to the city. (more…)

08/04/11 7:35am

Yes, you too can be a dirty festival-goer without paying out the... donkey.

I was psyched for Escape to New York, a three-day festival on Long Island, put on by Winkel and Balktick and the UK’s Secret Garden … until I saw the price. The $150 ticket is more than I have for a weekend, and even a conglomeration of some of our finest artists and party-makers (like Shanghai MermaidImprov Everywhere and Hank and Cupcakes) couldn’t convince me to pay.

Enter WorkExchangeTeam. They arrange volunteers for a bunch of festivals — like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Dave Matthews’ Band Caravan on Governers Island later this month. You fill out the application and commit to 15-18 hours’ work. They give you a ticket and free camping. Oh, and a T-shirt (beats an old Applebee’s work shirt). (more…)