04/01/14 3:48pm
c train

Well, so much for our attempts to make you love this train. via Flickr user Mike Knell

We’ll say this much for Hurricane Sandy: it’s like the houseguest who not only is a terrible guest, but one who leaves terrible messes that you only find months, maybe even years later hidden around your apartment. For instance, even though the repairs on the R train‘s Montague tunnel are going well, the MTA dropped the bomb today that later this year tunnels connecting the A, C and F trains to Manhattan would be shut down on weekends. This will not help our pro-C train propaganda push, will it? (more…)

istanbul restaurant sheepshead bay

Hicri Atas, the son of the Istanbul Restaurant’s owner, with their newly renovated dining room. Photo by Anna Jacobson

In the days after Sandy, we visited two businesses in Sheepshead Bay. Now, we revisit them to see how the year has treated them. 

On October 29, 2012, Hicri Atas left his Turkish Republic Day celebration early. He wanted to cross the bridge back from Manhattan before the city shut it down. Getting into his car just before 7pm, it took him hours to make it home – going over the Queensboro amidst flying cones and taking several highways before arriving at his house in Sheepshead Bay. When the storm calmed at 2:30am, he immediately rushed to Istanbul Restaurant, which his father has been running on Emmons Avenue for over 17 years.

The water was up to his chest and everything in the restaurant had been thrown around – even the refrigerator in the back had been flipped by the flooding. Some elements, like the bar, had disappeared entirely. (more…)

10/30/13 10:24am
sandy brooklyn

Do a little more reflecting tonight. via Instagram user dkellner76

In the year since Sandy, most New Yorkers have been able to move on with their lives and leave Sandy behind. For them, the Frankenstorm is a topic that comes up every once in awhile but for the most part goes forgotten. But what about those who are dealing with the damage and ramifications of Sandy on a day to day basis? The Brooklyn Historical Society in conjunction with the Brooklyn Community Foundation is giving them a chance to share their daily ordeal by hosting the free event Sandy, One Year Later: Sharing and Preserving Brooklyn’s Stories. (more…)

10/29/13 8:37am
Sandy Red hook

Sandy came to Red Hook and made a hell of a mess. Photo by Craig Warga, via New York Daily News

A year after Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast, many areas of New York and New Jersey are still struggling to rebuild. Many homeowners have been left to stop mid-renovation or to put off any efforts to rebuild due to insurance checks that have yet to arrive and FEMA assistance that was promised but never granted. Because of this, there are still plenty of programs in the New York area assisting families and neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Sandy, all of which are seeking volunteers. Here are some programs nearby that will help you rake in some good karma and bring New York back to its feet. (more…)

10/25/13 12:19pm
"That's 'R' as in 'free.'" Does that work? via Flickr user The All-Nite Images

“That’s ‘R’ as in ‘free.’” Does that work? via Flickr user The All-Nite Images

New York is is getting ready to remember one year since Sandy came and fucked up all our shit. If you’re thinking of going to one of those candlelight vigils, we suggest a Coney Island or Sheepshead Bay one, because that way you can ride the R train there for free. Seriously, check out this tweet from the MTA.

Either this is actual charity or some MTA official had a brain aneurysm and these are the words that came out on their Twitter account. However this happened, hey, free train rides!

10/23/13 9:18am
Shine a light. via Flickr user Stanley Fong

Shine a light. via Flickr user Stanley Fong

Next week is the first anniversary of Sandy making landfall and wreaking havoc on New York City. As people look back, there’s going to be a lot of noise, which is nice since there’s still work to be done rebuilding. But a moment of quiet could be nice to, and to that end, some Brooklynites have organized a number of candlelight vigils to be held in waterfront neighborhoods on October 29. (more…)

10/18/13 12:59pm
Expensive storm, free book. Via Concord Free Press.

Expensive storm, free book. Via Concord Free Press.

Hard to think it’s been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy walloped the coastline — after all, some of its most victimized businesses have only squeaked back to life in the past month or so. Even if you spent the summer looking at the damage in the Rockaways while on your way to the beach, the real images of how awful that storm really was are important to remember. Over at the New York Times, our friend Julie Turkewitz writes about The Rockaways, a new photo book from photographer Gilles Peress showing the devastation in Breezy Point and the surrounding areas. And you can get it for free starting today at PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo. (more…)

08/19/13 2:37pm
Here is a place you can drink again (via flickr user waywuiwei)

Here is a place you can drink again (via flickr user waywuiwei)

No one ever said owning a bar in Brooklyn was easy. You’ve got people stealing your life preservers and urinal ornaments, lousy kids with their fake IDs and also hurricanes. Fortunately for all of us, legendary Red Hook bar Sunny’s has conquered that last one and will be reopening later this month after two successful crowdfunding attempts. Hooray for the providers of alcohol! (more…)

08/16/13 2:44pm
We're not about subtlety here, and we're not about backing down from any stupid storm either.

We’re not about subtlety here, and we’re not about backing down from any stupid storm either.

For six years now, the Red Hook Film and Video Festival has been doing the work of bringing international talent to Brooklyn to showcase their stuff. Often the festival has a loose Brooklyn theme. This year will different: they’re pulling together a tighter theme, “The Wake of Hurricane Sandy,” which is, of course also exactly what it sounds like. They’re also asking for submissions right now, so if you’ve produced a film, video, animation, video artwork, or commercial product in the last two years, now is the time to let it shine. (more…)

07/23/13 3:22pm
They could probably use a couple grand

They could probably use a couple grand

So, despite kinda lame videos declaring that everyone’s over Sandy hooray! we all know that places are still suffering and could use some help. Do you have an awesome idea to help that could just use a little cash to implement? Are you Occupy Sandy? The Citizens Committee for New York City wants to give you a $2000 grant to get your idea off the ground. (more…)