08/20/12 7:00am

Jon Hamm in an apple suit, among the surprises at Brooklyn’s free comedy shows. Photo via David Andrako.

If you’re like me you probably don’t have a job that provides healthcare, and since Obamacare has yet to actually take effect, the only sensible way to treat illness is with the medicinal powers of laughter. This huge roundup includes regular, hilarious Brooklyn (and a few Manhattan) comedy shows that provide hilarity for free, or at least on the cheap.

The shows featured here are distinctly not your average hit-or-miss, audience-heckling standup acts (partly because I can’t bring myself to sit through that stuff long enough to review it). Even as Brooklyn’s comedy scene has gotten larger and better, churning out the Kristen Schaals and other future stars of the world, the best comedy has remained budget-friendly. These are the kind of shows where you can see big names as well as the best up-and coming entertainment in the New York scene without having to break the bank. To paraphrase a Hannibal Burress quote, comedy shouldn’t be a luxury. It’s a necessity. (more…)

08/10/12 12:09pm

The road to comedy success for Kurt Braunohler was paved with $2 tips, stoned baking (actual baking) and a whole lot of fibbing. Kurt cops to a long history of lying to get jobs; he once inflated his job history to say he worked for Oprah, even getting his uncle to pose as a fake reference from the gig (it worked, by the way).

You may know the South Sloper from  Hot Tub, the weekly show he co-hosted at Littlefield with Kristen Schaal (or maybe from our No Office Holiday Party last year.) Or possibly from his hilarious faux-game show, Bunk on IFC, which has its first season finale tonight. That came after years of working as a “classic awful IT guy” in the city and a stint at a stoner bakery in Park Slope. He took a crappy job to make sure he stayed hungry for comedy, put together his own variety show just to keep active, and pioneered a Park Slope greeting card trolling scheme. Kurt tells Brokelyn how he made a successful comedy career, with bonus tips on how you can do it yourself! (more…)

07/17/12 12:30pm

Schaal behind the scenes at Littlefield. Photo via Flickr’s Marianne Ways.

We interrupt our regular brokecasting to bring you some sad news: Kristen Schaal, pillar of the local cheap comedy scene, 30 Rock regular and renowned horse, is leaving New York! Her comedian co-host Kurt Braunohler announced at last night’s Hot Tub comedy show at Littlefield that the rapidly rising star is moving to LA to become a Big Deal in Entertainment and Leave The Little People Behind, or whatever. She only has two more Hot Tub shows left, but Braunohler said the July 31 one is already sold out so your last chance to see her before she’s encrusted in Hollywood gold is July 24 at Littlefield. (more…)