01/12/17 1:03pm
Invoicers get a voice: Gov. Cuomo is proposing a way to make life easier for freelancers in New York

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We know that freelancers are considered by many to be a pretty low rung of the job market, one that didn’t even warrant any attention during the recent 14-year long presidential campaign. But the workforce is growing, with 55 million people working as freelancers last year alone, making up 35 percent of the workforce. It’s only going to get bigger as people turn away from traditional office jobs in favor of making up their own patchwork careers.

We’re all going to have it a lot tougher in the coming year if Trump and his Cobra command squadron kill Obamacare and replace it with, who knows what, maybe just telling you to rub some dirt in it and get back out there. But there may be some good news on the horizon, at least in New York state. As part of his State of the State speech being delivered at several locations this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing a “Portable Benefit Task Force” that will be charged with recommending some creative ways for freelance workers and others get access to affordable benefits.

“New York City specifically has been named the ‘freelancer capital of the world’ because it is home to 1.3 million self-identified freelancers,” Cuomo said in the speech, which you can read here. “Many of these workers lack the core protections and benefits provided for in the traditional labor market, and the existing system for supporting workers is outdated.” (more…)

06/18/15 9:40am
We can't guarantee anyone will quit with you, so take these tips instead.

We can’t guarantee anyone will quit with you, so take these tips instead.

Hate your boss and dream of ditching your corporate job to freelance, consult or start your own business? You’re not alone. One in five millennials plans to quit their day job and take the plunge, according to a survey of Gen Yers. But it’s not as glamorous it sounds. If you think you’ll be spending your days drinking lattes in coffee bars hanging out with the cool freelance crowd, you might be in for a shock. Tossing aside the financial safety net of Corporate America can be truly rewarding, but it can also be seriously scary, like a first time aerialist perched on a pedestal hoping to catch the fly bar.

In your next act, you need to be prepared to deal with an unsteady paycheck even though you have mammoth monthly student loans to cover and ever-rising rent. Oh, and you will be losing tech support and use of the company’s color printer so you may have to spend some big bucks getting set up. More and more of us are becoming professional stuntmen, however, and surviving the high wire act of earning a solo income you can actually survive on in the circus that is Brooklyn can be done if you organize your finances so you don’t get hurt. Here are 5 things you need to know before you quit your 9-5. (more…)

12/15/14 3:14pm
Don't stay sick as a dog

Don’t stay sick as a dog

No matter how many DIY medical procedures you have saved on Pinterest, you are not a doctor. Just as disappointing, your X-Acto knife and a bottle of gin won’t get you very far if you need to see one. You need insurance. If you’ve been meaning to get around to it but still haven’t, you’re in luck: Crain’s New York reports the New York Department of Heath has extended the deadline to pick a health plan to December 20. (more…)

01/17/14 11:37am

Figuring out Obamacare can be confusing, but it’s especially important to understand if you’re an artist and don’t have health insurance. Greenpointers found a video made by the the CUE Art Foundation, explaining the Affordable Care Act and walking through the options it offers. If you still don’t have insurance, get on that and watch this video. Your herbal teas haven’t been working, your cough is keeping your roommates up, you need to see a doctor.


10/01/13 12:22pm
A catastrophic plan might sound good because it's cheap, but...

A plan on the catastrophic tier might sound good because it’s cheap, but…

We might not have a functioning government today (or the last six years, really), but one thing we do have today are healthcare exchanges. Yes, despite the best efforts of secret Canadian mole Ted Cruz, the exchanges have gone live this morning. And like one million people trying to get tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel at BAM, things are moving a little slowly and are being spurred along by a healthy use of the “refresh” button as we all see what kind of tex credits we get for plans, and how much insurance will cost after that. So, it’s a good thing we’re here to let you know what you can expect from the tiers you can choose from, huh? That way you can sign up quicker and get out of people’s way. Teamwork! (more…)

09/26/13 9:00am
You can wear whatever ridiculous shit you want if it means I can go to the dentist finally. via Students for Obama

You can wear whatever ridiculous shit you want if it means I can finally go to the dentist. via Students for Barack Obama

It’s felt like a whole lifetime has come and gone since the law actually passed, but finally, finally, the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchanges are going to be opening on October 1. What does this big government takeover of healthcare government assistance in the private healthcare market mean for you? Well, thanks to New York State actually having their shit together and ready to roll on Tuesday, they’re giving out a preview of the size of the subsidy you qualify for, based on your income. (more…)

07/18/13 4:01pm
Finally, you might be able to afford to see a doctor that isn't Dr. Teeth

Finally, you might be able to afford to see a doctor that isn’t Dr. Teeth

Everyone is on the edge of their seat when it comes to seeing how Obamacare affects their lives as it starts to get implemented, right? So far we’ve got free birth control, which is great. And starting next year, insurance plans in New York will be at least half as expensive as they are currently, thanks to state insurance regulators approving lower prices for insurance plans. Thanks, Obama! (more…)

07/01/13 4:00pm
This sonogram might cost as much as your rent. (via flickr user Adam Piotrowski)

This sonogram might cost as much as your rent. (via flickr user Adam Piotrowski)

As if the future weren’t terrifying enough for us low-earners in this country, today the New York Times reminded readers that being a pregnant low-earner is pretty much the worst thing ever. Even with health insurance, the cost of pregnancy can be astronomical, with deductibles and costs of service going up and up. And if you’re not insured, well, good luck with that $1,000 sonogram. (more…)

05/01/13 9:41am
Make sure you've got pens that work!

Make sure you’ve got pens that work!

Everybody excited about Obamacare??? We are, because no health insurance means we’ve been dragging around a busted shoulder for like 6 months. But of course because it’s the government running things, you just know there’ll be a TON of paperwork. Or maybe not, since the forms were released and someone applying for individual care only has to fill out a three page form. (more…)

01/17/13 9:23am
Wait, I need to fill out how many forms? via Total Mobile.

Wait, I need to fill out how many forms? via Total Mobile.

Today in real talk: it’s extremely hard to be pregnant and uninsured. Actually, it’s really hard to be anything and uninsured. Because of a lack of resources and a seeming total unwillingness to make healthcare affordable or accessible, it’s easy to believe that the government wouldn’t care if we all just languished in the gutters, or starved, or gave birth in a manger. Resources are few and far between, and they all probably involve paperwork and lines and days spent in waiting rooms, but they’re around here…somewhere. (more…)