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Soft Spot's two-for-one happy hour is so good it's trouble. Via Facebook.

Soft Spot’s two-for-one happy hour is so good it’s trouble. Via Facebook.

We at Brokelyn certainly write about lots of things besides drinking and bars (like, you know, reading in bars, dates you can go on in bars and bars with wifi), but we happen to be very good at bars, especially knowing how to drink cheaply in Brooklyn. That’s why amNY turned to us for tips on the best bar deals in Brooklyn: We put together a list of Team Brokelyn’s favorite beer and shot specials, $2 cans, happy hours, free pizza with drinks and more ways to fill your liver without emptying your wallet, from Bay Ridge to Greenpoint: Check out our list of our recommendations here.

As always, don’t forget to check our 2016 Bar Guide to find more of our Brokelyn recommended bars around the borough; and if you like beer but really hate paying for it, the literal best deal in the city is here for you: Our new Queens Beer Book is on sale now, and gives you more than 30 beers at Queens’ burgeoning beer scene for less than a dollar each!

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Now through July 1: party like these guys. Photo courtesy of LA Times.

The 2012 Euro Cup kicked off yesterday and runs through July 1. That means almost a full month of socially-acceptable day-drinking, hooligan antics, affecting accents, making sweeping generalizations about the essence of entire nations, superficially rooting for the team with the cutest players and impressing your friends with your new knowledge of European microbrews. During the group stage, through June 19, games air at noon and 2:45 daily. No (day) job? No problem! We compiled a list of where to get deals while you watch. (more…)

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franklin park

Franklin Park. All photos by Emily Paup.

If you live within two subway stops of Tom’s Diner, you may have gotten into a long, whiskey-breathed argument about where Prospect Heights actually is. At the very least, you’ve likely cringed at the phrase “ProCro.” Smartphone lookups only blur the boundaries—Google Maps includes the Barclay’s Center in the postage stamp-sized area, and an old NY Magazine article suggests that that a block-wide sliver on Prospect Park west is part of the neighborhood. I object vehemently to both assertions, and I’m not even drunk right now. One thing’s for certain: there are some really solid happy hours in the region arguably known as Prospect Heights. Here’s a list of places where you can get tipsy and then try to figure out where the hell you are. (more…)

Ladies' night, and the feeling's right. Mo's photo via Yelp.

“Ladies Drink Free” sounds like the best idea on paper, but as some of us learn the hard way, it doesn’t always pan out. So I was jazzed to discover that Mo’s, one of Fort Greene’s oldest bars, holds weekly free drink hours for ladies. And they don’t involve tacky Spanish-speaking frogs or an unknowing pledge to dance in the window (the aforementioned “hard way”).  The happy hour applies to cocktails only: 8-9pm on Wednesdays and 11pm-midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. The bar recently re-opened under new owners with a sleeker design, while still paying homage to its previous namesake (Moe’s). How did “Ladiesss niiiight!!!!” get left out of this?

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Post-movie happy hour? Hot dog!

What are the greatest things to happen to NYC in the past 30 years? Your answers had better include 1) Free summer movies at BK Bridge Park, 2) Bill Murray and, therefore: 3) Ghostbusters. And what an inspirational tale to modern-day New Yorkers too: Outcasts from Columbia set up shop in an abandoned building to DIY a crazy new business venture and make it work, even long before Etsy! This week we return to the Big Apple of Venkman and Slimer as Ghostbusters screens Thursday night. Now the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Junior Committee is sweetening the pot with a post-movie happy hour available through a password announced at the screening. Here’s hoping the password is “Ecto Cooler Colada.” Details below! (more…)

Some Ms. Dahlia's pastries & cakes

Ms. Dahlia's pastries & cakes

It’s the original stomping ground of Jay-Z, Chris Rock, Lil’ Kim and that old ear-biter, Mike Tyson. It’s the showcase for epic wall art, gorgeous brownstones and some old-school, no-frills block parties. It’s Bed-Stuy. And in recent years, this chunk of Brooklyn has birthed a crop of seriously clutch (and cheap) spots to dine, drink and shop… on top of all the incredible, long-standing neighborhood staples. We know the secret’s been out for a while, but here are 10 deals we love in Bed-Stuy. (more…)

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Here at the intersection of frugality and technology, we’re always on the lookout for the best of both worlds to help you save your hard-earned coin. That’s why the idea of a happy-hour sleuthing iPhone app most appeals to us: it’s the perfect tool for the brokester on the go who’ll never let a little thing like geographic naiveté stop them from seeking cheap booze. L Magazine rolled out the first app late last year, and now there are two, thanks to the Village Voice. Both deserve a toast, but which to get: L Magazine’s “Cocktail Compass” or Village Voice Media’s “Happy Hours” app? Here’s the rundown of each and our verdict. (more…)

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Picture this scenario: you had a job interview in some foreign section of town and, if it went anything like our interviews, it was an unquestionable disaster, due to vague reasons of “not addressing the room” and less vague ones like “completely and totally flubbing questions about the economy for an economic reporter job.” Your morning hopes of being able to splurge on a $6 Hennepin in celebration have been replaced again by the afternoon reality of drink-special consolation. What you need is some sort of function or operation to help you find a cheap drink, and fast!

Thanks to the ever-expanding effort to leave no aspect of modern life un-apped, you are in luck. The Cocktail Compass from L Magazine and Night and Day Studios gives you access to a database of happy hour information for 866 bars (167 in Brooklyn, 662 in Manhattan). (more…)