03/23/17 2:32pm
Photo via St. Mazie / Facebook

Photo via St. Mazie / Facebook

The streets of New York may not be paved with gold, but there was a time when they were paved with something better: oysters. Before New York Harbor was New York Harbor, it was to oysters what the Fertile Crescent was to humans. People have written entire books on the archeological significance of the giant piles of shells left around New York, and when they discovered a midden (which is the academic word for “pile of trash”) on the Statue of Liberty in 1980, it took them until 1998 to excavate the pile.

I don’t have the patience to dig through oyster shells for 18 years, but I did have the patience to dig through all the $1 oyster happy hours in Brooklyn. Voila: (more…)

09/22/16 12:13pm
Tell us this isn't exactly what you need after a long day at work. via IG

Tell us this isn’t exactly what you need after a long day at work. via IG

If the daily grind is leaving you drained and even the thought of an after-work cocktail just doesn’t cut it anymore, then scratch that for this alternative: the Brooklyn Cat Café (149 Atlantic Ave.) is offering adults-only kitten happy hours!

Starting tonight, every Thursday and Saturday from 5-7pm is “Adults Only Happy Hour” at the cat café, for anyone 14 and over.  Sadly we’re pretty sure there’s no actual booze involved, but cuddling kittens offers a different kind of buzz, and might just be exactly what you need. (more…)

05/25/16 2:06pm
8 late night happy hours where you can still keep the party going after dark

You don’t need to tap out as early as you thought, after all. Soft Spot / Facebook

Why a late night happy hour? I say, why not a late night happy hour. It’s only right that after spending the better part of an evening patronizing an establishment, we ought to get some sort of reward for our endurance, or just a kickback to keep us buying until last call. The late night happy hour is both a thank-you to customers and a fuck-you to curfews, gathering the night owls for one last surge of drinking before the night’s truly questionable decisions unfold.

Since we first rounded up Brooklyn’s late night happy hours in 2012, at least half the spots we had are now defunct. Some have shuttered, and others have simply realized they can afford not to offer cheap drinks past 8pm anymore. But much like we believe in your right to wear jorts, we also believe in your right to save money on alcohol this summer, especially since you’re going to be spending it on all those dumb music festivals and bottomless brunches. So we’re championing the late night happy hour once again, with these seven spots where you can still get an affordable drink after dark. (more…)

01/09/15 1:13pm
Finally, have good times like this on your schedule and not the bar's schedule

Finally, have good times like this on your schedule and not the bar’s schedule

Happy hour, we all love happy hour because it means cheap booze. And what is life without cheap booze? Honestly a horrible nightmare that shouldn’t even be contemplated, so we’ll just stop doing that. Sometimes though, you have the kind of schedule that keeps you away from bars around those magic three or four hours where the prices are shaved the booze flows extra fast. A bunch of enterprising young people have heard your cries though and have made a new app, Happy, that gets you an hour of happy hour-priced drinks when it’s convenient for you. Either that’s the best part, or the fact that it’s free is the best part, we’re not sure. (more…)

09/29/14 10:09am
Keeping the night going (unless you have weird spooky plans) after you saw the movie is an important piece of the movie date

Keeping the night going (unless you have weird spooky plans) after you saw the movie is an important piece of the movie date

Provided what you see isn’t terrible, going to the movies could be a great time. Plus, it’s the fall now, so it’s time to grudgingly look at some indoor activities to keep you entertained. Though movie tickets may cost lots of money and the shirt off your back, and a popcorn and soda will cost your shoes, your phone, and you’ll have to work at the theater for a couple of days, the moviegoing experience doesn’t have to be the beginning and the end of your night.

If you’re on a date that, after the theater lights go up, you’re not ready to end, there’s no need to sulk right on home if the ticket took a decent bite out of your wallet. Just because the credits rolled doesn’t mean the good times can’t, and these cheap bars and restaurants within walking distance of the movies will keep them going for you.


02/11/13 1:00pm
Make it a dark and stormy night at Lavender Lake. via Facebook

Make it a dark and stormy night at Lavender Lake. via Facebook

Nothing makes winter seem less awful than a whole bunch of cheap drink specials and boozy holidays. The folks over at Yelp seem to recognize that, and they’re giving us a little end-of-season gift. Starting next Monday, Yelp is offering a weeklong happy hour at highly-rated bars all over Brooklyn complete with half-priced beers, wines and specialty cocktails, so you and your buddies can spend Monday through Sunday blissfully floating through a hot toddy-induced haze while the rest of the snow melts. Hangovers ahoy! (more…)

11/14/12 9:24am


If you still look this good by 11 o’clock, we salute you. via Invade NOLA

Most happy hours are not that special. The whole 4pm to 7pm thing? Generic. All these people who get animated over this bar standard need to slow their roll and reflect on the overabundance of options. Of course the bar has a happy hour between 4 and 7 because it is a bar and that is what bars do. Any bar can pull people in to start drinking knowing it will eventually lead to full price drinks, but to take people at the end of the night, when they are sloshy and weak and still give them a bargain, just cause? Now that’s a trooper of a bar. (more…)

02/15/12 10:10am

A DC WIN event last month. Via WIN's Flickr.

Calling all ladies who are in the media and communications field, or interested in breaking into that racket: join the ladies of Women’s Information Network New York City chapter (aka WIN-NYC) for a FREE evening of networking and friend-making! The group is a new local chapter of the popular DC-area organization that holds great networking events and discussions for Democratic, pro-choice, media-savvy, professional women. The event will be tomorrow (Feb. 16) from 7-9pm at Entwine, a super classy wine bar on 765 Washington Street in the West Village (worth the trip: I ran into Jay-Z on my walk to the train last time I was there). There will be drank specials, including $4 beers. Come with your friends, or bring a co-worker you’ve been wanting to hang out with in a carefree, but professional atmosphere.  (more…)

02/08/12 7:02am
franklin park

Franklin Park. All photos by Emily Paup.

If you live within two subway stops of Tom’s Diner, you may have gotten into a long, whiskey-breathed argument about where Prospect Heights actually is. At the very least, you’ve likely cringed at the phrase “ProCro.” Smartphone lookups only blur the boundaries—Google Maps includes the Barclay’s Center in the postage stamp-sized area, and an old NY Magazine article suggests that that a block-wide sliver on Prospect Park west is part of the neighborhood. I object vehemently to both assertions, and I’m not even drunk right now. One thing’s for certain: there are some really solid happy hours in the region arguably known as Prospect Heights. Here’s a list of places where you can get tipsy and then try to figure out where the hell you are. (more…)

Cyn Lounge happy hour, in the center of it all. Photos by Timothy Krause.

Whether you love the scene or you’re totes over it, it’s hard to argue any place is more the epicenter of the Brooklyn drinking scene than Bedford Avenue right now. The street is lined with a veritable Marrakech (hat tip, Brian Williams) of dining, shopping and drinking options. But how to sample it all? Save this happy guide to plan your next boozy hike through the burg’s main vein. (more…)