12/21/11 8:37am

If you’ve been ogling our famous Brokelyn logo t-shirts but haven’t made your move, here’s a little extra motivation: order by 2 p.m. EST today, (Wednesday, Dec. 21) and your Brokelyn t-shirt will be on its way to a stylish loved one by Christmas Day.* Plus you get 20 percent off, today only, so shirts are only $16 (normally $20.) Loads of colors and styles for both men and women. Check ’em out in our Brokelyn Apparel online boutique and order yours today. Right now even.

* While we’re not swearing to this in blood, the USPS says today is the last day to send Priority Mail for Christmas Day arrival. And when have they ever been wrong?

Brokelyn t-shirts

12/20/11 2:09pm
Brokelyn: Major League Dreidel, Knitting Factory

Major League Dreidel. Photo courtesy of Gabi Porter, Metromix New York.

Hanukah starts tonight and continues until Wednesday, Dec. 28 — which means it’s one of those rare years where it coincides with Christmas. Maybe that’s why there’s so much going on this year, starting with not-so-beardy-dude Matisyahu’s three-night gig for a not-so-Brokelyn $35 a ticket. (Better roll gimmel!) If your only coinage this year is the chocolate kind, you can still party like a Maccabee, from the lighting of Brooklyn’s largest menorah to a couple of indie rock shows to a night of bubbe jokes and free beer. So get out there and save Chinese food and a movie (“Jewish Christmas”) for some other time. (more…)

12/19/11 8:45am
Brokelyn holiday gifts necklace

Cog & Pearl necklace, $22.

In today’s edition of under-$25 holiday gifts: a pretty vintage-inspired frame necklace from Cog & Pearl. Why did this pendant make our rigorous present-review process? It’s a whole lot of necklace for $22, Brooklyn gals of all ages and style persuasions will dig it and it’s romantic without going overboard. Plus it’s made by Brooklyn Rehab, one of our local Etsy favorites for a few years running now. Buy it online or at Cog & Pearl, Park Slope’s whimsically curated gift shop, 190 Fifth Ave. at Berkeley Pl. Park Slope, 718-623-8200.

12/07/11 5:17pm

The Brooklyn Lyceum holiday market/Photo by Flickr's groundsel

As if Amazon’s anti-small-business tactics weren’t enough to convince you, here are more than a dozen reasons to ignore e-tailer spam and shop locally in Brooklyn. This year, holiday markets are popping up around Brooklyn like Swedish espresso shops, with added inducements like concerts, performances and booze. At Dekalb market, Santa’s even posing for photos in a shipping container. Beat that, internetz. Markets are free unless otherwise noted. (more…)

11/23/11 2:33pm

Get 15 percent off animal butt magnets at Future Perfect.

We’re not going to tell you how to shop this weekend. We’re going to tell you how not to shop. For the love of [insert deity here], does anyone  really need to:

1) Shop on Thanksgiving, when some retailers (Old Navy!) are forcing their employees to come to work?
2) Shop at midnight on Thursday, when Target, Best Buy, Kohls and Macy’s are forcing their employees to come to work?
3) Get up at 4 a.m. on Friday to stalk big-box stores for $10 DVDs?

Why not roll out of bed at a reasonable hour and head to the boutique down the block? Some of Brooklyn’s independent retailers are making it even easier this year by having holiday sales.