02/06/17 12:00pm
Wail it out with The Cowmen (#8)

Wail it out with The Cowmen (#8)

1. Hear a new perspective on a very useful skill at Best Friends Forever: The Science of Cooperation, a talk by evolutionary ecologist Dr. Aniek Ivens covering everything from ant colonies to the bacteria in our guts. (Monday, Genspace, FREE)

2. Answer some unusual questions at Queerious February: Our Queer World, a trivia night geared toward LGBTQ folks with themed cocktails, raffles, prize bags, and guest performer Vic Sin. (Monday, Way Station, FREE)

3. Get comfortably morbid at Death Café, hosted by “death educator” Amy Cunningham, where people gather to share their thoughts and feelings on mortality over coffee and snacks. (Tuesday, Green-Wood Cemetery, FREE) (more…)

01/09/17 12:57pm
Drag yourself out for an evening with Aja Queen (#8)

Drag yourself out for an evening with Aja Queen (#8)

1. Get literary at the first Franklin Park Reading Series of the new year: Short Fiction Night, featuring Adam Haslett, Mary Miller, Rion Amilcar Scott, Uzodinma Okehi, and Rebecca Keith. (Monday, Franklin Park, FREE)

2. Have an unassuming laugh at The Simple Show, with comedy from Mitra Jouhari and Nayomi Reghay, plus a lecture on the linguistic differences between liberals and conservatives by Melanie Hoff. (Monday, Bushwick Public House, FREE)

3. Be engaged at the inaugural episode of The Hook, a “political speakeasy” and live talk-show, tonight welcoming NYC City Councilmember Steve Levin to discuss whether there’s any hope in politics today. (Tuesday, Pete’s Candy Store, FREE) (more…)

01/05/17 10:55am
Rock the f*ck out with Th

Rock the f*ck out with There Are Four Lights (#2) (pic by Sarah Wilmer)

1. Increase your literary stock for the cold winter ahead at the BYO Book Swap Party, which also features a discussion on diversity in literature and a raffle of self-published works by local woman of color. (Friday, New Women Space, $5 + a book)

2. Start pining for summer at the Punk Island Winter Benefit, with Deadname, MALLRAT, Trashy, Ex. by V., and There Are Four Lights. (Friday, Hank’s Saloon, $10)

3. Rock hard with some tireless musicians at NYC’s Hardest Working Bands of 2016 Live, based on Oh My Rockness’s calculations of who played the most shows last year. (Friday, Baby’s All Right, $10)

4. Creep yourself out at the monthly horror series Fright Fridays, tonight screening The Eyes of My Mother, which combines “an especially bloody strain of slasher pic” with “high-art sensibilities.” (Friday, Videology, $10) (more…)

09/30/16 10:30am
Dance it all out at Papi Juice (#5)

Dance it all out at Papi Juice (#5)

1. It’s practically October — say “Prost!” to the first Oktoberfest celebration of many this month, with Bavarian-inspired food and plenty of beers. (Friday, Brooklyn Bavarian Biergarten, FREE)

2. Steep yourself in Shakespeare at Dzieci Theater’s immersive, interactive Makbet performed inside a recycling center. (Friday through Sunday, Sure We Can, $10)

3. Do some creative shopping at Shwick’s Artmart, with arts and crafts, performances and visuals, fashion and installations. (Friday through Sunday, 395 Johnson Ave., FREE) (more…)

09/12/16 8:24am
Celebrate an entire decade of Jalopy with Karen Poliski (#8)

Celebrate an entire decade of Jalopy with Karen Poliski (#8)

1. Join some of Brooklyn’s best boozy bakers, Butter & Scotch, at the launch of their cookbook — expect free desserts and Jell-O shots, plus discounted cocktails including Honeychile Rider, made with Brooklyn-distilled Dorothy Parker Gin. (Monday, New York Distilling Co., FREE)

2. Hear comedians make tough choices at Would You Rather, where hosts Andre Medrano and JR Strauss dole out stumpers to Chris Pappas, Jana Leigh Heaton, Maya Sharma, Luis Leon, and Ryan Douglass. (Monday, The Experiment Comedy Gallery, $5)

3. Mellow out at Soft Rock Tuesday, with DJ Mara Schwartz Kuge spinning the most relaxed tunes from the ’70s and ’80s, from Boz Scaggs to Kenny Rogers to Olivia Newton-John. (Tuesday, Baby’s All Right, FREE) (more…)

04/11/16 1:00pm
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.00.13 PM

A kinder, gentler talk show with Nasty Canasta & Sapphire Jones (#8)

1. Get your week started with a boozy sugar high: The Well is doing a beer & cupcake pairing with Prohibition Bakery. Mouthwatering combos include Margarita (Gose beer + tequila lime cupcakes with fleur de sel), White Russian (coffee stout + vodka, Kahlua, and espresso cupcakes), and a bunch more. (Monday, The Well, FREE)

2. We’re always excited for each new edition of the Franklin Park Reading Series, and this one is no exception. Memoir night will feature five excellent writers of nonfiction personal narrative: Heidi Julavits, Mark Leyner, Rob Roberge, Syreeta McFadden, and Jillian Steinhauer. (Monday, Franklin Park, FREE)

3. If you’re all about Ethan and Joel, you’re going to want to stay close to East Williamsburg’s new “dinner & a movie” theater this week. Syndicated kicks off seven days of Coen programming tonight with Coen Brothers Trivia, and the rest of the week they’ll be screening everything from Raising Arizona through to Inside Llewyn Davis. (Tuesday, Syndicated, $10) (more…)

01/11/16 10:38am
Fendika! is here to warm up your week (#10) (pic by Flickr user shitbrain)

Fendika is coming to warm up your week (#10) (pic by Flickr user shitbrain)

1. The marvelous Franklin Park Reading Series kicks off their seventh season with an evening of short fiction from lit luminaries Marie-Helene Bertino, Amber Sparks, Greg Gerke, May-Lan Tan, and Rahawa Haile. (Monday, FREE)

2. It’s another killer Night Train with Wyatt Cenac at Littlefield, one of the most consistently terrific comedy evenings, tonight featuring Kurt Braunohler, Claudia Cogan, Kevin Avery, Hari Kondabolu, and more. (Monday, $5)

3. Show your lyrical stylings at BRIC’s Brooklyn Poetry Slam at Fort Greene’s BRIC House, hosted by Mahogany L. Browne and featuring award-winning performance poet Eboni Hogan, with music by DJ Jive Poetic. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

12/09/15 8:43am
Whether you love helping or drinking beer, this will have something for everyone

Whether you love helping or drinking beer, this will have something for everyone

It’s Wednesday, it’s the middle of the week. That’s good news if you’re suffering through a terrible week you wish would just end already, but it’s bad news if lots of great stuff is happening to you and you’re afraid next week won’t be as fun. The yin and the yang, the good and the bad, it exists in all things. Except for, of course, the Brokelyn Events Calendar, which is all good. Why, just look at all this great stuff I found for you to do tonight. (more…)

11/11/15 8:03am
When you combine comedy with live illustration, it becomes more like a funny college lecture. In a good way. Photo by Pat Moran, via Facebook

When you combine comedy with live illustration, it becomes more like a funny college lecture. In a good way. Photo by Pat Moran, via Facebook

Well it’s a bullshit gray Wednesday out there, huh? Nothing to get too excited about, but at least there’s some good stuff to do tonight. And once it’s dark, you won’t even remember the sun didn’t come out all day, so you might as well not dwell on that. Instead dwell on what you’re gonna do tonight, with help from these picks from the Brokelyn Events Calendar. Blow off your work, make a chart of pros and cons, really put some thought into it. (more…)

10/14/15 11:29am
Chow down on some comedy tonight

Chow down on some comedy tonight

Hey you know what’s great so far about the end of summer? It’s still pretty nice out there, all things considered. Forget “sweater season,” it’s barely flannel season out there. That’s good news for you if you wanna get out there and do something fun, and the Brokelyn Events Calendar has plenty of options for you to choose from. Still, don’t assume it’s gonna be like this forever. Get out there now, because one day you’ll wake up, it’s gonna be cuffing season and no one will want to go to a comedy show with you. (more…)