02/10/15 2:59pm
pyt burger

This, everyday? Sure, why not. via Facebook

How much do you love hamburgers? Not as a concept, we’re sure you love them plenty conceptually. We mean more along the lines of “Do you love hamburgers so much you could literally eat them every single day?” You better start thinking of the answer to that question now, because Groupon has laid an opportunity at your feet to do just that, with an offer that gets you burgers every day for a year at Philadelphia’s soon-to-be-imported PYT Burger for the low, low price of $144. That’s less than a $1/day for burgers, but on the other hand, good lord that’s a lot of hamburgers. (more…)

12/26/14 2:18pm
Full Circle bar

Where you can roll to have fun, but not in an Ecstasy way.

Here is a thing we like doing: drinking beer. Here is a thing we don’t like doing: paying full price for beers. How to reconcile those two things is a challenge most of the time. Obviously there are the Beer Books, but with 2014 rapidly ending, we’re soon gonna be stuck in a portion of the year where beers are not free, at least until Valentine’s Day. What to do then? Oh, look at that, a Groupon that will get you $20 of beer for just $10 at one of our favorite places, the Full Circle Bar. (more…)

12/01/14 4:10pm
40 40 club

Don’t be like these plebes, roll in with your table service Groupon and live large. via Facebook

Despite the fact that you’re a habitual reader of Brokelyn, you still might harbor a hunger for the finer things in life. You may have heard Jay-Z rap “At the 40/40 Club ESPN on the screen” in “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and sat back wondering when the day would come that you could get some damn table service and live like Hov for a day. Well, that day has come, at least if you want to snag a 40/40 Club Groupon. Which, maybe don’t brag about ballin’ too loudly, considering you’re doing it at over 50% off. (more…)

11/07/14 11:37am
Hopefully you don't wind up with the Clone Saga, which was just bad

Hopefully you don’t wind up with the Clone Saga, which was just bad

Hey nerd, looking to beef up your comic collection? Of course you (we) are, there’s never a bad opportunity to put more boxes of comics in your apartment somewhere. Well, maybe there is sometimes, but in this case, there is no good reason to skip this offer for between 50 and 75 classic comics for just $39, instead of $550. It’s winter, what else are you going to do but seek comfort in familiar things, like say, old comics? (more…)

10/22/14 2:32pm
comix zone

New York’s weirdest video game

Selling nostalgia back to you at a jacked up rate is a not nice thing that people do. So isn’t it nice when you sometimes come across something like this Groupon for a Sega console that comes loaded with a bunch of games (good games even), and because the price is knocked down some, manages to come out to just $40. That comes out to just $1/game, before you even factor the system in to the whole thing. Hey you know what 90s kids fucking love? Really good deals. (more…)

08/28/14 9:38am
the weather man

Hey, it worked for this guy.

Hey, have you heard? New York City is dangerous again, and that means you need some protection. No sense in trying for a gun though, those are way too difficult to get around here, at least legally. So while you could go find some back alley in which to buy yourself a snub nose .38, allow us to suggest a different path: a good old fashioned bow and arrow. You might not know how to use one now, but there’s a Groupon out there for lessons right here in Brooklyn for half of what it usually will run you. (more…)

06/09/14 8:44am
new york mets groupon

Johan Santana celebrating how cheap a Mets game is these days. via Facebook

Even for what was supposed to be a transition year, just about everything has managed to go wrong for the 2014 Mets. Their free agent outfielders have stunk, they had no closer for weeks, their catcher of the future just got sent to the minors and Citi Field is still in their heads, making them one of the worst home teams in baseball. That last one especially makes the latest $9 Groupon for Mets tickets less of a bargain and more of the actual price you should be paying to see the Mets play baseball right now. (more…)

04/15/14 4:21pm
tattoo removal

This will never wind up being a mistake!

Say, like New York Times executive editor Jill Ambramson or certain employees of Brokelyn LLC, you once went out and got a tattoo of the place that you work for. But then you end up getting fired in disgrace and you’re stuck with the tattoo forever, like certain employees of Brokelyn LLC constantly fear. What do you do? You get this Groupon for tattoo removal and fix your terrible mistake. We can’t help you with the rest of the ways you’ve screwed your life up, but we can at least help with this. (more…)

04/11/14 1:14pm
nyc sword classes

They’ll never see it coming!

Despite the fact that New York City is historically safe, it doesn’t mean that there’s no danger around here. Someone might follow you home and punch you in the back of the head for no reason. Or you might get shaken down for just five dollars. Given all the danger around here, and New York’s strict gun control laws, you need to find a different way to protect yourself. Hey, how about swords? Don’t know how to use one? Now you can learn on the cheap, thanks to a Groupon for three samurai sword classes at Sword Class NYC for just $30. (more…)

cyclone coney island

Wheeeee! via Facebook

Now that Bobby Parnell is probably gonna need Tommy John surgery, we can dispense with the hope of baseball season and move right into pining for summer. First order of business in planning your sweat-soaked adventures? Picking up an unlimited rides/Cyclone Groupon so that you can spend a whole day in Coney Island in a romantic haze, just like Beyonce! (more…)