02/27/15 10:40am
citi bike

Coming soon to a Williamsburg near you. Photo by Mary Dorn

Hey, remember Citi Bike? Probably not, since you’ve spent the entire winter cooped up inside, thinking about anything but riding a bike (you still can ride though). However, #summeriscoming, so it’s time to start thinking about getting outside again and topics related to the outside, like that Citi Bike expansion we talked about last year. This isn’t going to be some piddling little expansion either, not according to a map the Brooklyn Paper has showing a slew of new stations that are supposed to land in Williamsburg and Greenpoint by the end of the year. (more…)

02/25/15 10:31am

With all of these choices, you’re gonna need a guide. via Facebook

Hot sauce is perhaps nature’s greatest condiment, able to provide kick and excitement to the blandest meals and make even crappy things like vegetables taste good. People love it to the point where there’s a whole hot sauce trade show in Greenpoint. So it makes sense then, that this year is also seeing the opening of a whole store in Greenpoint devoted to nothing but hot sauce, complete with a hot sauce tasting room and sommelier who’ll pick out the perfect flavor blast for you. Hey, why not, we’ve already got a mayonnaise store. (more…)

02/18/15 4:19pm
The one on the right, or just throw it on the floor, i guess. Via Dept. of Sanitation Facebook

The one on the right, or just throw it on the floor, i guess. Via Dept. of Sanitation Facebook

Williamsburg: stop being gross. Yes, there are many things we could be referring to when we say that, but in this instance, we’re talking about those gnarly compost piles that everyone keeps on their roof, in their yards, and in their bedrooms (actually, now that we think about it, that one person might have just been a slob). The city government seems to agree with me, as they’re bringing the city’ curbside composting collection program to Williamsburg this spring, according to DNAinfo. (more…)

02/17/15 1:13pm
nyc beer week

All those glasses are ready for you. via Facebook

There are a lot of weeks in winter. Presidents Week, Restaurant Week, New York Fashion Week, all those other weeks in between that are vaguely cold and unimportant. But there is one week, above all, that lifts our spirits every February, and that is NYC Beer Week. The 10-day celebration of New York beer is kicking off this Friday across the boroughs, and we’ve sifted through to find you the best free and cheap events happening in Brooklyn.

The 7th Annual NYC Beer Week begins Friday, February 20 and ends Sunday, March 1—yes, that’s right, the precious week is so epic, it miraculously lasts for ten days instead of seven—and though it includes a lots of events that we can’t afford (the Opening Bash on Feb. 21, Brewers Choice on Feb. 24 and the Closing Beer and Brass Brunch on March 1, to name a few) but there are also lots of free events to enjoy throughout the extended week.  Pro tip: bring your Beer Books! (more…)

02/17/15 11:07am
lefrak center ice skating

It’s winter, so get out there and skate with your sweetie. via Facebook

We have a theory: winter is the new summer when it comes to falling in love. After all, summer doesn’t have hot drinks and cold nights for cuddling. It might be 10 degrees out and snowing, but once the snow stops, we recommend you take your date outside. Staying inside increases the chance of getting cold and flu symptoms, not to mention cabin fever, so grab a coat, your partner and enjoy one of these fun winter date ideas from hookah in Bay Ridge to ramen in Williamsburg and plenty in between. (more…)

02/12/15 2:32pm
brooklyn barge bar

Someday soon, it won’t be just a cartoon. via DNA Info/Brooklyn Barge Bar

Ah, drinking on the Greenpoint waterfront’s crumbling piers. It’s a nice thing to do when the weather wants to play along, except for the fact that you’re technically not allowed to do that. How else are you supposed to take in the cool views it offers though? One enterprising man has figured out that you could do that if you were in a bar that floated in the East River, so he’s opening one on a barge next to Transmitter Park and calling it the Brooklyn Barge Bar according to DNA Info and Bedford + Bowery. Not that drinking on the crumbling piers still won’t be an option after this place is open. (more…)

02/09/15 7:00am
Like this, but less abs

You said you cared about theatre, didn’t you?

1. Franklin Park Reading Series: Novel Night features two-time Booker Prize winner Peter Carey along with four other authors. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to listen to them read their entire books. (Monday)

2. Sing your Monday blues away at Canal Bar’s Karaoke Mondays. (Monday)

3. Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) has a new novel and he’s talking about it at BookCourt, and while it’s not Trainspotting it is sadomasochistic tale of shared psychosis, so it’s clearly still weird. (Monday) (more…)

02/06/15 12:50pm
sweet, sweet Photobooth action at the Greenpointers market. via mcbrooklyn blogspot

Sweet, sweet Photobooth action at the Greenpointers market. Via mcbrooklyn blogspot.

If you know what’s good for you this holiday, you won’t be setting foot anywhere near Katz’s or Serendipity. While all those lousy Manhattanites are piddling around trying to recreate scenes from rom-coms, we of Brooklyn have you all set up with a bunch of better ideas for the big day and the week leading up to it. None of our suggestions will cost you $1,000, and every single one gives you the chance to do what this borough does best—either with somebody special, or a total stranger! (more…)

These zines could be your life.

These zines could be your life.

Undoubtedly, Brooklyn is the place for zines. So if you are looking for a place to learn the fine craft of zine-making or you want to see the works of the next wave of zine publishers, come to Brooklyn. You might want to get into the exciting world of zines, but don’t know where to start or how to go put them together or you even might be afraid of staples. Don’t worry though, because there’s a free zine workshop this weekend that’ll break the whole thing down for you and get you publishing faster than you can say “Get in the van.” (more…)

02/05/15 9:51am
If only we could be that toothpick

If only we could be that toothpick

1. The art in Do You Care About This Feeling explores the meaning of taste and ownership. (Friday)

2. Hear the classiest genre played by the classiest instrument as Jason Kao Hwang plays jazz violin at Sing House & Amygdala. (Friday)

3. Your Friday night was probably going to involve some shame anyway, so hear comedians make you feel better about yourself as they share stories in attempts to out-shame each other at The Shame Game. (Friday) (more…)