04/13/17 11:20am
An appropriate reaction to the fine china wall art hanging behind. via HBO

An appropriate reaction to the fine china wall art hanging behind. Photo via HBO

When HBO’s Girls wraps its sixth and final season on Sunday, it’ll leave a cronut-shaped hole in the cultural discourse. The dramedy that launched a thousand think-pieces will surely spawn at least a few more posts of wide-eyed wonderment pondering what the series ultimately says about women, about millennials, about Brooklyn, about cupcake ATMs, and on and on.

As we stare over our own laptop screens into middle-distance asking if these Girls will ever finally become Women, we turned to someone with a bit more perspective on the series.

Alex Karpovsky is an actor (Tiny Furniture) and filmmaker (RubberneckRed Flag) best know as the cantankerous Ray Ploshansky on Girls. On a show where every other character appears to be in a contest of who can truly embody “the worst,” Ray’s been a Brokelyn-approved breath of reality and reverence for our fair borough.

We chatted with Ray about his time living in Greenpoint, his favorite way to save money in Brooklyn and the legacy of Girls.  Check out his favorite neighborhood haunts and how he’s seen Brooklyn change in our interview below. (more…)

03/15/17 10:59am
Coney Island Brewery is always ready for a party

Coney Island Brewery is always ready for a party. Photo via Coney Island Brewery

Brooklyn’s burgeoning beer scene is buzzing faster than we can get a buzz on an empty stomach. Keep up with the borough’s beer-centric happenings with this monthly installment of Brooklyn beer news, including can releases, beer festivals, brewery nights and other beer celebrations around the borough. (more…)

03/08/17 10:59am


To celebrate International Women’s Day I met up with some female entrepreneurs who are changing the face of business in Greenpoint. Vintage fashion dominates Manhattan Ave., creating a community of fashion loving business women who truly support each other. Female owned ventures are gaining ground in Brooklyn with a 39 percent increase in the last five years, according to a study from the Center for an Urban Future. If you are interested in starting up a business, read below to see what these inspiring woman have to say and check out the links at the bottom to organizations that help women and minorities start their own businesses in New York. Good Luck! The future is female. (more…)

02/06/17 3:15pm
Date night on a budget: A comprehensive list of Brooklyn's best BYOB restaurants

Enjoy the shinobi ramen at Shinobi Ramen with your own hand-selected booze. via Facebook

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go out to dinner and be certain that your favorite alcoholic beverages were available, for around $3 per drink? Have we got news for you: Brooklyn has some awesome BYOB restaurants, so going out to eat and drinking cheap doesn’t have to exist only in your dreams.

A BYOB restaurant is a beautiful, cost-effective option often overlooked in a city where you’re constantly stuck $12 for something you already have in your fridge and could’ve poured into your own mason jar. We’re obviously not taking any kind of anti-bar stance here, but if you have a few odd beers at your apartment and want to get rid of them, why not take them out for a night on the town at at one of Brooklyn’s best BYOB restaurants? (more…)

01/10/17 2:00pm
Suit up for Trump's America. via Evil and Love on Instagram

Suit up for Trump’s America. via Evil and Love on Instagram

The dead of winter isn’t exactly a time when you’re looking to take your shirt off in public, but that’s all the more reason to get in on everyone’s favorite deal: Friday the 13th tattoos.

Yep, the best sale in Brooklyn is back, and covering up your ink now means it’s far less likely to peel and scab in the hot sun as it heals. By the time you unveil it to friends during beach season it’ll be as black as the heart of our presidential administration!

Also, not to alarm you or anything, but there are only two Fridays that are also the 13th in 2017. Will you even be alive by the second one? Who knows! Hashtag Trump’s America. Hashtag ink again. So go to any of these fine tattoo parlors to get yourself some ink for $13 plus a lucky $7 tip (unless otherwise noted). (more…)

05/26/16 12:13pm
She's a beaut! All photos by Kate Mooney

She’s a beaut! Photos by Kate Mooney/Brokelyn

Yesterday, which at 88 degrees and sunny felt like the first day of summer, the Brooklyn Barge reopened for the season. Greenpoint’s waterfront bar, located between Transmitter Park and Milton Street, is literally housed on a barge jutting out into the East River. Its reopening has been long-awaited, as last year’s season was cut short due to permitting issues and it didn’t open the doors until the fall. But now it’s here to float, and we’re pretty dang excited about spending our summer chilling on a boat with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, because honestly is there anything better than drinking on the waterfront?  (more…)

03/31/16 1:00pm
You can finally believe the hype. Photo by Sam Corbin

You can finally believe the hype. Sam Corbin/Brokelyn

[Update: 4/29: The bike lane is now open!] Earlier this week, the DOT released its 2016 bike maps featuring 15 miles of new lanes in Brooklyn alone. Among the miles were included those promised to us long, long ago on the Pulaski bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Queens, from Greenpoint to Long Island City. No opening dates had yet been announced, but now we’ve got an exciting update for you from the office of Assemblyman Joe Lentol, whose district includes the Pulaski Bridge.

Lentol’s communications director, Edward Baker, told us that the bike path will be ready to ride by April 30th at the latest. “It could be done before then,” he added.

At this point, we’ve got a fool-me-twice mentality. We wanted to see the lane’s progress for ourselves, so one of our Brokelyn bike couriers (not Ilana Glazer, but we wish it was) went out to the bridge to snaps some pics of the path-in-progress and get additional intel from construction workers on-site. Verdict? Yeah, this thing might actually be ready in April.  (more…)

02/16/16 3:40pm
You, too, can do the Beacons swagger. via Youtube

You, too, can do the Beacons swagger. via Youtube

Thrift store shopping in Brooklyn is basically real-store shopping anywhere else, and the O.G. “thrift” ripoff has always been Beacon’s Closet, a store notorious for its picky consignment process and its sometimes unforgiving price tags on used merchandise.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s great stuff to be found by shopping at this thrift mecca — we just don’t think you should be shelling out big bucks to do it. That’s why we’re excited to share the news that Beacon’s closet is having a storewide end-of-season sale at two of its three Brooklyn locations next weekend, and everything is up to 75 percent off! (more…)

02/16/16 8:23am
Ski Lodge brings their new wavey brooding to a new EP that drops Feb 26.

Ski Lodge brings their new wavey brooding to a new EP that drops Feb 26.

Brooklyn’s Ski Lodge has a sound that can best be described as what would probably happen if The Smiths, The Cure and Depeche Mode somehow combined their musical DNA and produced a squadron of musical babies. This week we sat down with Andrew Marr, who self produced their new EP, Heaven is Now EP, which drops on Feb 26.

The band just released a new single, “Crush Your Heart,” off that album, and you can listen to it online (links below). Marr produced this, and some of their other songs, himself. He started working in music production at the studio of Lewis Pesacov of Best Coast and Fool’s Gold, and has now moved on to making his own stuff- though now he works mostly out of his own Greenpoint apartment.

“My apartment is basically filled with gear,” he says. (more…)

01/25/16 7:00am
This was basically the Waldorf. via imgur

This was basically the Waldorf. via imgur

Well folks, you saw it for yourself: it turns out that Jonas, our dreaded, sledded and bedded snowstorm of 2016, was every bit as bad as Governor Cuomo said it would be, and then some. Streets were blanketed, cars were conquered and strange snow sculptures walked the earth. Meanwhile, in the real estate world, someone tried to make a killing by renting an igloo in Greenpoint for $200/night.

The rental listing was up on Airbnb for all of six hours before it was removed, probably due to the safety concerns of storing humans overnight in a snow cave, or the legal uncertainties of charging them for it. Regardless, it was yet another entertaining instance of Brooklyn’s residents taking any opportunity to capitalize on tourists’ unending hunger for “authenticity.” We caught a few screenshots of the ephemeral Airbnb listing, and shared them here for your Monday bemusement. [UPDATE 12PM: We also spoke with Patrick Horton, the creator of the igloo, who shared his process of building it, and the reason Airbnb gave for deleting his listing.] (more…)