07/27/15 8:01am
Let's talk about a book-free future. No, not as a goal, ya dummies.

Let’s talk about a book-free future. No, not as a goal, ya dummies.

“Monday, Monday” goes the old song, although I’m surprised to learn it’s actually about a relationship or something and not about someone complaining that the weekend is over. Well, you learn something every day! Like how you’re here to learn what wonderful things there are to do tonight that can be found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. (more…)

07/23/15 1:28pm
tk. via Facebook

Mmmmm…ice cream cone. via Facebook

Yeah, it’s summer. Yeah, it’s hot. Yeah, we all want ice cream. But Mr. Softie has some real competition this year, as Brooklyn has flooded with artisanal ice cream shops that bring flavors beyond your wildest dreams. Vanilla and chocolate…that’s so ten years ago.

But with the hype and happy taste buds, comes rapidly reduced pocket money, so we went around the borough, scooping and tasting, to find who serves up the cheapest artisanal ice cream cone in Brooklyn. And then how much the other ones cost, for good measure. (more…)

07/23/15 12:00pm


Sponsored By Crunch Gym.

Crunch, the gym that makes fitness fun, is now open in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! Stop by for a free workout.

Created By BlankSlate

Hey North Brooklyn, we have some exciting news for you: Crunch Gym is now open in Greenpoint. Crunch tries to take the “work” out of workout with fun classes like Zumba, POUND, and Yoga Body Sculpt. Take advantage of their badass trainers, top-of-the line cardio machines, and weight training equipment. HydroMassage and tanning beds are also available on-site to help you unwind after a tough workout. If you’re on a budget (and who isn’t?) Crunch offers flexible membership options that start at $9.95 a month (about 33 cents/day). Check out memberships online, or snag this free guest pass to try it out!

07/22/15 9:27am
It's just a nice place to be. via Flickr user dumbonyc

It’s just a nice place to be. via Flickr user dumbonyc

Gone are the days of abandoned warehouses and empty piers lining the Brooklyn waterfront. Wegman’s has replaced the ghostly buildings on Admiral’s Row in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and it’s hard to imagine Red Hook without Ikea. Beautification efforts in the early 2000s replaced miles of industrial sites with the Brooklyn Bridge Park and rejuvenated the waterfront as a popular space for cultural events. Now with businesses like the Brooklyn Barge Bar which offers a range of water sport programs nestled comfortably next to art galleries and restaurants, Brooklyn’s shoreline has become a playground for nature enthusiasts and urbanites alike. Here’s our recommendations of the 50 best ways to experience Brooklyn’s waterfront. (more…)

07/17/15 2:15pm
You asked for it, and now you're getting it.

You asked for it, and now you’re getting it.

Before we were talking about The Bike Lobby making inroads to Red Hook and Park Slope with a Citi Bike expansion, everyone had been talking about their reinforcing land they already held, by expanding in neighborhoods that already had Citi Bike. Namely Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy, and a whole new neighborhood that’s ideologically inclined with them with the addition of Greenpoint. That one was a long time ago so you may have forgotten about it, but now if you open your Citi Bike app you see a bunch of gray dots. Those new gray dots, according to Streetsblog, are the exact spots where the new Citi Bike stations are going to be put in. (more…)

07/14/15 7:50am
Is there something else out there? Like a planet with two suns? Find out tonight at The Bell House!

Is there something else out there? Like a planet with two suns? Find out tonight at The Bell House!

Is it Friday yet? Haha, no, of course not, it’s only Tuesday which means your week of drudgery has barely begun! My goodness, what would make you think you get to skip to Friday so quickly? Let’s not focus on that. Also don’t focus on the meeting you’re at right now, instead focus on choosing which of these five cool things pulled from the Brokelyn Event Calendar you’re going to do tonight. (more…)

07/09/15 8:43am
Finally, Movies With A View has come BACK to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

Finally, Movies With A View has come BACK to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

Welcome to Thursday! You survived most of the week and the great almost-apocalypse of 2015. Congratulations! Reward yourself by doing one of these fun things we found on our event calendar, like the kickoff for the Brooklyn Bridge Park movies or learning some stuff about Greenpoint. What? Learning is fun. (more…)

pie corps


Take a stroll down Driggs Avenue — past McGuiness Boulevard and the entrance of McGolrick Park — and you’ll find an unassuming storefront under a chocolate brown awning. Its name, Pie Corps, is emblazoned in white; its windows provide a glimpse into a sweet and savory world beloved by neighborhood foodies since its debut in 2012.

As it turns out, Pie Corps’s is a story that nearly didn’t happen. “I had been a chef for 30 years before opening the shop,” says Cheryl Perry, who co-founded the bakery alongside Felipa Lopez, an acupuncturist who brings a medicinal philosophy to the company’s culinary approach. “I’d had a restaurant in Manhattan, and when we closed, I swore I’d never open another business. But there was something about pie. I was intrigued by the sweet and savory possibilities, and the idea of using fresh, local ingredients. Pie is sculptural. It’s something you build, and I like that. That’s where Pie Corps started.” (more…)

07/02/15 9:19am
Go wreck it, for America

Go wreck it, for America

Congratulations to everyone reading this, you made it to the end of the week. We know what you’re thinking, about how it’s Thursday and not Friday, but given time’s fluid nature and more importantly the fact that the working week will more or less stop tomorrow in order to let people get a head start on screaming “Wooo America!”, we’re calling it today. Before you either go out of town or step away from your computers for a long weekend, you should let the Brokelyn Event Calendar point you to some cool things to do tonight. (more…)

07/01/15 10:00am
macy's fourth of july fireworks

The fireworks are back where they belong, but where will you be? via Flickr user Ann Althouse

For the second year in a row after five years away from it, the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks will be blowing up above the East River. Woo! Whatever (HIGHLY ILLEGAL) July 4th show you thought you had planned, you know it’s gonna look rinky-dink compared to the barges full of explosions that Macy’s is rolling in between Brooklyn and Manhattan, so save them for another day and get yourself as close to a front row seat for all the explosive action that you can.