01/25/16 7:00am
This was basically the Waldorf. via imgur

This was basically the Waldorf. via imgur

Well folks, you saw it for yourself: it turns out that Jonas, our dreaded, sledded and bedded snowstorm of 2016, was every bit as bad as Governor Cuomo said it would be, and then some. Streets were blanketed, cars were conquered and strange snow sculptures walked the earth. Meanwhile, in the real estate world, someone tried to make a killing by renting an igloo in Greenpoint for $200/night.

The rental listing was up on Airbnb for all of six hours before it was removed, probably due to the safety concerns of storing humans overnight in a snow cave, or the legal uncertainties of charging them for it. Regardless, it was yet another entertaining instance of Brooklyn’s residents taking any opportunity to capitalize on tourists’ unending hunger for “authenticity.” We caught a few screenshots of the ephemeral Airbnb listing, and shared them here for your Monday bemusement. [UPDATE 12PM: We also spoke with Patrick Horton, the creator of the igloo, who shared his process of building it, and the reason Airbnb gave for deleting his listing.] (more…)

01/06/16 10:13am
They're coming

They’re coming

It’s the first Wednesday of 2016, and it’s like every other Wednesday. That’s not a bad thing, Wednesday is a herald of the coming end of the week, so those among you who are truly devoted to partying and poor decisions must be thrilled. Even if you’re a little more responsible though, the Brokelyn Events Calendar has a whole bunch of stuff you can get out there and do, without using work on Thursday as a base for your hangover. (more…)

12/22/15 11:59am
Say goodbye to 2015 in style at any of these great parties. via Facebook

Say goodbye to 2015 in style at any of these great parties. via Facebook

There are only a few more days of 2015 left! Whether you are filled with hope, melancholy or dread for the upcoming year, don’t let the old one go out with a whimper. Even if you didn’t get invited to any killer house parties this year, you don’t have to schlep into Manhattan to find an awesome party. From booze to burlesque and food to fireworks, there are plenty of Brooklyn New Year’s Eve events and activities in every neighborhood to fit any-sized budget. (more…)

12/22/15 8:39am
Proof they can co-exist in one place. via Flickr user Zervas

Proof they can co-exist in one place. via Flickr user Zervas

We’re one more day closer to Christmas, and you can really see it on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, where it seems totally inescapable. Eh, that’s alright, because you’re one day closer to the end of a short week, and then there’s a short week after that. So when you think about it, you kind of get two Christmas miracles. Anyway, go out and have fun tonight, because it’s December and it’s warm and who knows when this will happen again (maybe forever, but we’ll figure that out later).

12/16/15 8:58am

Look who’s a special guest in your life tonight. via Love Boat Insanity

It’s Wednesday baby, “The Fulcrum of The Week!” For myself and other here at Brokelyn, it’s even closer to the end of the week than usual though, because we’re planning on making Friday a hangover convalescence day for our giant horrible hangover from our awesome party (now with Crystal Pepsi). You should plan that too, and with that knowledge in hand, find something great to do tonight. Fortunately, the Brokelyn Events Calendar has a bunch of great things to do. Pretty cool how that works, tbh. (more…)

12/04/15 9:04am
If you lived here, you'd be home by now. And it would be 2016. And you'd be able to afford it. via Greenpoint Landing Associates

A gift to you: A way to live in Greenpoint without being a rich investment banker. via Greenpoint Landing Associates

Greenpoint Landing is coming whether you want it to or not, and if you’ve reached the “acceptance” stage in your thinking about the neighborhood being added to Greenpoint, it’s time to take the next step: taking advantage of what it can offer you. Specifically, below-market rate housing, with apartments as cheap as $494/month, $532/month and $647/month through the housing lottery that just opened for the project’s first building at 92 Commercial Street. Have you been a good human this year? Well then maybe Santa will bring you a winning housing lottery application. (more…)

12/02/15 11:50am
via Shwick Market

The Shwick Market is just one of the over 20 Brooklyn holiday markets where you can pick up cool things during Christmas season. via Shwick Market

Now that we’re all done stuffing our faces with turkey leftovers, it’s time for the gift-buying panic to set it. Are you suffering from an overwhelming pressure to buy everyone in your life the perfect present? Has your agoraphobia kicked in at the mere thought of fighting the hordes of Manhattan tourists?

Here at Brokelyn, we are all about minimizing holiday PTSD. Our number one tip: stay in the borough and shop locally! There are tons of Brooklyn holiday markets, pop-ups and fairs for you to find something fun and affordable for everyone on your gift list. (more…)

12/02/15 8:28am
Learn everything about what went into that very specific lettering tonight. via Flickr user Laser Burners

Learn everything about what went into that very specific lettering tonight. via Flickr user Laser Burners

Here we go, Wednesday, here we go! Don’t forget to run out into the world chanting the traditional Wednesday chant we all know and love, because we’re that much closer to the weekend. Also don’t forget though, that the Brokelyn Events Calendar has some great stuff for you to do tonight, especially these five nights out. (more…)

12/01/15 8:52am
What are New York City's pests plotting?  Find out tonight!

What are the pests of NYC plotting? Find out tonight!

Welcome to Tuesday. It’s…well you know, it’s a Tuesday. It’s fine, it’s not that exciting but it could also be worse. At least we’re a day closer to the weekend. Also at least you’re not heading to jail for the rest of your natural life like Sheldon Silver. Man, imagine that. In jail forever for selfish crimes of corruption, never able to enjoy the Brokelyn Events Calendar ever again. Take it from me kids, don’t do selfish crimes of corruption and don’t hang around politics for 50 years. Instead hang around Brooklyn do some fun stuff tonight. Maybe hang around politics for 20 years though, we need some decent leadership. (more…)

11/25/15 1:04pm
It's waiting for you, and it's free. via Facebook

It’s waiting for you, and it’s free. via Facebook

By Black Friday, the love and warmth you feel for your family might be worn down to a nub and you’ll feel the need to get out of the house. Or you’ll just feel really gluttonous and you need to get some energy out. You don’t want to go to the mall though, and Brooklyn Boulders’ offer of free climbing doesn’t jibe with your fear of heights. Fortunately for you, Crunch Gyms in Brooklyn and around the country are going to be open and free to use for anyone who wanders in looking to lift some weights or throw around some medicine balls. (more…)