Volunteer and get rewarded in discounted books from an iconic Brooklyn staple. Win-win. (via Flickr user dwwebber)

Volunteer and get rewarded in discounted books from an iconic Brooklyn staple. Win-win. (via Flickr user dwwebber)

We love Greenlight Bookstore (686 Fulton Street) for their great selection and community involvement, so it comes as little surprise they are offering an awesome volunteer opportunity that will get  you a discount on holiday book shopping when you help out with gift wrapping — for a good cause.  (more…)

07/10/14 9:35am
greenlight bookstore

It’s like this, but coming out of your computer. via Facebook

People love books, or at least they like to tell you they do at parties. People also love podcasts, they usually don’t even fake that one. So, beloved Fort Greene shop Greenlight Bookstore decided to combine those two things that people love into one thing we should wind up loving, with their own podcast, The Greenlight Bookstore Radio Hour. The good news? Listening to it is free. The also good news? Every show comes with a discount code for 15% off Greenlight’s online store. Suck on that, Amazon. (more…)

11/22/13 11:29am
Emma Straub could help you find your next favorite novel.

Emma Straub could help you find your next favorite novel at WORD.

Authors across the nation will be doing some heavy lifting on the retail front November 30th. As part of Indies First, writers will be slinging hardcovers at local bookstores to spur business and keep some of those Amazon dollars in out of Seattle. Of course Brooklyn, well known for its varied cast of established and up-and-coming authors, is taking part. On “Small Business Saturday” Bergen Street ComicsCommunity BookstoreGreenlight BookstoreThe POWERHOUSE ArenaPOWERHOUSE on 8th, and WORD will be staffed by some of our favorite local authors. (more…)

08/27/13 1:16pm
Emily Elsen, of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, will talk about pie, and you can eat pie. Win/win. via Facebook

Emily Elsen, of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, will talk about pie, and you can eat pie. Win/win. via Facebook

As Mr. Show, the cronut and the ramen burger have taught us, there’s nothing people who like food like more than combining foods. The people who run Greenlight Books are no fools, so they’re combining food with books this fall in an orgy of delicious reading that fortunately doesn’t actually involve eating paper from books. But they are hosting a slew of food-based events by partnering up with chefs at Smorgasburg, starting a cookbook club with discounted cookbooks and a series of readings at the store from chefs discussing their cookbooks and handing out samples of food. Looks like you’ll be paying a lot less to eat this fall. (more…)

06/17/13 9:00am
Questlove, always looking towards that bright future

Questlove, always looking towards that bright future

1. James Bond is flying in all the way to the Huckleberry Bar From Russia with Love and boy are his arms tired (Monday)

2. The Secret Science Club is hosting a discussion on the future of robots and their terrifying future in our society and how they’re going to replace bartenders. But probably not Lena Dunham (Tuesday)

3. The Book Report is a game at the Beauty Bar where you make up whatever you can about a book you’ve never read. So basically like the third through eighth grade (Tuesday) (more…)

06/14/13 9:38am
Patti Smith enraptures the crowd last year. Photo by Julienne Schaer

Patti Smith enraptures the crowd last year. Photo by Julienne Schaer

Sure summer movies and summer concerts are great. But what if you want some culture that doesn’t involve explosions or guitar solos and you want it outdoors? Good news! Brooklyn Bridge Park has your back, thanks to the return of Books Beneath the Bridge, a weekly reading series at Pier 1 of the park. (more…)

03/25/13 8:22am
You can also ask Toure about Prince's bracket

You can also ask Toure about Prince’s bracket

1. Public Assembly is hosting some poetry, and according to the organizers, the world will never be the same. Bold statement (Monday)

2. Go wish a happy tenth birthday to The Believer. Don’t forget to bring a gift, that’s an age where there’s still tears if they don’t get their way (Monday)

3. We found out last week that the Reverend Vince Anderson is a Met fan, so go to his show and between sets ask him what kind of season he thinks Lucas Duda will have (Monday) (more…)

02/11/13 7:00am
Rosie 151 adds some spice to your Mardi Gras

Rosie 151 heats up your Mardi Gras

1. It’s a Monday. What better day to think deeply about the many ways to measure time? (Monday)

2. A debate to determine whether 80s music or 90s music is the best. Both answers will be wrong because Celebration Rock didn’t come out until 2012 (Monday)

3. The Franklin Park reading series turns to stories about drifters and wanderers. Finally, somewhere to impress people with your ability to speak conversational Hobo (Monday)

4. Not only can you get your cookbook signed at Powerhouse Area, you can also swap cookies with people in attendance. Maybe swap phone numbers too, so you can swap spit. And then keys (Tuesday) (more…)

11/13/12 3:21pm

One day, that first edition of Twilight: Eclipse you own will look just as quaint. via JimBooks

If you’ve got a real book nerd out there that you really love, or really want to convince them to love you, we’ve got the perfect Christmas gift for you to get them. Greenlight Bookstore has launched a First Edition Club, to get signed first editions from their backstock into your waiting hands and climate controlled environments. (more…)

03/12/12 4:02pm

If this competition worked for Greenlight, it could work for you.

Before Kickstarter and the like, you used to have to raise money for your crazy business plan by convincing investors you wouldn’t take their money and run. The Brooklyn Public Library is giving you a chance to learn ye olde business strategies, while also getting $15,000 to get your own business off the ground. And it’s worked for folks so far: previous winners include Bogata Latin Bistro, Brooklyn Creative League, Common Grounds and Greenlight Bookstore. Between now and September, you can enter the library’s PowerUP! Business Plan competition, which involves getting classes on creating business plans, marketing financial projections and doing research, while also connecting to business counselors. They’re offering cash prizes for second, third and fourth place too. Get all the deets here.