03/27/17 10:30am
Jump on over to Van Halesque to see Lucy Lipstick (#) (pic by Matthew Ciscart Photography)

Jump on over to Van Halesque to see Lucy Lipstick (#5) (pic by Matthew Ciscart Photography)

1. Do some literary globetrotting at Fiction in Foreign Cultures, a panel moderated by founder and director of NY Writers Coalition Aaron Zimmerman, featuring Deborah Clearman, Ben Dolnick, Lauren Sanders, and Iromie Weeramantry. (Monday, Greenlight Books, FREE)

2. Karate-chop your way into the week at the inaugural Drunken Masters, a celebration of the best and worst action flicks, with themed drink specials and a discussion of the film’s legacy in cinema, tonight featuring Jackie Chan’s kung-fu classic Drunken Master. (Monday, Knitting Factory, FREE)

3. Escape into destruction at Wreck the Joint’s monthly showcase Flew the Coop, with comedy, storytelling, and performances from Alex Pavone, Sydnee Washington, Melissa Diaz, Otis Gray, Becca Beberaggi, and LeClerc Andre. (Tuesday, The Footlight, $8)  (more…)

01/09/17 12:57pm
Drag yourself out for an evening with Aja Queen (#8)

Drag yourself out for an evening with Aja Queen (#8)

1. Get literary at the first Franklin Park Reading Series of the new year: Short Fiction Night, featuring Adam Haslett, Mary Miller, Rion Amilcar Scott, Uzodinma Okehi, and Rebecca Keith. (Monday, Franklin Park, FREE)

2. Have an unassuming laugh at The Simple Show, with comedy from Mitra Jouhari and Nayomi Reghay, plus a lecture on the linguistic differences between liberals and conservatives by Melanie Hoff. (Monday, Bushwick Public House, FREE)

3. Be engaged at the inaugural episode of The Hook, a “political speakeasy” and live talk-show, tonight welcoming NYC City Councilmember Steve Levin to discuss whether there’s any hope in politics today. (Tuesday, Pete’s Candy Store, FREE) (more…)

01/05/17 10:55am
Rock the f*ck out with Th

Rock the f*ck out with There Are Four Lights (#2) (pic by Sarah Wilmer)

1. Increase your literary stock for the cold winter ahead at the BYO Book Swap Party, which also features a discussion on diversity in literature and a raffle of self-published works by local woman of color. (Friday, New Women Space, $5 + a book)

2. Start pining for summer at the Punk Island Winter Benefit, with Deadname, MALLRAT, Trashy, Ex. by V., and There Are Four Lights. (Friday, Hank’s Saloon, $10)

3. Rock hard with some tireless musicians at NYC’s Hardest Working Bands of 2016 Live, based on Oh My Rockness’s calculations of who played the most shows last year. (Friday, Baby’s All Right, $10)

4. Creep yourself out at the monthly horror series Fright Fridays, tonight screening The Eyes of My Mother, which combines “an especially bloody strain of slasher pic” with “high-art sensibilities.” (Friday, Videology, $10) (more…)

10/20/16 2:25pm
Get witchy with Reverend Mother Flash (#4)

Get witchy with Reverend Mother Flash (#4)

1. Booze it up at this month’s BHS Free Friday: Oktoberfest, with Brooklyn beer history from the archives, a beer tasting with Brooklyn Brewery, a screening of Beauty and the Beer, and more. (Friday, Brooklyn Historical Society, FREE)

2. Giggle demurely at LAWL: Ladies and Women Laughing, an all-gal comedy show with Jenny Nelson, Keisha Zollar, Rachel Joravsky, and Nayomi Reghay. (Friday, New Women Space, $10)

3. Go on an odd journey to Wonder Island: The Pointless Sock Pursuit, which promises capers, historical artifacts, tight coconuts, and more strangeness. (Friday, Cloud City, $5) (more…)

09/12/16 8:24am
Celebrate an entire decade of Jalopy with Karen Poliski (#8)

Celebrate an entire decade of Jalopy with Karen Poliski (#8)

1. Join some of Brooklyn’s best boozy bakers, Butter & Scotch, at the launch of their cookbook — expect free desserts and Jell-O shots, plus discounted cocktails including Honeychile Rider, made with Brooklyn-distilled Dorothy Parker Gin. (Monday, New York Distilling Co., FREE)

2. Hear comedians make tough choices at Would You Rather, where hosts Andre Medrano and JR Strauss dole out stumpers to Chris Pappas, Jana Leigh Heaton, Maya Sharma, Luis Leon, and Ryan Douglass. (Monday, The Experiment Comedy Gallery, $5)

3. Mellow out at Soft Rock Tuesday, with DJ Mara Schwartz Kuge spinning the most relaxed tunes from the ’70s and ’80s, from Boz Scaggs to Kenny Rogers to Olivia Newton-John. (Tuesday, Baby’s All Right, FREE) (more…)

09/08/16 4:08pm
Dream up a dark fairytale at Cloud Cuckooland (#4)

Dream up a dark fairytale at Cloud Cuckooland (#4) (pic by Michael Blase)

1. See a scrappy troupe at Circus Amok: Smaller, Rawer, Freer, a radical inclusive circus featuring feats of balance, jaunty jugglers, elaborate escapology, and more. (Friday, Sunset Park, FREE)

2. Watch what happens when a community comes together at a screening of Saving Jamaica Bay, a doc about cleanup and recover post–Superstorm Sandy. (Friday, Prospect Park Picnic House, $15)

3. Get rowdy at the Brooklyn Bazaar Grand Reopening, with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah presented by Gothamist. (Friday, Brooklyn Bazaar, $20) (more…)

05/19/16 4:09pm
The girls of Guys We F*cked

Get intimate with the girls of Guys We F*cked (#2)

1. Lament the state of Bk today at Gentrifucked, a hip-hop and art show with performances by Ni Dios Ni Amo, Master Vicent Vega, MC Joha, Bestia, and a dozen more. (Friday, Mayday Space, $5)

2. Promote sex positivity at Guys We Fucked, the anti–slut shaming podcast where hosts Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson interview fellas with whom they have been amorous. (Friday, Bell House, $10)

3. Raise money for musical gals at Words & Guitars, a two-day zine, music, and art fest to benefit Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, with lots of bands including Fisty, the Shook Ones, and Lady Bizness. (Friday & Saturday, Bushwick Public House, $10) (more…)

11/02/15 8:38am
via Beyonce Voters

via Beyonce Voters

Baseball is over until spring, so on the one hand there’s a good reason to go out and do stuff tonight. On the other hand, the Mets just lost the World Series, so there’s a good reason to sit in the dark and not do anything tonight. If you want to do stuff, the Brokelyn Events Calendar is here for you. (more…)

10/01/15 11:20am
Watch her pump that thing, and be amazed. via Shilpa Ray

Watch her pump that thing, and be amazed. via Shilpa Ray

Here we are on Thursday and we haven’t been washed away by a hurricane yet. Now the word is that all the rain and the wind and the need for sandbags will come this weekend, so you know what you should do today? Make today your weekend! As the Brokelyn Events Calendar shows, there’s plenty to do, and those things to do have a weekend-y edge to them like a jamborree, a rock show and a dance party. (more…)

09/08/15 10:01am
Someone really had a plan to put a dome over New York City. Learn all about it, tonight!

Someone really had a plan to put a dome over New York City. Learn all about it, tonight!

Well, here it is, the first day after Labor Day and everyone’s ready to throw in the towel on good times and hot weather. Except that it’s hot and muggy and might get up to 90 degrees today and you still might have music from the West Indian Day Parade bouncing around your skull. So use all of that as your foundation of energy to go out tonight, what with these great things pulled from the Brokelyn Event Calendar that will show you a good time. (more…)