02/25/16 10:34am
Ginger Blunt Man and Lincoln Town Car are two of the series' finest puns.

Meet the Ginger Blunt Man

Does anyone else feel like it’s a reeeally long time in between Wednesdays these days? Ugh, same. We’re back for week two of Broad City season 3, and we’re dying to know what you thought. Let’s gaaaaaab.

First of all, like, if these broads were really stumping for Hillary, this would have been an abortion episode. Instead, it was a weird Freaky Friday-type thing that, while it may be our least favorite episode of all time, was still packed with moments that we want to relive with you. Read on, cuz the gif game is strong with this one. (more…)

10/02/15 9:23am
You've seen Abbi destroy one grocery store, now see her try to work at one

You’ve seen Abbi destroy one grocery store, now see her try to work at one

Very soon (February to be exact so maybe not that soon), our long national nightmare will be over, and we’ll have more Broad City episodes. Until then, we don’t know, watch the shorts that are being slowly released before Season 3 starts. Or, you could get an up close and personal view of everyone’s favorite misadventuring Brooklyn girls by heading to Bed-Stuy on Monday, because the show will be filming at a food co-op in the neighborhood. NOTE: Do not actually try to get up close and personal, that’s creepy as fuck. (more…)

greene hill food co-op

You can even spritz the kale while you’re shopping. If you really want to. via Facebook

Ah the food co-op, the secretive bastion of cheaper groceries and respectful exchanges with employees because if you start yelling at someone who can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s gonna make for an awkward shift tomorrow. You wanna shop at one, but you also don’t want to commit to doing the work, not off the bat anyway. Well good news, lazybones, because Clinton Hill’s Greene Hill Food Co-op (18 Putnam Avenue) is offering a two-month trial membership with no membership fee or work requirements. (more…)

greene hill food co-op

What mysteries lie behind this door? Find out on Saturday via Facebook

If you’ve live in Brooklyn long enough, you’re bound to get curious about food co-ops. Are they really just mysterious hermit kingdoms with strange rituals regarding plastic bags, or are they places people actually shop for food? Usually the answer to this mystery is only available to food co-op members, but this Saturday, the Greene Hill Food Co-op in Bed-Stuy is opening their doors to just any schmuck off the street for a non-member shopping day. Plus, they’re also giving away trees, as that’s the hip thing to do these days. (more…)

Get your membership-free range eggs one-day-only! Photo via Greene Hill Food Co-op Facebook.

It’s really too bad food co-ops have such an exclusive no-membership, no-entry rap because they really do have great local, sustainable products at affordable prices compared to other Brooklyn markets. Instead co-ops are better known for strict socialist membership rules, political boycotts, and A-list members than for providing a low-cost grocery alternative. Well, budget-conscious Brooklynites, on Oct. 6 from noon to 6pm, the Greene Hill Food Co-op in Clinton Hill will open its doors to non-members, offering an opportunity to see what kind of organic, seasonal bargains you are missing and possibly brush hands with celeb-member Adrien Grenier while reaching for a bushel of kale.  (more…)

Greene Hill Food Co-op, opening Saturday.

Just because you’re getting public assistance doesn’t mean you’re stuck at Pathmark. The Greene Hill Food Co-op in Clinton Hill officially opens this Saturday much to the delight of locals or anyone caught up in work shift purgatory at the Park Slope Food Co-op. In true food co-op fashion, they’re offering discounted memberships to low-income residents enrolled in some form of public assistance (SSI, Medicaid, SNAP/Food stamps, etc.) under  the ecologically themed “Apple Plan.” If you qualify, you save $20 on your administration fee and can pay off the $150 member fee over five years, instead of six months. Fresh, local food, now even fresher for your wallet. (more…)

Greene Hill food co-op, opening soon. via Flickr user Thomas Chen

Have you heard? There’s a (another) new co-op in town! And Brownstone Brooklyn is partnering with the soon-to-open Greene Hill Food Co-op to help them secure enthusiastic members. For the month of February only, anyone who joins as a new member of the Greene Hill Food Co-op gets a $20 coupon at iCi restaurant in Fort Greene! Interested? Read on. (more…)