Roll em if you got em.

We won the battle for gay marriage in New York, and Occupy has been hibernating, but there’s one thing that still gets us sticking it to the man in Brooklyn: inhaling tobacco! Raising a leafy middle-finger to the city’s efforts to shut down shops who exploit a loophole in the law that lets them avoid city taxes, another roll-your-own smokes place opened in Sheepshead Bay last month, Sheepshead Bites reports. Green Leaf (not that green leaf) Smokes is the latest shop where you can get cigs for as little as $3 a pack, but it probably won’t last long: the blog reports the nabe’s other cheap cigs place already closed, and the city sent these guys a cease-and-desist letter too. So unless you have a trip to South Carolina planned, get down there and stock up on your cheap lung-busters.

Green Leaf Smokes is at 1326 Sheepshead Bay Road in Sheepshead Bay.