02/01/17 3:27pm
Resist Trump Tuesdays Schumer Grand Army Plaza

Keep on fightin’ and using fruit puns, friends. Photo by John Wentz.

Yesterday was Tuesday, so naturally Park Slopers and farther afield Brooklynites came together to resist Trump under the organization of activist groups #ResistTrumpTuesdays and Resist Trump New York.

Protesters — about 1,400 to 2,000 people, one NYPD Community Affairs officer estimated — densely packed Prospect Park West by Grand Army Plaza, in front of Senator Chuck Schumer’s home. Some signs roasted Schumer, telling him to “grow a spine,” “grow a pear,” “stop confirming fascists,” “stop crying start fighting,” and to “resist or resign,” while others were less disparaging and more encouraging — “Chuck, we need a hero!” “use the filibuster,” and “keep it up Chuck.”

If you missed the protest last night, you’ll definitely have more chances: #ResistTrumpTuesdays, which is affiliated with the Working Families Party and has been resisting Trump on Tuesdays since the start of the year, will be hosting another protest next week — this time across the river in Columbus Circle — and many more times beyond that. Details are forthcoming, but our guess is the event will be in the evening, the world will still not have achieved peace, and America will still be being governed by an evil tyrant cheeto.

12/16/14 11:55am
chanukah sweater

If there’s anywhere to wear this atrocity, it’s one of these parties. via Flickr user Lynn Friedman

Chanukah is upon us, and this is Brooklyn, so you know celebrations are afoot. Whether you’re Jewish or you just really appreciate the efforts of the chosen people (bagels & lox, lawyers, Sandy Koufax), there’s a little something for everyone happening in our borough during the festival of lights. (more…)

12/27/13 1:25pm
les sans culottes

Les Sans Culottes wil welcome you to your pantsless 2014 at Rubulad. via Facebook

New Year’s Eve is coming, and that means it’s time to party. For those of you without a friend willing to trash his apartment on one of the most party-heavy nights of the year, well, you don’t need to worry at all. That’s because between restaurants offering menus, warehouses hosting dance parties and bars just giving away champagne, there’s something for everyone to celebrate New Year’s Eve around here. Unless you hate fun, but then it can be the same as every year: staring at the wall eating one single string cheese stick and turning in at 10pm. Anyway, for the rest of you, here are your best New Year’s options: (more…)

07/15/13 9:12am
Rebel. Loner.

Rebel. Loner.

1. East River Park goes black and white with a free showing of The Artist (Monday)

2. Mellow Pages welcomes poet Matt Cook, who has a collection of poems about how he doesn’t need to prove anything to you (Monday)

3. Greenlight Books takes their turn at Books Under the Bridge, with poets Sharon Olds and Edward Hirsch (Monday) (more…)

07/11/13 8:00am
Here's a cheap trick: see Cheap Trick for free at Coney Island. Photo by Kim Gisborne, via Facebook

Here’s a cheap trick: see Cheap Trick for free at Coney Island. Photo by Kim Gisborne, via Facebook

1. You don’t have to go all the way to Sundance for the short films there:  you can see them on a rooftop in Sunset Park (Friday)

2. Ooh, fun, an outdoor cartoon festival at Brooklyn Launchpad. Everyone loves cartoons! (Friday)

3. Cheap Trick is playing for free in Coney Island. Surrender, surrender to the idea of a good time (Friday)

4. A free screening of Blade Runner in Bushwick means that you can see things people wouldn’t believe (Friday)  (more…)

06/06/13 8:42am
The PitchBlack Brass Band will show you the light at CrestFest

The PitchBlack Brass Band will show you the light at Crest Fest. via Facebook

1. Friend-of-Hodgman Jonathan Coulton will be popping in to The Rock Shop’s punk karaoke night to help shepherd in some of the cheesiest songs of the last 40 years (Friday)

2. Greenwood Park has the hottest 80s, 90s, funk and party jams because that is how they do it (Friday)

3. Or maybe your tastes run more towards indie and surf rock, in which case check out the dance party chock full of it at The Secret Loft. Not much of a secret if they’re advertising (Friday) (more…)

05/21/13 10:36am
The view from inside the Rockabus. Photo by Kelly Murphy

The view from inside the Rockabus. Photo by Kelly Murphy

Good news for people who like going down to the Rockaways but don’t like the public transportation options: the Rockabus will be running again this summer. Even better news for people who fit in that category and don’t like going to Williamsburg: the bus also has two new pickup location, at Grand Army Plaza and the Lower East Side. (more…)

03/07/13 1:00pm
Aim to have a good time this weekend

Aim to have a good time this weekend

1. Do your best MJ or Madonna impression at Union Hall’s sing-a-long. By singing, not be being a rampant egoist or tragic weirdo (Friday)

2. The big soda ban starts Tuesday, so this could be your last shot to see the Big Gulp Comedy show before it becomes subject to a fine (Friday)

3. WOOO spring break! WOOO vegan goodies! (Saturday) (more…)

12/26/12 3:28pm
Say "HELLO" to the new year with Mr. Murray Hill at the Knitting Factory

Say “HELLO” to the new year with Mr. Murray Hill at the Knitting Factory

New Year’s Eve is the best holiday. It just is. It’s a night of no inhibitions, one where you’re as likely to wake up in the middle of making out with someone as you are to find yourself puking. Forget those friends of yours who grouse about it being amateur hour and a haven for people who can’t handle their liquor. If you’re the sort of person who’s always the drunkest one at the party, it’s the night where everyone gets dragged down to your level and you subsequently look great. Not only that, but it’s a night full of optimism and the belief that things will be better over the next 365 days, despite zero evidence to back it up. If you’re still looking for somewhere to get that midnight smooch and sing Auld Lang Syne, we’ve got your back. (more…)

12/05/12 9:22am

All events Hebrew Hammer-approved. via Moviedb

You may not have been aware, even (especially?) if you’re Jewish, but Hanukkah starts this weekend, on December 8. Hanukkah, for those who come from less Hebraic areas of the country, is a Jewish holiday celebrating their glorious victory over Roman forces occupying Israel and the miracle of a single jug of oil lasting eight days. What can we say, people were more easily amused back then. Because of its proximity to Christmas, Hanukkah has ended up involving gift giving and lights and ethnic food, although latkes and jelly doughnuts beat ham or whatever it is the goyim have any day of the week. If you’re far from home for the holiday and want to make your mother kvell, check out these Hanukkah events around the borough. (more…)