06/30/15 4:13pm
See what kind of singing voice Sasheer Zamata has tonight at Union Hall. Photo by Robyn van Swank

See what kind of singing voice Sasheer Zamata has tonight at Union Hall. Photo by Robyn van Swank

You got through Monday yesterday, congratulations! Not only that, but the weather forecast for the whole week has taken a turn away from rainy and towards the summery. It’s time to celebrate by going out on a Tuesday and enjoying the bounty of cool stuff to do around Brooklyn. Or more specifically, these five things we found on our events calendar. Do one of these, they’ll be great, we promise! (more…)

06/29/15 3:58pm
rev vince anderson

Celebrate 6 years of this, and maybe summon some sun. via Facebook

Ugh, Mondays, amirite? Or maybe not, since all days are really equally bad if you really stop to think about it. That being said, living in a place like Brooklyn gives you a good chance to distract yourself from that fact, because there are so many good things going on. Take these five things, that we found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar: all of these will be so much fun that you don’t ever stop to think about office politics or regular politics or anything beyond pure hedonistic glee. Hooray! (more…)

06/11/15 11:01am
citi bike

Where will they go? Photo by Mary Dorn

As you know, Citi Bike is coming to Red Hook, Gowanus, Park Slope, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. However, the clunky blue bikes don’t just magically appear, as if summoned there by a wizard. The placement of the bikes involves a good bit of community planning, and if you wan to be part of that planning, tonight’s your night, because the Department of Transportation is inviting everyone down to P.S. 58 to give their opinions on where the bikes should go. (more…)

06/03/15 9:40am
brooklyn creative league

More of this is on its way, so get ready to entrepreneunize. via the Brooklyn Creative League

The coworking space is an important space for you, the office-free independent contractor or freelancer or entrepreneur. Despite the fact that there are plenty of them in Brooklyn, so many people want in on a space of their own, we could always use some more. Good thing then that the Brooklyn Creative League is expanding their space in Gowanus AND opening a new location in Bed-Stuy later this year. (more…)

05/28/15 1:12pm
It's going to look something like this. Photo by Alex Piorun

It’s going to look something like this. Photo by Alix Piorun

Brooklyn’s a big place, but oftentimes it only gets a mild treatment. You’ll read about the same places over and over, and you won’t realize there are new ones popping up left and right. Enter Oriana Leckert, a Brooklynite with a special love of the borough (and our fantastic new events editor) who’s been celebrating off-the-beaten-path cultural hubs as they appear for the last five years. And now you can own the inside scoop in hard-copy, because Brooklyn Spaces just became a book!

This in-print guide comes flush with 50 introductions to places you’ve probably never heard of. It tells you about underground music venuestiny terrariumsindie co-working spaces, and so much more. This Saturday, Brooklyn Spaces is throwing its book launch party, and you should definitely show face if you want to call yourself a true Brooklynite. (more…)

05/14/15 4:29pm
rooftop films

Up you go. via Facebook

Love outdoor movies but hate being tethered to the filthy ground? It’s a good thing then that Rooftop Films is around with an entire season of outdoor movies going on around New York City’s filthy roofs (and sometimes still the ground, sorry). The schedule for this summer’s films are here, and as always, they’ve got a cool-looking lineup of short films, animation, features and NYC-centric documentaries (because who needs to learn anything about other places). Unless otherwise noted, all the movies are $15, and you can get tickets here. Or you can just go to the free ones exclusively, it’s your life. (more…)

04/27/15 2:33pm
film biz recycling

Goodbye to all this. via Facebook

It was a final resting place for movie props instead of the dump, an innovative thrift store that instead of selling cast-offs from everyday people sold furniture, electronics, sports equipment and even a giant naked man statue that had been used on movie sets. Sadly, after recycling 600 tons of movie set waste and being recognized by the EPA for their efforts, Gowanus’ Film Biz Recycling has announced that they’ll be closing at the end of June due to an inability to raise money to cover their rent. Despite disappointment over having to close up shop, the non-profit’s founder Eva Radke told us she’s still proud of the work Film Biz has done in the past six years.

“My heart is broken, but I’m walking away with my head held high.” (more…)

Lowlands' epic backyard.

Lowlands’ epic backyard.

543 3rd Ave. (Between 13th and 14th), Gowanus

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: Lowlands is a prime refueling station for the locals of lower Gowanus, and anyone staying at La Quinta around the corner.

Why we love it: The low-key Lowlands has one of the best backyards in Brooklyn and an awesome old time music jam every Monday night that brings folks in from all over New York, plus Thursday night trivia. The drinks are cheap, the bartenders are friendly and they’ve got a Checkers that’s open till 3am across the street.  What else could you ask for? Definitely a place to unwind with friends or catch some sports.

What to order: Lowlands has 12 taps featuring a rotating selection of craft brews as well as old standbys like Guinness and Miller Lite. Cocktails lean toward classics: negronis, old-fashioned, greyounds and margaritas made with freshly squeezed juice. Hungry? Grab a pressed sandwich from HBH or a pretzel from Pelzer’s.

Regular tip: The name comes from its position at the bottom of Park Slope’s….slope.

Get 2-for-1 drinks from Lowlands with a Brooklyn Cocktail Book.

04/10/15 1:52pm
No need to be sad, you don't have to miss Game of Thrones if you don't have a TV

No need to be sad, you don’t have to miss Game of Thrones if you don’t have a TV

So winter is no longer coming, with more promising forecasts are on their way. One thing that should be on your cultural relevance radar though is the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere this Sunday. And whether you are a Lanister lover, Stark supporter, Dinklage devotee, or just want to creep on that fine ass piece of dragon tail, Khaleesi — you along with the majority of people will be tuning in Sunday at 9pm to see the debut. Oh, but is there a looming Northern Wall that is getting in way? Say, no TV? We’ve got you covered with a list of places that will be showing the premiere in true Iron Throne style. (UPDATE: Please check individual locations before going in case HBO has shut down the screenings.) (more…)

03/20/15 8:06am
clench and release

It was a rough winter for all of us, including Charla

We were big fans of Charla Lauriston’s first season of her web series Clench and Release, which if you haven’t watched, you should watch here right now. Obviously other people were too, because Lauriston parlayed that and all the other stuff she did into a writing job on the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you worked your way through that too and still want some Charla, you’re in luck, because Clench and Release season 2 is about to drop, and you can see it premiere live and catch stand up from a bevy of Brooklyn comics next week at Littlefield. (more…)