09/09/16 4:53pm
Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

What’s an appropriate way to commemorate the constant unavoidable hand of death that keeps claiming all your favorite Brooklyn locations, the steady drumbeat of mortality that’s bound to swallow up all your favorite Brooklyn venues, bars, restaurants, people, places and things and spit them out as a bland, condo-fied mush? Put them on a fashionable T-shirt.

I spotted this guy at the preview night of the Brooklyn Bazaar on Wednesday. He and some friends made the shirts to commemorate the closings that swallowed their favorite Williamsburg spots. And no, you can’t buy one UPDATE: You actually can buy one here! They made a limited run. In case you’re keeping tabs, Savalas closed in 2011; Good Co. turned into Belle Shoals in January; our beloved Trash Bar went to the curb in 2015 and White Castle steamed its last ham in 2014. The closest we ever got was making a video about our dearly departed venues. This shirt beats constantly whining that New York is OVER.

09/29/14 10:09am
Keeping the night going (unless you have weird spooky plans) after you saw the movie is an important piece of the movie date

Keeping the night going (unless you have weird spooky plans) after you saw the movie is an important piece of the movie date

Provided what you see isn’t terrible, going to the movies could be a great time. Plus, it’s the fall now, so it’s time to grudgingly look at some indoor activities to keep you entertained. Though movie tickets may cost lots of money and the shirt off your back, and a popcorn and soda will cost your shoes, your phone, and you’ll have to work at the theater for a couple of days, the moviegoing experience doesn’t have to be the beginning and the end of your night.

If you’re on a date that, after the theater lights go up, you’re not ready to end, there’s no need to sulk right on home if the ticket took a decent bite out of your wallet. Just because the credits rolled doesn’t mean the good times can’t, and these cheap bars and restaurants within walking distance of the movies will keep them going for you.


05/14/13 1:00pm

Good Co.

Good Co.
10 Hope St. (Roebling & Havemeyer)
(718) 218-7191

What is it: A spacious and steadfastly friendly beacon of good times, among a sea of flash-in-the-pan and otherwise forgettable Williamsburg bars.

Why we love it: The simple design – long wooden tables, towering ceilings, and front booths lined with weathered pillars – brings cozy lodge appeal without being overwrought. Drinks come to you quick and tasty, including unique beer-and-shot combos, and they boast a crew of regulars so loyal that it won’t take long for you to be greeting them by first name when you first walk in. (more…)

02/04/13 7:57am
Let Nic Cage teach you the alphabet in Vampire's Kiss

Let Nic Cage teach you the alphabet in Vampire’s Kiss

1. 49ers fan? Nurse your broken dreams at Broken Comedy, at Matchless (Monday)

2. See Groundhog Day Huckleberry Bar. See Groundhog Day Huckleberry Bar. See Groundhog Day Huckleberry Bar. See Groundhog Day Huckleberry Bar. See Groundhog Day Huckleberry Bar (Monday)

3. Learning is sexy. Especially when the S.A.S.S. is teaching you about brothels (Tuesday)

4. Lit comedy kids Animal Farm tackle the subject of love, as if anyone can truly feel it (Tuesday) (more…)

01/29/13 11:15am
They're calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

They’re calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

The problem with throwing a Super Bowl party in Brooklyn apartments is one of simple logistics: it requires space you don’t have. Even if your Bushwick loft does have the capacity to host a couple dozen drunks and a fifteen-foot hoagie, chances are you and your nine roommates haven’t gone in for basic cable, and maybe even a couple of them loathe sports and the average loud, loyal football fan. You’ve already shelled out to learn about football, so what do you do to keep your investment from being a waste? As with so many Brooklyn conundrums, where-to-watch-the-Super-Bowl is a question best answered with a trip to the bar. Here’s a list of spots showing the Big Game. (more…)

02/14/12 12:24pm

You can class up your V day drinking a bit while still saving money. Via istockphoto.

If all the Valentine’s Day talk by our lovable Brokelyn bros has made you believe that Feb. 14 is anything but a glittery, kitten-filled fuzzy-wuzzy hug to break you out of your mid-winter murk, I’m here to fix that. Now maybe we don’t all bow down to kittens, or share the same penchant for pastel hearts. Maybe rose petals dipped in chocolate and worn as a bra would be the kind of thing that would make most of us vomit in our mouths. But what if I told you I knew a way to get you out of the massacre you’re imagining will be Valentine’s Day 2012, and cooing like a newborn baby to boot? Get your arrow and your underpants out, you’re going drinking.

I had the pleasure of saddling up to the bars of my favorite Brooklyn drinking spots this week, where I asked the handymen and women calling the shots (and the pints) to share some tips for mixing up love potions like a broke pro. What they offered was even more generous — see, the season of love! — and I walked, er, stumbled, away with three cocktail recipes that are so cheap to make, even that broke-ass baby could swing one. (more…)

01/25/12 7:00am

NOTE: Please see our updated 2015 list of Brooklyn Bars with Wifi here!

You’ve been there before: unable to work at home, you pop in to the local coffee shop to soak up the wifi and get yourself focused with a cup of joe. The next thing you know, you’re on your third cup, you’ve got the shakes and somehow still aren’t done working. You’ve got to take the edge off somehow, but still don’t want to go home. What’s a girl to do? Fortunately for you, Brooklyn is home to bars that offer wifi AND open early enough to get you back in balance. Happy hour, here you come! (more…)