06/30/16 5:12pm
DIY grows up: The Glasslands team is opening Elsewhere, a huge new venue in Bushwick

The Parenthetical Girls play at Glasslands, which operated in Williamsburg from 2006-2014. Via Flickr user Mehan.

2014 was a Red Wedding of a year for Brooklyn’s beloved DIY music venues. Death by Audio closed in November, 285 Kent shuttered in January and Glasslands threw its last party on New Year’s Eve. Those were more or less the Big Three of the DIY venue world at the time, and they were all felled by one common axe: Vice (plenty more spots closed for other reasons too, fwiw). Many other venues have popped up since then to fill the void, but the year marked a turning point for the DIY scene, which is classified by questionably legal venues, cheap concerts and a less profit-minded ethos. Even before Glasslands closed, the folks from PopGun, which ran the space, were looking ahead at plans for a new, bigger and more permanent home.

This week, PopGun officially announced their new project, and it’s going to be much larger, more ambitious and more polished than the lovably makeshift Glasslands: in the fall they’ll open Elsewhere, a 24,000-square foot, $3 million venue and art space built out of an old furniture assembly warehouse in Bushwick. It’ll contain an open rooftop, art gallery, loft bar and multiple performance spaces, with the goal of attracting both local up-and-coming artists and national acts. We talked with PopGun cofounders Jake Rosenthal, 29, and Rami Haykal, 28, about why they went big with their new project, whether they still hold a grudge against Vice and why DIY venues may be forced to grow up.

“It has become much harder to throw up some drywall, subdivide some space and start doing shows in a way that’s going to last more than a few months,” said Rosenthal, who lives in Bushwick. “There are spaces that are still doing it, but it’s been a pretty rough few years for those spaces. That is one of the things that we started seeing in the last few years: a lot of people are starting to realize they’re going to have to take a different approach.” (more…)

03/16/16 9:34am
Savoir Adore's founder, Paul Hammer.

Savoir Adore’s founder, Paul Hammer.

Hello, sweet reader babies, and welcome to another installment of Musicians Talk Making It. This one is particularly exciting because it’s the start of weekly installments, as opposed to every other week. We’ve gotten so many amazing local artists interested in being featured that we’re increasing our output. Keep ’em comin!

This week I sat down with Paul Hammer of north Brooklyn-based “fantasy pop” outfit Savoir Adore. We chatted on the phone before they left to bring their dreamy pop sounds to Austin for a certain music festival this week. He told us how he went from being an “an emo acoustic kid,” listening to Dave Matthews Band and Usher to having a huge following, getting invited to play SXSW, and gave advice for musicians who are just starting out.

“Most successful people think about their art 24/7,” he said.  (more…)

02/26/15 2:47pm
death by audio

Never forget the cargo net. Photo by Mary Dorn

The end of 2014 was a particularly rough stretch for the Brooklyn D.I.Y. scene, losing pretty much every foothold in Williamsburg. Even before that though, a lot of beloved D.I.Y. venues closed up shop, leaving a bit of a hole in the scene. With that in mind, Williamsburg art space Cloud City (85 N. 1st Street) will be taking a look back next month with the “RIP DIY” photo exhibit, featuring pictures capturing moments at Brooklyn’s closed venues from 20 photographers. We’re pegging the odds of the exhibit closing due to being replaced by a condo at 4:1. (more…)

12/23/14 2:35pm
shilpa ray

If your friends are home with their families, it means they can’t see Shilpa Ray at Glasslands tonight. But you can! via Shilpa Ray

So it’s the day before Christmas Eve, or as it’s popularly known, Christmas Eve Eve. If you’re still in town and at work, you’re not doing anything besides reading Brokelyn dot com and telling people how wrong their year-end lists are, and when you leave, you’re facing the bummer of a situation that all your friends have gone to see family for Christmas.

Well, don’t just stay home and drink and leave angry comments on more year-end lists. While your friends are stuck with their terrible, loving families, it’s time for you to go out tonight and make some new friends, on the cheap, because Brooklyn is still full of awesome things to do when half the city empties out. (more…)

12/19/14 11:51am
i am santa claus

Mick Foley and Santa Claus will help make your Christmas a little less lonely, as long as you have Netflix

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, which is undoubtedly true if you have a goofy sweater wearing, hot cocoa drinking, Christmas carol singing, adorable family to go home to. But if like me you are among those who can’t – or choose not to – leave the best borough in the world over the holidays, whether you’re fond of Christmas or not, the expectation that it will be a somehow significant and special time can be quite annoying.

As an affirmed boycotter and Christmas orphan (perhaps more commonly referred to as “The Product Of Divorce”), over the years I’ve developed several tactics to keep myself distracted and entertained. (more…)

11/17/14 12:57pm
Saying goodbye to Glasslands the only way we know how: sweating glitter and girl power. (Image via "Dancing on My Own")

Saying goodbye to Glasslands the only way we know how: sweating glitter and girl power.

Konichiwa, bitches. We’re still mourning the death of some of Williamsburg’s iconic venues, most recently Death by Audio and Glasslands. But before Glasslands stops paying the ConEd bill, they’re giving us one final Robyn dance party to sweat glitter and dance on our own. And when we say final, we mean FINAL. This is the last Robyn dance party this experienced crew of Robyn dance party throwers is ever putting on.

11/03/14 3:48pm


Hey everyone, how’s your Monday going? Mediocre? Well get ready for your day to be ruined. It is with quivering lower lips that we tell you New York Ambassador Taylor Swift–our generation’s Frank Sinatra, Lou Reed, Beastie Boys, Q-Tip rolled into one–won’t be coming to New York for her tour next year. This is like the time we waved to our mom in the audience of our kindergarten Christmas pageant and watched her look the other way. Why would Taylor Swift ditch us right after proclaiming her love? We have some theories… (more…)

10/21/14 11:26am
glasslands gallery

Vaya con dios, Glasslands. via Facebook

As venue after venue closed around Williamsburg, the common refrain became “Huh, Glasslands is still there.” Well, that refrain is now over, because they posted a message to their website today announcing that their last show will be on New Year’s Eve this year. According to the prophecy, it’s going to become “condos that you can’t even look at if you don’t make 6 figures per year.” Which is actually a pretty accurate guess, we think. (more…)

09/08/14 1:19pm
death by audio

Well, so much for this. via Flickr user Nev Brown

After 285 Kent closed its doors earlier this year, we were able to say, “Well, at least we still have Glasslands and Death by Audio.” We can’t say that anymore though, because Death by Audio just posted a note to its website saying that they’ll be closing their doors at the end of November. According to prophecy, it’s so that they can become The Andrew WK Center for Ear Drums Damaged By Partying, but we imagine it won’t be something that cool. (more…)

08/18/14 9:19am

glasslands gallery

Hey, there you are. via Facebook

Despite the fact that we don’t want it to, summer is ending one of these days, which is a bummer. However, you can look forward to more than just playoff baseball as the temperatures cool, at least if you win this new contest we’re running with the folks at Glasslands.

Remember the season pass that they sell, the limited-run card that gets you into every show no matter how sold out it is and also gets you a drink when you walk in the door? It usually costs $235, but you can skip all that paying nonsense and get one absolutely free, merely by entering below. How exciting! A magic card that allows you access to every show at Glasslands from September 1 to November 30 (and a drink at that show), in a season that includes shows from Dinowalrus and Javelin, a Robyn dance party and the Glasslands 5th Anniversary party. Why are you still reading? Enter now and win!

Win a Glasslands Season Pass for Fall 2014!